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نصائح عناية السيارات
cars saudi arabia 54,638 followers
A trip into the past — at St. Jacobs Farmers Market
Empty deserted offices .. BB land, Waterloo Kitchner — feeling shocked at Blackberry HQ
watching Guardians of the Galaxy at Cineplex Colossus
Urgent forward Note: Warning Please take care. Important message from my mobile. From now on do not use your...
Relationshipist canada. Sisters only allowed in mosques. No wives, mothers our daughters
Home away from home! Food #mandi time — eating مندي - Mandi
Public transport day. Subway, street car, viva bus, Rt train — feeling accomplished
Anyone want to buy me a gift? 480kms per charge. No engine noise. No emissions. No engine. 70000$ = 240000 Riyals — feeling lucky
looking for an angel at Yorkdale Shopping Centre
Non halal Supefmarket food court — feeling annoyed at Nations Fresh Foods
120 options to choose from — feeling confused at Hero Certified Burgers
traveling to Toronto, Ontario from King Abdulaziz International Airport Jeddah
Pay for parking — feeling sleepy at Balad Corniche Jeddah