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The Holy Enigma™
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I will be ok and will message u when i can
Sometimes idk if i can do this forever
Sometimes its best to suck it up and deal with it. Id rather adapt then fight
Na thats not cool. Just sayin....
Sometimes i just dont get it.
If you see this tonight put the phone and the tablet down now! ;) and i will know!
Relieved. Now i can maybe sleep alittle. Plus i was told i have good character! ;)
Ill put this simply.....fuck life
White lies...they dont mean much alone but they add up when they are realized every time lol.
My mind is my worst enemy. Then again i am my minds worst enemy.
I think im sick and tired of not sleeping. Pun intended
Two of the most beautiful and strongest women in my life and they will both pull put of this stronger than before.
Pull me out of this hole. Someone...anyone...
My heart is sinking.....god i love u so much....what are we gonna do. I am lost....
Why is it like this. I got the best vday gift possible finding out u still alive but yet shit still aint right. I dont get it.
Not the valentines day i expected
And just like that she was gone again....i cant take this anymore. Glad u are ok, its time for me to take a long drive and clear my head.