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R.C. Klein
My #NBAContractDemands aren't too bad in comparison. Just $20,000 so I can finish my movie the way I envision it.
YO! @WhatisaSKYWALKA Listening to Differences right now, nice.
OK all. If you missed my tweet from yesterday about @FilmTeller then go give him/her a follow today. especially if movies are your thing.
Holy crapitty! @nextwave05 is John Pender! THE MOTHER FREAKIN JOHN PENDER! Know the name now, cause you will know the name later!
Go out and be awesome today. Own it! Rock it! Bad shit happens. You gotta keep going and keep rising up!
Haha at Cage, he would throw a double 6 on Trafalgar and give you a riddle for Mayfair πŸ˜†@ThatRayKleinn@UniversalPicss
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"@annettaclingan: @ThatRayKlein @MrAaronAbrams Hope you have a Tempting Thursday! Today is National Chocolate Wafer Day!" CHOW DOWN!!!
Elinor would be our 1st choice, failing that Optimus Prime would do #RamRaid @UniversalPics πŸ˜†@ThatRayKleinn
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Not so awesome when your chilling out in the night with him and it kicks of into full retard mode, scary ass shit πŸ˜†@ThatRayKleinn
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"@MediaShockUk: Haha, my good friend has that set as his ringtone πŸ˜†@ThatRayKleinn" YES!!! That's awesome! I can see the 82 car crash evolve
When I see this pic. The theme to CHiPs starts playing in my head... And it wont stop.
#10; ...From this point on, EP#1 will be known as FECKLESS (look it up people) and EP#2 as LIAR.
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Karma is real and it will hunt you down....
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...Well I cannot reveal the film's title until the very end of the manifesto.
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The coming manifesto will serve to clear the defamation of my professional rep by detailing with facts the production of the film titled...
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Pro heavy metal art! My art gallery is finally open on my blog! Pretty RAD! See
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The 4th of July is coming! πŸ’™πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ
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I'll be able to save this house and continue Wende's dream, with your help. Please RT… #crowdfunding #fundraising
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Someday I'll open up about everything and It'll hopefully help someone in the same position keep stepping forward.
"@Peacham21: @ThatRayKlein great!!! you???" Getting set to rock, hard core!
Good morning twitter!!! How the #F are ya?
We are down to 10 days left! We really want to do so much with the film, but we need your help! Check out our...
We are down to 10 days left! We really want to do so much with the film, but we need your help! Check out our...
"@bxmando: @ThatRayKlein make it happen!" Will do, brother!!!
"@FranResnais: @ThatRayKlein Thank you! You Are My First follower!" #Boom
When I finally make it in entertainment, I really hope I can inspire others who might have had hard times to never give up. #NeverGiveUp
Need to get filming. I swear to all that is holy. I need to film! Anybody got a film I can act in while I'm waiting on Zombieapocalyptica?
YES!!! Good guys win! Ya know, I've seen a lot of good people winning news lately. Is being an evil a-hole...
Missing New Jersey Father and Husband. Please Share!!!
@ThatRayKlein @mdonaghue75 @ItsTheRealAmber And mine can certainly take it.... Thanx Ray. #HAGW 😘😘😘
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@ThatRayKlein @bertieb56 @mdonaghue75 you're awesome! Stay that way!! ❀️❀️
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Little known fact about me #2185: I like my quesadillas with tits.