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Gonna Start Treating People Exactly How They Treat Me
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It's gonna be my birthday In 2 months aswell 😩🙌🙌🎁
Ibiza soon come 🙌🎉
I love a good banter now and then
I've become so crap with keeping in contact 🙈
I ain't never been friendzoned 💁
Screenshots don't scare me, I know what the fuck I said😊.
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What a lovely sleep I had
I need to start wearing my glasses at events 😐
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Lol shelby is actually mad 😂😂@MauriceWigsigs
@DarknLurvely: @YoyoRosemary 👀👀👀 Man like YoYo una”🙊🌚🌚
@DarknLurvely: Isn't it amazing when you're feeling abit crap and lonely and that one person always seems to know when to pop up ❤️” THISSS
My phone convos last ages
Interesting 👀👀
BREAKING: Wayne Rooney has been named as the new captain of Manchester United. #MUFC
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Got a lot done today 🙌 love productivity
All I need to do now is get in my bed and sleep 😴
When I like you yhh ,your twitter, insta, snapchat, in fact your life is under 24/7 pree patrol, so behave👀👀👀
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