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Law of Attraction
STOP! Stop whatever you are doing right now and just be for a moment. #affirmations
Ask Yourself - How can I really enjoy the journey to my goal #affirmations
How can you resonate in harmony with feeling of already having your desire today? #affirmations
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You can be whatever you desire - Simple align yourself with the energetic vibration of it #affirmations
Why do you desire what you desire? How can you have that feeling now? #affirmations
Pop a glass of water on the grass and allow the sun to purify it for 30mins - Absorb natures beauty as u enjoy it #affirmations
Ask yourself - Why did I decide to have this human experience? #affirmations
STOP! Streeeeeeeetch... Take a breath... and smile :) Think of something or someone that brings you great joy #affirmations
I am creating my wonderful life #affirmations
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As I journey toward my goal I enjoy every moment of my travels #affirmations
Life is an adventure - and I love it! #affirmations
I feel inspired and motivated to take positive action to achieve my goals #affirmations
I breathe in nature and smile deeply into my soul #affirmations
I enjoy creating my abundant future #affirmations
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Do something that makes you feel like a child today - Skip to your car! #affirmations
Get out in nature and just listen! #affirmations
Allow your beliefs to change, grow and expand as you do, be fluid, like water #affirmations
Ask yourself 'How can I allow more joy into my life?' #affirmations
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