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L. Anna Lenz
I'll admit, the only time I have a thigh gap is when my cup holder is filled with fries & I need somewhere to put my shake
You are literally standing behind a shield of dead and wounded soldiers to deflect any opposition to your beliefs.
While I feel that there can be room for both, I agree w/ @oscar_bernie about missing the con days of old
I need 10 pairs of these. Also I have renamed my vagina #cunthulhu
PRO WRITING TIP: Push those boundaries. Remember, when you play with fire... you get to burn things.
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My most cerebral, rebellious pal? @The_Apocalisa, writer of exciting new comics. And this, fools, is how you do a #FF with gusto ;)
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Reeallly in the mood for BBQ. I could kill a man for some pulled pork right now...
ProTip: Want to be treated like a professional? Act like a professional. #makecomics
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No single work is going to tackle issues of diversity &representation the best thing that comes w/diversity is not perfect, but more stories
Don't be afraid of your own light either, its purpose is to shine.
Dont be afraid of the light that shines in other people, no matter how bright it is, it can never burn you.
I'm more comfortable writing from the perspective of male characters than female ones, my inner voice has always been a British guy.
my phone has instructed me to "check my cervical mucus" I think its about time my phome and I had a conversation about boundaries
I am asking everyone which three artists can get them to buy a comic just because they drew it. Please use hashtag #Name3Artists
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Last chance to apply for #NYCC 2015 Artist Alley! ✏ The deadline is TODAY at 5:00 PM EDT:
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I feel like this snake has life all figured out...
"@jumblejim: They do. They really do." They just need to bottle this man's cuteness. I'd buy 10 <3
When you are really, really into making a comic, you don't care about anyone's opinion. You just want to sell enough to keep going.
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decided to skip dinner tonight & food tomorrow so I can #NewComicBookDay
I cant vote for someone who wont acknowledge science behind global warming while claiming bad weather is caused by gods anger at 'the gays'
so I guess this anxiety is gonna stick around until after the 11th...
Roxy has built shelter to protect us from the oncoming apocalypse...or to humans "damn neighbors with fireworks"
Let #Charlie decide which project to work on...evil chose fan fiction #charliecharliechallenge
trying on bathing suits in the store....
I am in complete support of the thing when it suits me and vehemently opposed to the thing when it doesn't
Aquarius: Life will reach its apex when you are finally able to use Titus Andronicus as an example for your workday.
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woke up in the middle of the night to this...guess someone had a bad dream #rulebreaker
anxiety is at an 11 today...#onelouder
Wretched Creatures is at the whim of Mercury in Retrograde but lets admire the work of @TheSaintYak & @TheCatBaron
I agree with Simon Pegg
Things overheard in the Lenz house "...who doesnt love a good old fashioned death cult? Because I sure as hell do!"
Well good to know Mercury in retrograde is in full swing...
You are entitled to your goofy pop culture tastes. At the end of your life, there is not a test on your stuff, and you don't get graded.
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also we're watching Tombstone while Im wearing a bandana over my face & he's playing with a black powder revolver #truelove #wereadults
Why does Jared Leto look like he's actually playing Tilda Swinton playing the Joker when they could just have gotten her? Or David Bowie...
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My scripts come one step up from bar napkins &used ketchup packets so apologies to @TheCatBaron @TheSaintYak @SoulExoComic @rocketsandpens
Four days to go on the Broken Frontier anthology! We can do this... and you can help... if you love comics.…
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T-minus 20 minutes to @YesMaryBeth s episode on Investigation Discovery Channel (est) check it out!

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