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Law of Attraction
Get out in nature and just listen! #affirmations
Allow your beliefs to change, grow and expand as you do, be fluid, like water #affirmations
Ask yourself 'How can I allow more joy into my life?' #affirmations
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Imagine 10 unexpected things that could happen today that would cause you to feel utter joy #affirmations
Trust your heart - it knows the truth #affirmations
Silver lining??? Look for the Gold Lining! #affirmations
Your thoughts affect reality, be aware of your thinking #affirmations
Do you know what your next step is? Make clear goals and take action #affirmations
What do you love about your life right now? #affirmations
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What are you truly grateful for? #affirmations
Your emotions are are fuel that make your desire real #affirmations
Give energy to the things you want to grow #affirmations
Where attention goes, energy flows (focus on what you want) #affirmations
Become the change you want to see in the world #affirmations
You can be whatever you desire - Focus, and take action #affirmations
Leave a coin on the floor by a shop - imagine an excited child finding it! #affirmations
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Pay for the car behind you at the toll booth window :) #affirmations
Listen to your inner wisdom #affirmations
Thoughts create things - actions deliver them #affirmations
If you want it... imagine it... feel it and be thankful for it #affirmations
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You are the creator of your experience #affirmations
When was the last time you sang out loud? Do it now! and SMILE! :D #affirmations
Buy a tasty hot snack for a homeless person #affirmations
Give something of value away today. Something that's 'just taking up space' #affirmations
Tell a loved one why you love them today #affirmations
Stretch your wealth thermostat spring! Practise thinking like a gazillionaire! #affirmations
Whatever you do today, make it your mission to do it with PASSION! #affirmations
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When you gaze into your eyes you look through the window into All That Is. #affirmations
Look in the mirror, gaze into your own eyes and sincerely say 'I Love you' #affirmations
Teach what you love, and your student will love what you teach #affirmations
People that upset you have valuable lessons for you to learn #affirmations
The world is a projection of your inner reality #affirmations
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Ask yourself 'How can I provide more value to my clients?' #affirmations
Ask yourself 'How can I be happier every day?' #affirmations
Ask yourself 'How?' and your mind will find an answer! #affirmations
Are you ready to begin living your purpose? Take action #affirmations
What smell makes you feel loved? Close your eyes and imagine it now #affirmations
Every day in every way... you know the rest ;) #affirmations
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Taking action is easier when you can hear your inner guidance #affirmations
Think of 1 thing in your life that you're truly grateful for and enjoy the feeling #affirmations
Smile at a stranger today :) It feels good :D #affirmations
Allow your light to shine - Be an inspiration to others #affirmations