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TG Luvhimbi
*If you dont succeed,you dust yourself up and try agian!*♥
Life is like a weather,life is unpredictable.*
RT @TheGoldenMirror ," A trainned mind can correct its on thoughts" great words.
MT @alphabetsuccess, "when we give up on your dreams we die while still alive".
I have a new home page here - check me out!
I have travelled a long way,i've fallen many times,fail many times...but yet still find the courage to continues.
"The successful man will profit from his mistakes and try again in a different way." - Dale Carnegie
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Life is like waiting for a storm to pass.
Every fall holds a lesson on how to rise.
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Doors has open, doors has closed. Progress has been washed away, but never or less have I stopped dreaming.
Dream your dreams with your eyes closed,but live your dreams with your eyes open. #biomoroccanoils
"I've got many rivers to cross!*"
Don't chase people.You work hard and be yourself.Under these two principles the right people wil find thier ways into your life.
"A coward attempt fail: quit,the brave one...attempt fail:but continue!"
"Old memories are like old wounds,the dont easily vanish.#Experience"
I dont regret how i've choose to live my life,the only thing I regret is taking time to realise I was once controlled by my Pride.*
One time I was living the life of impressing people and depressing my self,I got hurt and change my attitudes.People are like weather.
The best way to escape from the past is not to avoid or forget it.But to accept and Forgive it.#TheFactsBook
"Hardwork pays with the help of Persistance."
MT @biomoroccanoils "In order to excel,you must be completely dedicated-Willie Mays:"
"Every little thing you hve is a gift from God".#BetterGiveThanks
"Happiness is not something ready made,it comes from your own actions"-Dalai LamaXIV #Quote
"When People choose 2 distance themselve from me,I give them Space and walk away."
"Never base your life decision on advice from people who don't have to deal with the result of your decisions" #Quote