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Law of Attraction
Smile at a stranger today :) It feels good :D #affirmations
Allow your light to shine - Be an inspiration to others #affirmations
Taking action results in relaxation - procrastination causes stress #affirmations
Relax and allow your dreams to manifest, don't block the flow with tension and stress #affirmations
Speak your truth and follow your passion #affirmations
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The more you resonate with truth, the more beautiful you become #affirmations
Listen to the song lyrics that run around in your head... is there a message you need to hear? #affirmations
You are the most perfect person that exists for accomplishing your life purpose #affirmations
The right decision feels lighter #affirmations
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You are creating your future with every thought and feeling #affirmations
Your present reality is the result of your past thinking and feeling #affirmations
Your thoughts become things #affirmations
You are the creator of your reality #affirmations
The process of getting there is the emotion of being there #affirmations
Focus on the change you desire to become, not what you want to leave behind - Energy follow focus #affirmations
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What is your favourite smell - Relax and imagine it now as you smile inside and close your eyes #affirmations
Find 10 things you adore about yourself! #affirmations
Find 10 things you adore about your partner #affirmations
If people could see your thoughts about them, how might they feel? Think loving thoughts! #affirmations
How can you help a stranger to feel joy today? #affirmations