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when you're all dressed up and your friends cancel
when you're ready for Christmas but you still have to take finals
Zendaya is one of the most underrated people like look at her 😻
This would be such a chill spot 😍
when ur friend doesn't give u a blanket before going to sleep
when I talk on the phone at my house
Probably the cutest cat ever in history of cats
In case you're having a bad day 🎄�
I do not care what you say this is the saddest thing ever
When you & bae agree on somewhere to eat
I wish I could spend christmas time in New York City
when ur selfie game is on point
this is the best thing I've seen 😭�
Best Kourtney Kardashian impression ever
How many days until Christmas?
My ex waiting for someone better than me
Kim who? It's all about Khloe 😍
this cat is prettier than most humans
When a someone is known to screenshot
when you're being dramatic for humorous effect and someone says "wow calm down"
When your favorite songs comes on
it's that point in the semester
Jennifer Aniston doesn't get enough credit 😍
Dogs at their birthday parties are so cute
Ready for Monday? 😒 😒 😒😒😒 😒😒 😒 😒 😒 😒 😒 😒 😒 😒 😒 😒😒 😒 😒 😒 😒 😒😒😒
when someone calls me by my twitter name
when u realize how close finals are now
You're my favorite hello and hardest goodbye
when u walk past a group of bitches who don't like u 😉💁
Android users snapchat stories be like
This bouta be the funniest movie of 2015😂�
hands down the best transformation of all time
I want a munchkin kitten! 😍�
This TV is $120,000, the reviews have me dying 😭�
I always go to the register with the cutest cashier
angelina will always be the queen 👑