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L. Anna Lenz
Legions! Gather and help me win this....huzzah!!!!…
"@YesMaryBeth: Today was a classic. Me and @The_Apocalisa FOREVER. " totes us
The amount of Led Zeppelin t shirts I owned in high school is equal to the amount of striped stockings @The_Apocalisa owned.
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C u next Tuesday @The_Apocalisa! Not cunt! Tuesday is our actual day for seeing each other! Fuhhhh
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"I don't like your art so it shouldn't exist" #haters
and some days you just feel like being a fucking wizard....
got my kickstarter perk from @bnokj & @hellstrawberry this will now be my profile pic for everything!
is okay to bake yourself a birthday cake if it isn't your birthday, but you just want cake? Quick give me something to celebrate #ForCake
Feeling oversaturated w/nerd culture it feels inauthentic and hollow. Not so much jaded as unenthusiastic that saddens me. My joy is gone.
sometimes I wear my hair down...
One of my favorite #GISHWHES submissions
How I did on Twitter this week: 19 Mentions, 123K Mention Reach, 7 Retweets. How'd your week go? via
This candidates make me want to vomit in terror...#GOPDebate
#TBT weak Sin City cosplay circa '06-'07 Apparently I got kicked out of the con for this getup but noone told me...
I need this framed in my bedroom....…
I don't think I've ever seen anything more precious in my life, I exploded with cute, I just died by lethal cuteness…
I will listen to your voice and accept it as your truth, but I will not alter my own voice just to make it more pleasant for you to listen.
Somebody Said The Wrong Thing On The Internet
@The_Apocalisa I approve of those tights and this campaign.
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I'm not above bribing @WilliamShatner w/ the vice presidency for an endorsement #Anna4Prez
Endorse me for president @dicksp8jr a cabinet position as Secretary of Intergalactic Defense is in it for you
@dicksp8jr Here's another sexy Pony for you! Could you please retweet. #Shatnermademedoit @gishwhes
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"@Emilieklaasma: During #gishwhes: "Emilie's on a hunting trip and she hasn't been home in a few days"" @IamSolace this is us right now
#GISHWHES Day 3 many tasks completed. Now to bed for tomorrow we eat spaghetti!
I dont think I could have gotten a better #gishwhes team 72 hours ago we were strangers now we are #TeddyLovesTheSpidersFromMars @gishwhes
@RobertDowneyJr you're a very seasoned actor. Loved like salt and pepper. @gishwhes
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Cant think of a better team to help me w/ international scavanger hunt @rosannascotto @mikewoodsfox5 @gregkellyfox5
Here's to @The_Apocalisa. I just realized she's the Vinculus to my Childermass. Give her love!!!!
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haha my dad is not Eddie Murphy....
Dad's stand up show...payback for all those dance recitals and school plays
When you start drama or a personal crusade, you take all of our attention off of what we should be focusing on... the love of great comics.
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"@annehelen: Rewatching X-Files season 1 b/c I'm always living my best life I love how many plots begin in Idaho" Evidence! #idahoisntreal
9 year old me knew what was up....
That moment when you see your work in your local comic book store...

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