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L. Anna Lenz
This never fails to make me laugh.....
My first born to the person who brings me chimichangas right now....
"I like boys, I like girls, they're all great. No difference is there?....Mr. BBC" #BiVisibilityDay
Lesson of the week: Only answer press questions when sober....because the absinthe & champagne will answer for you...
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar wrote a book about Mycroft Holmes now I need to read that
Will be at #NYCC on thurs&fri signing things at the @prontocomics booth be there or be square, bitches
How I did on Twitter this week: 9 Mentions, 22.3K Mention Reach, 3 Retweets. How'd your week go? via
making a brief appearance at #NYCC signing things at @prontocomics booth & will have sneak peek of Soul Proprietor
Ahmed has just become the world's kid brother...Don't mess with Texas? Don't mess with Ahmed because we got his back #IStandWithAhmed
I need to have this embroidered and framed in my office:…
Whenever Texas makes Florida look good by comparison, all of America loses #IStandWithAhmed
If you missed Phrases to Pages this past Saturday check out It Came From the Radio's coverage here!
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You have no idea how many times world domination/destruction was prevented by ENTPs weakness: too easily distracted…
Fear is irrational by nature, if you are relying on fear to support your argument, you have already lost.
house fell through, after the 6 weeks of death and now this, Im just 2-3 rejection letters away from a complete emotional shut down
I wanted to kick his ass. I wanted to build a machine to kick his ass. I wanted to build an empire to house the machine that kicks his ass!
I swear if the blood in the Suspiria re-make isn't perfect Argento red I will riot....or just complain, but I'll be pissed.
Woman uses community posts to try shutting down food share program, ends up getting them more volunteers...
The first Pumpkin Spice Latte of the season, one of the most important days in a white girl's year....
Word to the wise, if you're gonna ask "so what, you think you're better than me?" answer will always be "yes."
A very special #FF two dear friends whose names will be on the tongues of many in the near future @YesMaryBeth @AOTB_band #almostfamous
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Im in my underwear, drinking jack and watching cartoons while I storyboard #adulting
Can we all start operating on the assumption that art cannot be created in a vacuum?
You cant kill an abstraction by killing people...but by golly humanity seems determined to keep trying
Inequality. Demons. Street Tacos. Check out It's my first! #Urbanfantasy #amwritingfantasy
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I identify w/ Rick Sanchez from @RickandMorty way more than a 20 something woman probably should
Just remember this: I never lie and I never talk in absolutes...
Never cared much about the lies people tell about me, I work better as a creature of myth anyway...I write truth so I dont have to live it
ok just realized this new house is totally Rohan, apparently my real estate agent is from Middle Earth
Buying a house is a nightmare, I have a very low threshold for practical. My last house tried to kill me & Idgaf b/c it was a hobbit house
Finished my new book of horror/sci-fi short stories, "Sticks and Stones" can read about it and download here!
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Anyway, writers, my advice to you, when you get that artist you have a mindmeld with, bind them to you in any manner possible forever. :)
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holy shit I was not expecting that
Kanye for President
#Kanye2016 I volunteer for this campaign
Y'all just jealous you can't pull off wearing 2 belts & a chandelier as an outfit. I totally dig the spaceman lederhosen look #MileyVMAs
One of these days I'm going to write a story without murdering is not one of those days....#TheBunnying
My best RTs this week came from: @GailSimone @paulmac708 @YesMaryBeth @KalelData @N7IRL #thankSAll Who were yours?

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