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Gonna Start Treating People Exactly How They Treat Me
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It's gonna be my birthday In 2 months aswell 😩🙌🙌🎁
Ibiza soon come 🙌🎉
I love a good banter now and then
I've become so crap with keeping in contact 🙈
I ain't never been friendzoned 💁
Screenshots don't scare me, I know what the fuck I said😊.
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What a lovely sleep I had
I need to start wearing my glasses at events 😐
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Lol shelby is actually mad 😂😂@MauriceWigsigs
@DarknLurvely: @YoyoRosemary 👀👀👀 Man like YoYo una”🙊🌚🌚
@DarknLurvely: Isn't it amazing when you're feeling abit crap and lonely and that one person always seems to know when to pop up ❤️” THISSS
My phone convos last ages
Interesting 👀👀
BREAKING: Wayne Rooney has been named as the new captain of Manchester United. #MUFC
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Got a lot done today 🙌 love productivity
All I need to do now is get in my bed and sleep 😴
When I like you yhh ,your twitter, insta, snapchat, in fact your life is under 24/7 pree patrol, so behave👀👀👀
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Dunno why some people msg me then air me. I was there enjoying my life. Didn't ask you to msg me in the first place👋👋
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Ina chief keef type mood 🎶🎶
Ooo an American 😍👀
I'm gonna take a break from this show because these women dumb as shit and it's annoying me.
tammy Is too beaut 😍😍
Not everyday date a person for 3months then say you in "love" 😂
Joc is a bitch man looool
The more I watch #LHHATL the more pissed off I get lol these females dumber than spongebob fr
So much is beginning to change 💞✈️📈💷💰
@BlazeTheGreat_: When ya girl say she forgive but deep down inside she know them lies don't add up”😂😂
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I feel bad now he's a nice kid lool
My Yoruba isn't too good but he understand me
@YoyoRosemary the contact name had me 😂😂 before I even looked
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I can't believe I'm actually arguing with a stranger from Nigeria about my account details 😐😐
He's using different peoples phones because I keep blocking them
This guy from Nigeria is really not giving up
Stress free that's all I wanna be
@OceanDriveDrew: @YoyoRosemary had to pree ur avi well wel! he gets it from mama!” 😊😊🙈🙈😘😘😘
Back to having the house to myself again for the week 💭💭