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Gerald Weber
seo 107,899 followers
How To Properly Implement #Agile Content #Marketing: A Five Step Guide RT @bloggless
A lifetime of better social media, for free. Win @hootsuite Pro for life! #Hootsuite4Life
A lifetime of better social media, for free. Win @hootsuite Pro for life! #Hootsuite4Life
10 Awesome Apps You’ll Want to Download Right Now RT @ShannonWilloby
Why Google Authorship failed: RT @amabaie
RT @onreact_com: A5: DuckDuckGo is my default browser search engine, even when it comes to German searches. #vcbuzz
RT @onreact_com: A5: These days I prefer after Blekko phased out slashtags and curation. #vcbuzz
RT @onreact_com: A5: .... I loved the slashtags (customized topical searches). #vcbuzz
RT @onreact_com: A5: I could optimize a search engine for the first time directly with Blekko.... #vcbuzz
RT @onreact_com: A5: A few years back I was the biggest brand evangelist of IMHO. #vcbuzz
RT @onreact_com: A5: ..... . The feature creep and removal, the ad laden "results", the condescending penalties. #vcbuzz
RT @onreact_com: Q5: Google has annoyed me for years buy now..... #vcbuzz
Q5 Now that you are increasingly wary of Google and its power, which other search engine/s do you recommend? Are there any at all? #vcbuzz
What is it? RT @onreact_com: A4: Did you I mention El Loco? #vcbuzz
RT @onreact_com: Imagine your potential audience being full of groupies you want to entice! (Don't tell my wife!) #vcbuzz
hehe RT @onreact_com: @the_gman That may be harmful to people's health. #vcbuzz
RT @onreact_com: @CraigFifield You don't bait people though like fish. I prefer the term entice despite its connotations! #vcbuzz
RT @CraigFifield: it's all about people bait these days #vcbuzz
RT @onreact_com: A4: Favorite social media site? That's a tough one. I rather prefer some depending on use cases. #vcbuzz
RT @SanaKnightly: Curious about that! RT @viralcontentbuz: Q4 What’s your favorite social media network and why? #vcbuzz
RT @onreact_com @EP_pturner Ideally you build relationships that result in numerous links over the years. Those help for Google too! #vcbuzz
RT @onreact_com: The reactive/predictive/creative SEO post will go live tomorrow on @ahrefs #vcbuzz
Yes please link us! RT @seosmarty: @onreact_com don't be shy to link to those article you mention too :) #vcbuzz
RT @onreact_com: @gchesman To some extent. Only creative SEO makes you independent of Google whims in the long term. #vcbuzz
RT @onreact_com: @gchesman Ideally you force Google to follow what you do. #vcbuzz
RT @onreact_com: I have just finished a post on reactive SEO vs predictive SEO vs creative SEO. Guess which is best for long term? #vcbuzz
RT @viralcontentbuz: Q4 What’s your favorite social media network and why? #vcbuzz
RT @onreact_com: @gchesman I'm sick and tired of following Google updates. I have given up algorithm chasing this year altogether. #vcbuzz
RT @viralcontentbuz: RT @gchesman: What are your thoughts on the constantly changing Google algorithms? #vcbuzz
RT @manishwebmaster: Q. How do you tackle customers who expect you to rank their websites on top SERPs within 1-2 months?? #vcbuzz
RT @onreact_com: @Plumlytics True, modern SEO is about relationships, but less about management ;-) #vcbuzz
RT @onreact_com: A3: Some of the best content out there gets produced for SEO reasons these days. #vcbuzz
RT @onreact_com: A3: These days SEO is literally about fixing the Web. Just think broken link building. #vcbuzz
LOL @onreact_com: A3: A few years ago SEO was completely selfish. I want to rank my site and the rest of the world can kiss my ass. #vcbuzz
RT @onreact_com: A3: SEO has become useful for the whole Web over the years. #vcbuzz
RT @onreact_com: The same people I "met" online several years ago still know me and support me. @seosmarty is a good example. #vcbuzz
RT @viralcontentbuz: Q3 How has SEO changed since you started? #vcbuzz
RT @onreact_com: A2. Social sites come and go but the people we connect with stay in the best case and support each other for years. #vcbuzz
RT @onreact_com: A2: ....... but over the years I realized that it's about the people. #vcbuzz
RT @onreact_com: A2: At the start it seemed like SEO 2.0 would be all about social media........ #vcbuzz
RT @onreact_com: A2: I wanted to find out about SEO 2.0 at the job "learning by doing". I collected definitions from other people. #vcbuzz
RT @onreact_com: A2: In 2007 I tried to popularize the term and concept of SEO 2.0 without really knowing myself what it means. #vcbuzz
RT @onreact_com: A1: ....... International clients just send over the money and say "go". #vcbuzz
So true! RT @onreact_com: A1: Local clients always wanted to meet me and talk for hours...... #vcbuzz
RT @onreact_com: A1: Also international clients are better than local/national ones. Bigger budgets, fewer issues, less talk. #vcbuzz
RT @onreact_com: A1: I went international in 2006/7 after realizing that the German SEO market is too small for my vision. #vcbuzz
RT @viralcontentbuz: Q2 Has your definition of SEO 2.0 changed as well? #vcbuzz
RT @onreact_com: .... was amazed at the opportunities opening in front of me. I stayed with SEO since. #vcbuzz
RT @onreact_com: After a month I have learned the basics of SEO and ......... #vcbuzz