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Deal with life in Private, not your phone calls 🚫
Why do "Good looking" african People always get told they look carribean 🌎
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Doesn't surprise me with some of you males today. Pure trash.
Dab daddyyy 🔥🔥🎵🎤
I feel like holding up a "free hugs" sign ☺️❤️ but obvs if you're looking a bit rank mans gonna have to spud you still
In such a more loving bubbly mood lately, I usually am anyway but more than usual. It's amazing what positivity in your life can do 😍
Wonder what surprises I'm getting for my birthday this year 🌚☺️ its only a month away 🙈🎉
What the hell is going on in this world
Man in court over deaths of eight family members at home in Texas
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Man arrested at Heathrow Airport after stabbing of 63-year-old man at Finsbury Park station
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From the jail cell... my wrist so sick it got sickle cells 🔥🔥🎵
Don't really wear trainers but maybe I should get some air Max's or something I don't know
When you look at a girl for one sec and they screw you, Fam chill wasn't going to move to you was just preeing your closure
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hate being told to do something, when I already had the intention of doing it
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Tryna reconnect with someone after everything has completely died out is such a myth. Unless the will is strong for it.
3. Your Air Force got no more air in it, it's just force 😂😂86tZ
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part 2. LOOOOOOOOOOL he's definitely a roadman 😂😂foB
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1) LOOOOOOOOL this is what happens when you think a guy who isn't married to you owes you something 😂😂�HA5o
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Taking things slowlyyyy right now 💕🙈
Fair enough is basically another way of saying 'K'
Best of both you can call mi Hovis 😉
I love being Nigerian also 💚💚
I love being Jamaican 💚💛
Carnival 🎉 got my jamo shorts on deck 😊
not everyday "when you coming to see me?" some days realise we're never gonna link g
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I can't believe D Doubles set at the wedding loooooooool
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Fancy a nice lunch at slug n lettuce when I get back. When I start my job il be going there every lunch time 🌚
Just because I say good night to you doesn't mean I'm going bed lmao
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guys can sag their pants down to their knees, but god forbid you see a girls bra strap
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Skn lol I was joking anyway shit mug if it didn't hold my hot choc I'd dash it…
LOOOOOL I can imagine na there's no waii, no waii 😂…k
Lool I'm kidding as if. Needed the biggest mug and that was the only one left
I've converted 🌚☺️#MUFCCr
I wanna go Croatia now next year aswell and cancun 😩
i want to travel the world with the person i love 😘😍🌏�5IsUoR
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you know when you wanna chat to someone 24:7 but you can't because it's a bit clingy and your to wavey for it.
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