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R.C. Klein
Keep @DetroitRedWings legend GORDIE HOWE in your thoughts today. The 86 year old hockey icon had a really bad stroke:…
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I'm going to shoot a video soon, where I'm impersonating Christopher Walken. He's an idol of mine. This will rock
I just watched the awesome new @CallofDuty #AdvancedWarfare Gameplay Trailer via @klout. Check it out:
"@MrJDucky: @ThatRayKlein Awesome socks!!" When I saw them, I had to take the pic. The bow on the skulls is what got me.
She's all set for #CrazySockDay #PinkBowSkulls She's got the style gene. Didn't get it from me.
"@ThatRayKlein: @AEstribio What's up my death brother? How's things in South Africa? Waddup Oh Lord Zod? Dead lol & u? SA is apocalyptic
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Awesome damn day today. I hope everyone is rockin. Get out there and kick ass!
As always, thank you @TheCarlWeathers and keep rockin brother.
@ThatRayKlein @JBB_Inc Even my kids know him albeit from dancing in a music video, a movie w/The Rock, & Hairspray. At least they know him.
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"@cosmicholistic: @ThatRayKlein @JBB_Inc Wow. Tell me this person isn't in the film industry...?" No ma'am. Not in the industry #SavingGrace
"@JBB_Inc: @ThatRayKlein people like that are why Ive lost my faith in humanity." Damn right! Now give me my #CowBell
Hey @JBB_Inc. I asked a guy if he liked Christopher Walken. His response was more surprising than no. He asked who he was. #Legend
"@JBB_Inc: Good idea. Take out the healthy QB thats been effective for an injured starter. #cowboyslogic #MNFootball" Romo is the chosen 1
Peace. Love. Unite the world.
In honesty... Shonn Greene's stats in the @nfl would suggest that he's handicapped. Maybe he really needs that handicap spot. @espn #BadRB
Yay! Building evacuation. Why doesn't this ever happen when it 72° out?? #SoundTheAlarms
@ThatRayKlein Brings to mind my favorite Scooby-Doo episode. Haha. Right back at ya! :) @DaniPope3 @bertieb56 @Rxhahn @ntalia_77 @ZADF_ORG
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"@stylesmcfresh: @ThatRayKlein I'm about as musically inclined as Milli Vanilli" We'll make sure it's a player piano. ;)
"@vivianjoann: @ThatRayKlein Yay me! Thanks! ☺♥☺" It just sounds like a damn fun time.
"@vivianjoann: @ThatRayKlein I would‼ To quote, "I aint afraid of no ghosts". #ISeeDeadPeople." Nice pull! You're in!!!
"@stylesmcfresh: @ThatRayKlein for sure. Sounds like a great time" doesn't it though! We'd need a piano player.