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L. Anna Lenz
I believe in the Great Pumpkin
spending my night drinking tea, listening to delta blues & reading Cavendish because the #hipsterDevil made me do it
"Finally the sandwich heavy portfolio pays off for the hungry investor"
sitting across from the worst group of girls, there are like 10 of them and they are horrible, each bitch more basic than the last
its 10am, I havent even gotten out of bed & all I can think about is how I could kill a man for some chimichangas from Vallarta right now
dont be fooled, this shiba is actually Satan
looking for a copy of Black Market Surgery by @mattgood will pay handsomly
If you cant make your argumenent without using death threats you have no argument
Crossing my fingers print copies of Wretched Creatures will be avail for Rhode Island Comic Con :)
Some corporations want you to believe that a BIG RED BUTTON generates ideas and characters. Not so.
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Have you checked out The Only Living Boy yet? If not do it now, you'll thank me later, also #ff @OLBcomic
putting together a ladies of horror short story anthology. If you are a lady who writes horror & wants in, PM me, also editors #writers
Tunes I rock out to at work, @GensBeyond ♫ Lisa's Generations Beyond Playlist Lisa Fox #NowPlaying
"Never thought you'd be a junkie because heroin is so passe" <3 this video in all its campy glory…
"@IndBk: #free: "It is dark, exciting, and well-written. I highly recommend it." via @The_Apocalisa #fantasy"
in vintage clothes holding a gas station rose @BrennaGwynSnowe ties the knot! #weddedbliss #love
Changed the Twitter header to the opening spread of Wandering Star, & in doing so am reminded how much I love it.
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and it was such a sincere pumpkin patch too....
Just had a breakfast of chicken lo mein and rainbow cookies, today is going to be a good day
satan brings people together at art night
@The_Apocalisa Did you know Lucas pronounces it hOEth? Do you feel weird about that? I do.
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I'm beginning to suspect some of my coworkers may have originally come from Hoth, it is freezing in this office
@The_Apocalisa @bnokj You're both too kind! It's not my story, it's #AlanTuring's. I'm just happy to share it.
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Be on the look out for new Wretched Creatures starting in Nov art by @TheSaintYak #comics
Going to be collaborating on the art in my latest project, a #Lovecraft meets Kubric one shot based on my short story
@The_Apocalisa Thanks for sharing! All this digital wonderland is due thanks to #AlanTuring, and people need to know.
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Check out this sick project by @TheCodeCrimson a graphic novel on the persecution of Alan Turing, father of AI.
my friend @TheCodeCrimson has launched a @kickstarter documenting the life of Alan Turing. Please check it out here:…
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looking for women #comic writers that don't write stories geared for a female audience. Suggestions.
Oh man remember that time when I ate that entire village in alaska?…
Bitching about feminism because it makes you feel marginalized...well fancy that.
#free: Doomed warriors stood against the empire's enemies for nearly two decades. @The_Apocalisa #fantasy
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I remember reading The Raven for poetry month in the 3rd grade. It was during the time I was obsessed with being Wednesday Addams
@The_Apocalisa "Marge, The doll's tryin to kill me and the toaster's been laughin at me... OOOHHH dog water!"
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"There's your problem, someone set this thing to evil." #treehouseofhorror with the hubby
worked on a new script this afternoon, excited....