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its today
So when school start?
5 years ago today i released a mixtape called "K.I.D.S." Happy Birthday.
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This what it looks like when your gf ask your best friend do you cheat on her
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What you looking at bitch?
You want to end it, but you know there's still more to be figured out
Thats how rock stars die. Alone.
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The day we are born we start our goodbye, it is when we or fate chooses when we end it
When you're in a relationship and a pretty girl walks by
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I'm right here nigga
Wen ya mom with friends and she bragging about how you dont drink or do drugs and you just sitting there high af like
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Half way through Netflix and chill 😩w
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when your parents hit you with the "cuando yo tenia tu edad" lecture
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Finna hit the sweets later
Nigga ya tweets look like they came off the basic white girl page, foh trying to act hard
And there's like no reason to get mad like forreal
Vika practically shows off her tits on her sc story
There's a hole in my pants right around the taint area
You think you know a person
Sometimes you're stuck in the mysteries or stuck in the surprises
Life's full of mysteries and surprises
Photography is a beautiful thing
And it sucks cause I'm looking for something that will never be found by both of us
Now it's hit me, 17 years old and I've become everything I've despised
I can't be an asshole if I don't talk
Listening to Kid Cudi puts me in a good mood.
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Life Is Only As Clear As You'll Let It Be
You know what's cool??? Having someone know every little thing you've done and been through and have them still find you attractive
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Go home now, or go home at 9?
Been in here for 15 minutes, it has been 2 days since I e taken a shit
Going into the abyss
12 days strong lmao s/o to you
Tumblr puts me in my feels
July 35th and Frank still hasn't released his album
When at a @KidCudi concert, there is no such things as bad vibes
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