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boys men ladygaga gay 638 followers
I really want it to be hot so I can run at water! Ill be like...
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"Once opened consume straight away or we'll come round and get you." - amazing!
Hey Hun, how ya doing babes? Die.
We'll never see a Pokémon Snap like this, but that doesn't mean we can't be amused by this video from @Gritty_Reboots
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This is shit.
Oh god, not the whistling taxi driver.... Sss-SSS-sss... SSS! SHUT THE FUCK UP!
gay person: *breathes* teenage girl: OMG you're so SASSY xDD i love gay ppl lolz lets go shopping
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The only reason I have to leave bed today is to go to work. But it's hideous outside, so that overrules moving. I stay here.
The bed gets comfier the closer time gets to having to leave it.
It's so fucking cold! I want to dust off my short shorts and baggy vests. :(
Mate I'm trying to help you look for the phone you lost, so stop looking me up and down like I'm a suspect. #cunt
Honest, I don't know how the sausage got there! @Jodiemacdough
Why is Harlem shake playing from the speakers in the lobby!!?!? #killme
No! No! Nooo! I don't wanna work! Don't make me do it! #kickingandscreaming
Omg chavs arguing on the bus... Guys calm down, let me settle this for you both. Neither of you have a brain cell, so stop making a scene.
Omg old people on buses, don't try and say hi to all your local bezzies, you can't support yourself so don't try too. Sit down! #walkingdead
Some foreign girls just looked at me, giggled, and said something that ended in "Justin Bieber." ... Bitches do you want to get cut? No.
"@SciencePorn: Blue Whale's heart is so big, a small child can swim through the veins." Fucking hell.
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Windy rain, you're making it impossible to move from my nice warm bed, which is just positively awful for me!
I really want a pet sloth.