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Urn Urdundu
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You're literally the ugliest person Inside and out.
Retweeted by Urn Urdundu
Pray for my nigga he got kicked out his house @ThatLoserKid_A
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"If she curves you, she's a hoe" - Thotology 9:14
Retweeted by Urn Urdundu
β€œ@PapaOsoKnows: β€œ@TheGreatMadara: Latina women are life, they outcook you lightskin hoes AND leave my whole house smelling like Fabuloso”bae
Smh caught my girl fucking another guy again, im gonna give her one more chance for the eighth time now
Dont want to sleep yet
Did i really just say bro?
I have listened to "wizard" in forever
I want to play zombies, i havent played it in forever
Gonna go to sleep @ 12
Why everything happening today?
For sports: You still a thot
In other news, youre still a bitch
I tend to subtweet people that dont exist
β€œ@ThatLoserKid_A: Twitter, netflix, my car, and my phone will always be bae” so accurate
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Weather report: You're a whore
Twitter, netflix, my car, and my phone will always be bae
Suzy is 😍πŸ”₯
I wonder how it feels to slit my throat
A girl who likes different things is so much better because then you have more to talk about
And im the ugly guy trying to hug the cute girls
When i hangout with bae, this how its gonna be 😍😍❀️❀
Whats a fire tweet to tweet?
So i had 220$ wednesday, now i have like 30$
My parents cant know about this
Cant believe im having a kid, idk how i feel about this rn
β€œ@ThatLoserKid_A: Someone hook it up with a job πŸ˜©β€
Retweeted by Urn Urdundu
Someone hook it up with a job 😩
Which one of you Cheeto breath, red fingered, "lets skip p.e", "eeehhhhh" after every joke Mexican girl made this
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Bad bitches is the only thing that I like
Retweeted by Urn Urdundu
I havent had a fire tweet in like ever
Tough Crack x OFWGKTA
I feel like without chasing for something in life, there is no purpose
Bought condoms and peanuts as a present to my uncle, and my mom got mad