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Gerald Weber
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RT @KDHungerford: I'm not sure I'm so sweet( appreciate it!) I'm just a people person. I live for person to person connections. #vcbuzz
RT @KDHungerford: A5 Ach! They haven’t seen me without my morning caffeine fix! #vcbuzz
RT @viralcontentbuz: Q5 Whoever knows you always say you are “the sweetest person” they know. How do you do that? #vcbuzz
RT @KDHungerford: A4. So all in all #bizheroes is awesome. It's a pure do-good-for-others chat. #vcbuzz
RT @KDHungerford: A4 #bizheroes is just 1 part of a larger ambassador program that we're working on w/ the help of @MackCollier. #vcbuzz
RT @KDHungerford: A4 If we have to talk numbers... we see on average around 13-17 mil impressions per chat. That blew my socks off! #vcbuzz
RT @KDHungerford: A4 .......#bizheroes is helping us achieve that. #vcbuzz
RT @KDHungerford: A4 We want to give community members a place to meet and greet to learn and share. .... #vcbuzz
RT @KDHungerford: A4 #Bizheroes is our @paper_li brand chat & a way of saying thank you to our community and connecting community. #vcbuzz
RT @viralcontentbuz: Q4 Let’s talk about #BizHeroes? How old is it? When and why did you start it? What are the results? #vcbuzz
RT @KDHungerford: A3 I see a bit like a Swiss Army Knife: lots of good utility packed into one small tool! #vcbuzz
RT @KDHungerford: A3 ...... We offer a killer email newsletter service. #vcbuzz
RT @KDHungerford: A3 A lot of people just don’t have time to publish a daily or weekly newsletter..... #vcbuzz
RT @KDHungerford: A3 Brands of all sizes are sharing industry relevant news. #vcbuzz
RT @KDHungerford: A3. Create an online paper to deliver the content your community (teams, followers, fans) are interested in. #vcbuzz
RT @KDHungerford: A3. Here are few ways brands /marketers/ people :) can put @paper_li to work... #vcbuzz
RT @viralcontentbuz: Q3 What’s Paper. li and how businesses and brands can make the most of it? #vcbuzz
RT @KDHungerford: A2. .... ..Tweetdeck for daily ops, #Paperli for idea sourcing :) #vcbuzz