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Gerald Weber
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LOL RT @AmyVernon: RT @Don_Sturgill: Tweet other how they want to be Tweeted :) #vcbuzz
RT @viralcontentbuz: Q3 What are the basic social media etiquette rules you see broken all the time? #vcbuzz
RT @AmyVernon: A2: I had been on Twitter already, but got into it much more when Digg removed on-site communications between users. #vcbuzz
RT @AmyVernon: A2: My social media participation has changed a LOT. It used to be all Digg and StumbleUpon #vcbuzz
RT @viralcontentbuz: Please meet @AmyVernon who will teach us today’s lesson! #vcbuzz
RT @viralcontentbuz: To join us please sign in here #vcbuzz
RT @AmyVernon: RT @viralcontentbuz: Pls see the questions for this chat here #vcbuzz
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RT @StoriesWithGill: A3.2 .... but you need to show your "human side" behind that avatar/head shot. #vcbuzz
RT @StoriesWithGill: A3.2 You don't have to reveal your darkest secrets.... #vcbuzz
RT @seosmarty: RT @patweber: @StoriesWithGill being online can b more easily managed by introverts to be like 1to1 conversations #vcbuzz
RT @StoriesWithGill: A3.1 .... You need to learn how to play. #vcbuzz
RT @StoriesWithGill: A3.1 How you tell your story matters a lot. Words are as much of an instrument as a violin. ... #vcbuzz
RT @viralcontentbuz: Q3 How to stand out? How to “market” your story to build your personal brand? #vcbuzz