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Gerald Weber
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RT @StoriesWithGill: A3.2 .... but you need to show your "human side" behind that avatar/head shot. #vcbuzz
RT @StoriesWithGill: A3.2 You don't have to reveal your darkest secrets.... #vcbuzz
RT @seosmarty: RT @patweber: @StoriesWithGill being online can b more easily managed by introverts to be like 1to1 conversations #vcbuzz
RT @StoriesWithGill: A3.1 .... You need to learn how to play. #vcbuzz
RT @StoriesWithGill: A3.1 How you tell your story matters a lot. Words are as much of an instrument as a violin. ... #vcbuzz
RT @viralcontentbuz: Q3 How to stand out? How to “market” your story to build your personal brand? #vcbuzz
RT @viralcontentbuz: Q3 How to tell your story so that everyone listens? How to get noticed? #vcbuzz
RT @StoriesWithGill A2 As I tell true stories of ordinary people, it's easy. I look around. My first interviewees were my G+ friends #vcbuzz
RT @viralcontentbuz: Q2 How do you find people willing to tell a story on your blog? #vcbuzz
RT @jessytroy: RT @EP_pturner: RT @StoriesWithGill: A1 there is always somebody out there going through the same thing. #vcbuzz
RT @StoriesWithGill: A1 But soon I realized that I'm no James Bond in retirement and there were not so many stories to tell. #vcbuzz
RT @StoriesWithGill: A1 ... mostly because I'm completely incapable of making stuff up. #vcbuzz
RT @StoriesWithGill: A1 I started a blog to share my writing and tell my own true stories... #vcbuzz
RT @viralcontentbuz: Q1 Why stories? What was your AHA! moment encouraging you to start a blog filled with people’s stories? #vcbuzz
RT @viralcontentbuz: Let's ask the questions now :) #vcbuzz
RT @viralcontentbuz: Here it is: True Stories with Gill #vcbuzz
RT @viralcontentbuz: But when she went on maternity leave, she started a blog to keep her brain occupied… #vcbuzz
RT @viralcontentbuz: Gill had been working as an IT consultant for the last 5 years #vcbuzz
RT @viralcontentbuz: Please welcome our guest Gill Andrews @StoriesWithGill #vcbuzz
RT @viralcontentbuz: “How to tell your story so that everyone listens” – that’s the topic of today’s Twitter chat! #vcbuzz
RT @viralcontentbuz: Last week we had Book Marketing Twitter Chat with @RobCubbon | Viral Content Buzz #vcbuzz
RT @SanaKnightly: RT @viralcontentbuz: Pls see the questions for this chat here #vcbuzz
RT @seosmarty: Please join our chat NOW! RT @viralcontentbuz: To join us please sign in here #vcbuzz
RT @viralcontentbuz: To join us please sign in here #vcbuzz
RT @viralcontentbuz: Welcome to our content marketing Twitter chat! Who's on board? #vcbuzz