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L. Anna Lenz
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I feel like it's time we bring back 'villain' as an expletive, like "Bitch, thou art a villain! " I'm gonna bring it back
today's anthem by @amandapalmer spreading the indie art vibes :) #NowPlaying
"@waywardraven: Woo-hoo!!! We just got another backer! Thanks @The_Apocalisa!" hells yea support #Indie art!
The Opree Legacy is looking for artists!
I just backed @waywardraven 's Signed C: the missing, Issue #2 on @kickstarter
Happy #NCBD and making #comics ain't easy so please go out to support #indie • Our #kickstarter is live.
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"@kaosskitten: @The_Apocalisa i hope you feel better soon lovely! :D x" thanks. I'm hoping Sherlock and tea will do the trick :)
All I want is Mac & cheese and death #migraine
Pronto will be 5 years old, on Free Comic Book day no less. Come and celebrate 5 years of making independent...
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I think im dying. It's like bizzaro Vonnegut said "nothing was beautiful & everything hurt" #allergies
12 Hand-Written Love Letters From Famous People, From Henry VIII To Michael Jordan | Co.Design | business + design
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" This unique, complex work should be devoured by fans of dystopian and science fiction."-@PDXBookreview…
Okay that Blood Eagle ritual on @HistoryVikings was probably the most metal thing to happen in the history of television.
New Review: The Opree Legacy: Book One: The Promise (Science Fiction & Fantasy) An Epic Struggle for H… #pdxbookr
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Currently in the middle of a fiery argument about the benefits of being a supervillain over a superhero. It seems fairly obvious to me.
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Anthony Stewart Head was my first older man crush as a teen watching The Buffy musical reminds me why
So I'm lying in bed my hair is mussed and I'm looking "seductively" at the camera. Did I get this #sexy look right?
Stats from show @MRYBTHS @PantherPitt @BrennaGwynSnowe were my biggest supporters last week. Thank you!
My kidneys are at risk of failing but I always do well on the test so that along with extra credit I'll probably skate by with a c #Lupus