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when you cant really tell if someones into you or not
Raise your hand if you're at home tonight without plans. ✋✋✋✋✋✋
"Artist collaborates with 2-year-old daughter to create works of art" 😍
he lost his paw so they gave him a new one
this shit look good
This looks amazing🍒🍓�
"What does depression feel like?"
When U tryna make things right with yo girl at the club & dj say "where all my single ladies at"
Why don't you & _____ talk anymore? Me:
I can't wait for Christmas 😍�
When you show ur parents a pic on your phone and they start swiping
When you in the front seat bumpin some fire from the AUX & everybody in the backseat going wild.
This is the first person that has uncoded Yung Thug. Congratulations. 😂
Petition for this emoji to exist
my dad just texted this to me from across the table
How to avoid feelings: a lesson from Pooh
i laughed way harder than i should have 😂�
some cookies for people who open my snapchats and don't reply 😊�
When you get Saturday school the day of your quinceñera..
attractive people with dead personalities
It's 2014. Students don't care anymore.
when the whole squad looking fresh
I'm sorry but this face murders Kim K's whole body
if these lips are able to kiss Beyoncé, then nothing is stopping u from asking ur crush out
Gabrielle Union is 41...... 41 bruh
In 1986, Ohio broke the balloon launch record by letting go almost 1.5 million balloons. It. Was. Gorgeous 😍
I Suck at Texting Unless 📱 1. We in a relationship 💏 2. I like you 👫 3. I need something 💁💰 4. Me & you are close as fuck 💑
#TheCycle : 👦 👧 😳 😊 😉 ☺ 📱 📲 😏 😄 😘 😍 💏 💑 👫 💘 ❤ 😌 ☺ 😒 😠 😡 😥 😤 💔 🚶 😪 😳 💃 💔 👋 😔 😌 😪 😊
When you show ur parents a pic on your phone and they start swiping
Who's praying for good grades? 😂