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L. Anna Lenz
tea, earl grey, hot....also Adventures of Winnie the Pooh because Im an adult
I don't think any other song will bring about more memories.... #Summer2004#SlowRide #Foghat #tbt
we need to pay attention to where some of the real market of new comic books and concepts are coming from
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I would compare Uhura to a a supporting female in Star Wars but there aren't any.
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THE KITCHEN TAROT READING - willpowertoolbox: THE KITCHEN READING Have your stove turned off. Make a pot of...
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just made a slide titled "Daily Life (2nd breakfast is the most important meal of the day)"
Excited about a story I wrote for Hellraiser: Bestiary #5 from @boomstudios, out 12/17!
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What am I kidding, I'm not above stealing mythic archaeological treasures from anyone #ItBelongsInAMuseum
So to answer your question, yes I will exorcise the demon. I'm also not above stealing mythic archaeological treasures from Nazis for a fee.
guest speaking at a college tomorrow,if movies have taught me anything, at least 1 person will approach me w/ an opportunity for adventure
Read some really good and edgy new talent, check out the preview of "Wretched Creatures" by @The_Apocalisa :
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Any given cause has precisely until the next celebrity scandal to turn public opinion...after that, we stop caring
congrats to @jumblejim & @VerdigrisPlay on reaching their kickstarter goal! Stoked to see people get excited over like theater
My desk has a new Little Me! Thats right Im an action figure thanks to the glories of 3D printing
more weird disturbing vivid dreams...
Read some really good and edgy new talent, check out the preview of "Wretched Creatures" by @The_Apocalisa :
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I heard rumors that Wal Mart workers are going to strike on Black there anywhere we can go to show our support?
Attend a Walmart Black Friday Protest Near You! #walmartstrikers
had a horrible dream someone took away my baby (I dont have a baby) & Im still shaken by how intense, emotional & disturbing that dream was.
Those 'this is either the best or worst thing I have ever done' moments are my favorite
too broke even for @tacobell, now Im a literal starving artist. Will trade comics or book for tacos
Tesla, Supervillains, & Mustaches. That’s what this middle grade book is made of. Retweet & preorder your copy today!…
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All I wanted was a Pepsi, just one Pepsi and she wouldn't give it to me....
an angry Capt. Mal pushes #DeanWinchester at gun point to his noodley doom while LSP & Sam look on.…
I feel like I say "you're missing the point" way too much so frustrated with seemingly intelligent, but small minded people #thebigpicture
I know I'm gonna get shit for this, but I really don't get all of the @taylorswift13 hate...
She is stating longingly at the bowl of mac & cheese #shibaInu
I have been immortalized as an action figure!
#ENTP version "Sorry I murdered everyone, I was really bored...but admit it, it was really cool how I killed them"
It's not that everything just rolls off my back, I just internalize the weirdest things.... #ENTP
'huge sounding...contender for a chart topping spot this Dec in no small part to the campaign message.'… @MissBabySol
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new art back from @SoulExoComic is giving me goosebumps, super stoked about this project #Comics #comingsoon
People really should be following @QueerComics for some excellent focus on lgbtq creators and content.
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in celebration of #USMCBirthday lets show some love to veteran devil dog @jumblejim's @VerdigrisPlay #SemperFi