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Gerald Weber
seo 107,090 followers
Google Search & YouTube App Promotion Ads Launch Globally via @WordStream
RT @iSocialFanz: Thank you community & @seosmarty for asking me to be a guest! Always love talking social with great new people! #vcbuzz
The Anatomy of Google Plus Hover-over Card (and Why Care) RT @seosmarty
RT @iSocialFanz: Here is my blog about chasing my passion: "Focusing my future on my passion for change!" #vcbuzz
RT @iSocialFanz: A5. .... and it was only possible w/my family support! #vcbuzz
RT @iSocialFanz: A5. I left a great job to chase my passion for social communities & teaching change.... #vcbuzz
RT @iSocialFanz: A5. .... for me it's not work/life balance as much as making the most of every minute! #vcbuzz
RT @iSocialFanz: A5. My 3 daughters are my world (all under 5yrs old).. #vcbuzz
RT @viralcontentbuz: Q5 Finally, with three daughters and so many activities, how do you manage your time? #vcbuzz
RT @iSocialFanz: Key to great chats aren't the hosts, guests or lists of questions it's the community conversations #vcbuzz
RT @iSocialFanz: All of my blogs and notes on twitter chats are here at #vcbuzz
RT @iSocialFanz: Twitter Chats give you the community element everyone seeks when joining social media networks! #vcbuzz
RT @iSocialFanz: A4. I now have 3k subscribed to that calendar! #vcbuzz
RT @iSocialFanz: A4. I created a public gCal as notifications were only way to keep up w/chats.. #vcbuzz
That's alot! RT @iSocialFanz: A4. I participated in 30+ chats a week for almost 2 years before I decided to host my own chat. #vcbuzz
RT @iSocialFanz: .... and really focus on what value your chat will provide! #vcbuzz
RT @iSocialFanz: A4. Tips for Hosting Chats: Listen & participate in other chats first.... #vcbuzz
RT @iSocialFanz: A4. I wouldn't have the speaking opportunities I have today if it wasn't for friends i met thru twitter chats! #vcbuzz
RT @seosmarty: RT @iSocialFanz: A4. A Twitter chat much like "Cheers" is that 1 hour on twitter where "everyone knows your name!" #vcbuzz
Good one! :) RT @iSocialFanz: A4. A Twitter chat much like "Cheers" is that 1 hour on twitter where "everyone knows your name!" #vcbuzz
RT @iSocialFanz: A4. Twitter Chats transformed the value I found from twitter + connected me w/ people I would have never found! #vcbuzz
RT @seosmarty: RT @viralcontentbuz: Q4 Your participate in LOTS of Twitter chats? #vcbuzz
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