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チョコレート Nutella♎️
I'm getting all my weeks muddled up 😂
Majority of the guys who support Man U on my whatsapp have changed their dp 😪
You know when you first start talking to someone but you gotta tone down your banter cos you don't know how they'll take it 😩😩
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I swear all you girls know is Nigerian & Jamaican boys... Sometimes let us Pedros, Juans and Pablos break your heart too 😅
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Na come on where's the respect 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂�/
So fiddy has signed for bankruptcy. Wow. Didn't see that coming
I can feel gym working for me, especially lower body 💪🏾
House every weekend 😏🎉👙
The hardest lesson I learned in my early 20s is to don't take a woman's love for granted and don't burn bridges.
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Glad I'm ill now tbh and not next week 😪
Nigerian boys are wonderful 😍
so i'm on the train and i notice some lad getting mad at his girlfriend for staring at me 😂😂�#shewasabeardloverover
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When you accidentally open a message and now you have to reply
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This nigga ain't listen to a damn word I said. My head hurts man 😂 gotta laugh though
Why are there some smiley faces next to certain chats on snapchat?
He don't look too happy to be her boyfriend doe 😂😂�…FHfN
Kriss is coming Ibiza with us 😁🎉@Kriss_105105 gonna get him so waved lool
Think I'd look good as a tiger 🐯 or a lion if I leave my hair out curly
Looking forward to zoo project 🐯🐻🐱🎉😁
A lil more holiday shop next week, selfie stick due to arrive soon 😋
Had a deep convo made me realise a lot tbf
Never come across a guy to come with so much bloody drama. Hassle and stress. Follows like a shadow.
I like to let my thoughts settle don't like confrontation. More to address it later on the phone. Out of punching range.
I hate it when people try and have conversation with me when I've just woken up, let me recover first ffs
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Lol a man said royal dickhead 😂😂 so ruuude
I need to be more grateful to those who feel happy to have me in their life
Raheem Sterling woke up to over 2000 text messages & 1200 Whatsapp messages, after his number was leaked by someone at @LFC. Joke club.
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The Royal Dickhead, has never taken the Tube in his life, a way to take the piss out of everyone else, Fucking Ponce…
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You know a guy is comfortable around a girl when he starts linking her without a trim 😂😂
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"Tuition fees have not put low income students off going to university. So we'll try to do it by abolishing student grants." #budget2015
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