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Barred From Facebook, and Wondering Why #FB #F.O.S
"If everybody is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking." ~General George Patton #LifeIsIsThatWarToWin
" Untutored courage is useless in the face of educated bullets." ~ General George Patton #FergusonRebellion
Ppl Act Like Their Common Sense Running On E.#RealShii
"Crowd Surfing Like Shawn Michaels #T.G.O.D
U know we live in a fuk'd up world when "they "wack Robin Williams and claim it's suicide. #SmhWtf
Watching Total Slaughter PPV on DVR. @hollowdadonlom bodied Budden clearly no debating #Smack'D
Woke Up ,Killed A Whole 2Liter; Fell Back Asleep.
Joe Budden Vs. Hollow Da Don Total Slaughter PPV …: " Mainstream Should Never Fck With Battle Rap"#JoeWasNotReady
Obviously not but I figured it's only right to ask.
Just opened Pandora's box #Beware
"Horizon Dreamz "coming this fall 2014.…. ♤ Chance Favors The Prepared Mind♤ ☆
" I'll never leave your side that's a promise No homage can describe how much thankful that's just honest ." #xxV.Bxx
If u went to school for your profession of choice",why the fk would u give attitude to ppl.U chose that shii not me.
♤"U can't see me " #FkUThought
Winners Never Lose, Losers Never Win .. Ain't Op Outs On This Playing Field...U real ? #LeBron
I ToldUCash Rules Everything,U Should Get Sum,Started Ballin Out,Now It'sAll I Wanna Do "…
♧"U in too deep without a life guard. Its like a horror flick watching u amateurs dive & sink with ya light bars. "♧#inviThaMFDon
Its amazing how backwards ppl have become Showing Intelligence= Being Judged But Show Ignorance =Being Berated With Love. #TheWorldWeLiveIn
I BreakRules 4 A Living. Dangerously Allergic to 5.0 #FkUThought?
RiseNGrind~ Yesterday's An Afterthought. Today's A New Beginning. #Genesis ♤InviThaMFDon♤
☆Loyalties Equal Royalties☆ ♧#OnlyMyDay1s #H.D.TheFamily♧
☆They Let The Wrong Two Terrors Reunite. The H.D.M Takeover Begins Now☆ #InviThaMFDon #D.Dot
☆Kevin Hart + MondayNightRaw =TurnDwn4What! #TheTurnUp
I Evolve. I Innovate& Above All I Conquer _…
All I See Is Talent But Not A Single 1's A Threat. "Swagger garners all attention originality garners respect". #XXLFreshmen14 #♤H.D.M♤
♤"My Talk Game's Motivation"♤ #GlobalExpansion #U.S-UK #☆H.D.M☆
Sons of Anarchy&Dexter Marathon With The Fiancé. Everything else today is an extra. #Relaxin
It's called Perfection for a reason. #PerfectSense
Simply amazed how ppl praise these half azz songs lames put out.I'm cut from a different era where its either flawless or its garbage #RNS
☆That Moment When Everybody's Thought Is Turn Down 4 Whatever!☆ #LikeDat!! #InviThaMFDon
Woke up feeling like a billion, money hit my line, triple the stacks hit a pavilion. #H.D.M #☆InviThaMfDon☆
☆Get Dat Hating Energy Out The Room☆ #BlackMozart
1 Million Lies 1 Definite Truth #S.o.c
♧Just A Glimpse Of What's To Come. #H.D.M #☆InviThaMFDon☆…