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The devil always gon try to throw dirt ... #CurveHim 😂 ....
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"Yo Name Wayne haa..U know the game carter v now u complain haa. .birdman got some new booty u…
never show your hand , they dyin to see your spades ...
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Intelligence is key and some people are just locked out.
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BREAKING: The grand jury has reached a decision on Darren Wilson, and will announce later today.
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And Still Welterweight Champion. #ThePaqMan .Haters Gon Hate But ☆Invi_TMFD☆
Something positive need to go viral for once
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Negative and negative don't make positive. But some positive can make negative, positive. So if some1 is negative, just be positive!" #+/-
Meet Evelyn Rothschild.The Main Reason Why The World Is F*cked Up As It Is Today. "HATERS GON HATE BUT…
Everybody loyal when they need you.
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A million rappers &all of em carbon copies of each other. What happened to hiphop?? #OriginalityFlaws @XXL
"Clips 3-0 ,RIP T-Rex. "If he dies..he dies ~ Drago
Happy V Day To All Vets."U Are Much Appreciated" #ISalute #VNation
😩😩 R@CityBoiCoopop: Lmfaoooooooooooooooooooooo R@Truth_30505: It's a sniper in the crowd
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"One of those days."
Motivation gets you started. Heart keeps you going.
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Barred From Facebook, and Wondering Why #FB #F.O.S
"If everybody is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking." ~General George Patton #LifeIsIsThatWarToWin
" Untutored courage is useless in the face of educated bullets." ~ General George Patton #FergusonRebellion
Ppl Act Like Their Common Sense Running On E.#RealShii
"Crowd Surfing Like Shawn Michaels #T.G.O.D
U know we live in a fuk'd up world when "they "wack Robin Williams and claim it's suicide. #SmhWtf
Watching Total Slaughter PPV on DVR. @hollowdadonlom bodied Budden clearly no debating #Smack'D
Woke Up ,Killed A Whole 2Liter; Fell Back Asleep.
Joe Budden Vs. Hollow Da Don Total Slaughter PPV …: " Mainstream Should Never Fck With Battle Rap"#JoeWasNotReady
Obviously not but I figured it's only right to ask.