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L. Anna Lenz
Superhero switch-ups: A history of race and gender switches in comics -
@The_Apocalisa It is important for you to be Jack Sparrow. I wouldn't have it any other way.
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faces glued to a tragedy unfolding on tv, feeling helpless to stop it. if only they'd look out the window to see it happening right outside
I was always aware of the injustice and cruelty of this world. I used to be ambivalent to it, embraced it even, but now ugh now is different
Alan Moore Calls For Boycott Of 'Wretched Film' Hercules On Behalf Of Friend Steve Moore - -
Tinder, it's like shopping online for shoes, but then your shoes make inappropriate sexual advances towards you.
I just backed @bnokj Tart #4 Submerged Part I on Kickstarter and so should YOU!!!!
Mark your digital pull lists - Horsemen #1 will be available on @comiXology this Wednesday!
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It's not the quantity of people who die that moved people to stand up, its the quality of people who die & that's whats wrong with the world
Weird that "pussy" is used to mean "coward" and not "engulfing muscular atmosphere of warmth, pleasure and possibility"
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I am currently writing fanfiction under the pen name Nixie St.George because... reasons.
"Sploosh? They have to make a word worse than ejaculate? Whats wrong with jism?" -my mom #CardsAgainstHumanity
i really miss living in the artists colony... best 2 years ever!…
I dont have a name for the skull? a little help?
I break just like everyone else, yesterday I cried. I cried real human tears and it was awful, but I was a completely different person then
my presidential campaign slogan"Pfft! Sure go ahead and choose the 'lesser' of two Lenz a greater choice for a grearer America"
because we all know Jesus said "Not in my backyard!" #immigrationcrisis
The Opree Legacy needs reviews...I will give free e-book or paperback and a hug for anyone who will review
"'s not quantity of people that have to die before people stand up and do something, but the quality" Grant Ardlow #TheOpreeLegacy
Wretched Creatures pg4 story by @The_Apocalisa art by @TheSaintYak now shopping for publishers #comics #comicbooks...
@The_Apocalisa please check out Grisly and consider a small pledge of support ;-)… … …
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Not gonna lie, serious #supernatural fanfiction is happening right now, in a glittery purple notebook covered in bat stickers #DealWithIt
Wretched Creatures pg4 story by @The_Apocalisa art by @TheSaintYak now shopping for publishers #comics #comicbooks
I just backed THE CHAIR a dark and disturbing horror film on death row on @kickstarter
Dean Winchester's 1st day @ my desk Already he & Freddy don't get along, LSP is not pleased #AdventureTime @cw_spn
Okay, this is why I hate #nature. This shit is unnecessary #wtf
man was never meant to make his own sundae, it's too much power. I played god, flew too close to the sun, now I'm in lactose intolerant hell
...and now I have a serious tummy ache #consequences
just had an entire cup full of rainbow cookies and ice cream with hotfudge i felt like Caligula minus all the incest & child rape #decadence
Today's playlist: Deep, Dark Beautiful ♫ Deep, Dark, Beautiful Bradley-Micheal Ferguson #NowPlaying
Got a #kickstarter? Me too!… and if you back mine - i'll match your pledge and back yours too! #backers #support
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"Hey, I know you barely know me,but can you hook me up with #nycc tix?" shocked at the gaul people have to ask this esp when i wont be there
shopping for a publisher for Wretched Creatures story by @The_Apocalisa art by @TheSaintYak #comics
Thanks for the RTs this week! @bnokj via
Right or wrong when you have to go out of your way to brag how humanely you are bombing people it comes off as creepy and offputting
Idk I think feminism should be called something different like common sense or something
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Give $ to @bnokj for #4 Submerged Part I his shit is awesome, much better than #PotatoSaladKickstarter
I wonder if George RR Martin is just over #GoT I can sympathise with that