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L. Anna Lenz
i've lost a follower. probably because they're scared they'll die of rich decadence if they catch my infectious glam rock bug. bless.
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Remember for less than 30 cents a day you can feed a starving artist ::sarah mclachlan plays in the background::
state of the US economy when hoping for someone to hit me w/ their car is my best hope for getting out of #debt #studentloans #medicalbills
Good luck to Wretched Creatures artist @TheSaintYak at @comicconrussia this weekend!!! Proud to have worked with him
so many people are #broke, #tired and #desperate constantly at the edge w/no hope of life improving but we allow ourselves to be distracted
and if anyone happens to ask, just tell them I'm off baking with Sylvia Plath...
Would like to hear some good news soon...
zomg it wants to kill me and feast on my bones!!!!
lost a spider in my pillows somewhere in my bed, ladies and gentlemen, I now know what it is to feel true terror #killitwithfire #CantSleep
I now have a #patreon! Please support your friendly neighborhood indie writer :)
prayers to the protesters in Hong Kong, you have a voice and the world is listening #hongkongdemocracy
follow if you're on #Ello for those who wish to see me in more than 140 characters
Epiphany: I need to get excited about my work again, the feel of it between my toes not just the end game I need to fall in love w/ my story
Celebrate #NationalComicBookDay with a Wretched creatures preview like what you see? Help support me & @TheSaintYak
Celebrate #NationalComicBookDay with FREE CODES comixology codes for ONLY LIVING BOY #2! First come, first served!…
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Seeking a new #Comic series? Check out wretched creatures preview like what you see? Help support me & @TheSaintYak
Have extra ticket for @neilhimself at NYPL Halloween. Heartbroken I can't go but such is life. Should be a great night, hit me up for info
people are so angry that the 3 breasted woman was a fake. Its like our collective faith in humanity hung precariously on that 3rd breast
ugh that moment when you give up on someone...
Seriously regret not getting a table for @ricomiccon
Well, for a combo book deal/HBO series I'll pray to whatever made up weird alien diety you want #everyonehasaprice
Would totally sell my soul to Satan for a book deal, but I draw the line at Scientology...It's important to have standards in life
Being unproductive. Lost my creative mojo wish I had $ to finish Wretched Creatures & to keep @TheSaintYak fat & happy with steady work.
watching the #GothamPremiere without the husband...I'm a terrible wife
No! Just... No! "Muggle Mom Rewrites Harry Potter As A Christian Story So Her Kids Won’t Go To Hell "-
Best thing I have seen all day, I don't like the man either #DeadKennedys most adorably punk rock girl ever
thanks @breeogden for encouraging us to say that it's the girl who is quirky, not her glasses #glassescrusade
not lying having a debate with someone who told me he wasnt impressed with my "book learnings"
when people accuse me of worshiping Satan, I say "Actually, what Satan & I have is a relationship, built on mutual respect and admiration."
I'd kill a man for a decent #cheeseburger,fries & a shake right now so start making your offers of cheeseburgers & Ill entertain the best 1
Only a few days left of Summer..... ♫ Oh Summer Kerilyn Fox #NowPlaying
Remember kids, everything we do is for the love and glory of our dark lord #Satan!
How I did on Twitter this week: 8 Mentions, 42.7K Mention Reach, 3 Replies, 2 Retweets. How'd your week go? via
The Terror Within – A review of the novel ‘The Opree Legacy: The Promise’ - books&reviews…
I just measured the amount of time this walk takes in Weird Al polkas. Three.
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A days work spent for your own business is better than a hundred days of work for someone else's.
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Really not understanding the argument that not everyone who works FT deserves a #livingwage ?
my real name is much cooler than my pen name, also if you say my real name 3Xs in the mirror at midnight I'll appear with booze & cookies
thanks 2 @FINALLEVEL for being cool inspite of the con being a total shitshow Didnt make a dime but not all was lost
Its kind of cool when @ a con and someone comes and says "I'm in the middle of reading this now!" What a difference a year makes #progress