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L. Anna Lenz
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New Review: The Opree Legacy: Book One: The Promise (Science Fiction & Fantasy) An Epic Struggle for H… #pdxbookr
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Currently in the middle of a fiery argument about the benefits of being a supervillain over a superhero. It seems fairly obvious to me.
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Anthony Stewart Head was my first older man crush as a teen watching The Buffy musical reminds me why
So I'm lying in bed my hair is mussed and I'm looking "seductively" at the camera. Did I get this #sexy look right?
Stats from show @MRYBTHS @PantherPitt @BrennaGwynSnowe were my biggest supporters last week. Thank you!
My kidneys are at risk of failing but I always do well on the test so that along with extra credit I'll probably skate by with a c #Lupus
"@SoulExoComic: @The_Apocalisa Best dieting ever." Mind Over Fatter Diet, the fad thats sweeping the nation
Do you need to have kids to dye easter eggs &sing along to Frozen? If so, then I'm totally not doing dying eggs and watching Frozen #lying
I feel like this is a perfect propaganda piece from the machines #Imontoyou #riseofthemachines #apocalypse
Obviously, as a Catholic, I don't eat meat on Good Friday, but I can't remember the booze rule. Heading out for lunch now. Anyone know?
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I have twenty dimensions but I'll only let you see six of them,any six you want. Just know when taken out of context I become unrecognizable
There is something incredibly cruel in the fact that sit-ups dont feel nearly as good as brownies taste.
You guys. I just ate 4 kinds of cereal for breaskfast. #livinlarge
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New Review: The Opree Legacy: Book One: The Promise (Science Fiction & Fantasy) An Epic Struggle for H… #pdxbookr
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I dream of a better future for all #artist #writers #Filmmakers & #creators! We are a community not a competition.
So embracing the 70s bush has done wonders for my confidence. Spreading the good word of untaming your ladybits like a pubic hair Jesus
Every review of Black Widow in 'Captain America' is wrong
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I'm not a gushy person so I express emotions through musicals. I'll tearfully belt out the songs, alone in my room like a dork #dealwithit
Everything is right in this world because Muppet Christ Superstar is a thing, a beautiful, beautiful thing
My heart is sad, so I listen to Amanda Palmer to feel better
Need something to rock out to? Want to be cool like me? Well, you're welcome! #NowPlaying
Wondering how is @gregkellyfox5 still single? He's funny, has served his country and adorable to boot. C'mon ladies #tripplethreat