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An mole
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Karma vooomi bata janma voomi maa
Wht a day! Very very unlucky!!!
khana vaye sabai jana laagxan agi paxi.. aakhir maa koi hunna ne haiiiiiii; aafnai kaal gati
"Belaa aucha parkhidaina; bageko khola farkidaina" vanney kura I felt it on Wednesday.
Kaam xaina fuchhey ko laptop chalaaudai basxa din vari ani #pulchowk maa pass ne hunu paryo rey, hahaha!
Yestaa mula pagal #kshitiz herera hidnu parxa ne!
It's happening to be as hijo raati paani parya jasto dekhinxa, baato vari paani nai paani rey. Aba baato maa hidna ne laaj lagi sakyo yaar.
Aba chito goal haani haala #GER . Samaye aauxa vanera parkhera nabasa hai!!
"@ReechaRimal: HALF TIME !"ajeeb ne herdai xa sangai didi?
" @rioferdy5 :RIO FERDINAND: Efficient Germans will demolish Brazil's dodgy defence via @MailSport" > er'hum, sorry!
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The best prepared team at the World Cup. No coincidence this. No fluke. Meticulously planned annihilation @B1ackie #devilsinthedetails
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"@FTBpro: Meanwhile in the streets Brazilians aren't taking it lightly. #BRAvsGER #WorldCup" Aba karaa ta brazil fan
It's good to play pool when you are depressed. It reduces your anger and excitement. @aj33b
One thing the Internet can't give, and money can't buy, is learned personal experience:
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Having a really nice day! Thank you so much #srestee for giving me such an unforgettable experience. N my bro @nasivbk love you guys alot!
All time rocking, you guys are really awesome! Really adorable @edgeband ! You guys never dissapoint the rock music lovers #thahachaina
Isn't it funny how day by day nothing changes, but when you look back, everything is different?
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Aba gai haalyo ne SAT n TOEFL! Saturday vanera ne yaad navaako, kasto din aayo mero! Saturday ne birsiney hai! Kya shocking vanya abaa,!,!
It's aching when your near ones cheat you time and again badly But Its happier when your fars hug you unexpectedly. Happy Saturday to all!!!
"@jeniza: On utv action...twilight hindi maa diraako chha! Hahahaha marey ma ta haasda haasda!!!"ok xa ta
"@aj33b: watching The Tattooist"kasto lagdai xa ta?
PEA, I missd you so much. Today I am back! @akritypant kina na aako class?
No man is too busy. It's all about priority.
China's Tianhe-2 is still the world's fastest supercomputer:
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In a span of 16 years, Portugal had 44 governments, 20 military takeovers, and 12 presidents! --->
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Has your boss ever given you 3 million dollars? For workers of Lenovo in China, it actually happened! --->
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Durbarmarg maa matra maile afno desh ko potentiality dekhxu. #durbarmarg
"All of my love All of my love":- Led Zeppelin
Aru haruko tweet herdai basi raako xu. Sabai ko bramhasta haru chuteko dekhxu, mero ali aginai chodi sakey bt nt in tweet. Happy morning!:-X
Aaja ta daro uplabdhi vayo!!
Yesto khatra cross check ta kaile vaako thiyena. Lop u!
It's not bad to have a girlfriend, but it feels drowning when she loves your M3 rather than you:-X
I thought selena's you contains me too, but why I aint getting that right of beautiful life?
Yes I admit that I am a camera conscious!
What a j0ke! Hairstyle change vayo vandaimaa manxe ne change hunxa rey. Aayera check garr na ta malai, jasto thiye testai ta xu ne. #baal !
Why do they think that we boys are satisfied by only sex huh? Emotions, trust, love, shareness are also prerequisites for stronger bond.
Why they are so disappointing to me? Their ways on dealing with emotions drive me nuts. Piss off these kinda habits! Beware of #UNDERDOGS
It's continuously 7th day today that I neither met nor talked to her. Kati din sakdo rahexas, herxu ma pani
"Jati taadha teti maya gadhaa" vanney quote ta mero case maa matra milyo jasto xa, teslai ta mero baal nai xaina baa!!!
It's getting hotter in my heart day after day. None of you folk's businesses to interupt me on my tasks! #GTH folks
Which of the day might come that I will attend my classes @pea ?
A day is never a day without you in my mind
If you're easy to get, you'll be easy to leave and easy to forget. U got no place on theirs.
Din ta biti nai haalxa, raat pani geet le khako kati raat vo kati! Aba ta aakha le sutna ne birsi sakyo hola. Yo aakha ho golveda,!@#!