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TG Luvhimbi
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Its not how must you fail,that matters. its how much you stand, that matters. Ndaa.
Retweet, @EinsteinDaily ", We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them".
Loyalty ...@TheFactsBook " A dog has slept next to his owner's grave in Argentina for 6 years--He found cemetery on his own."
To live a pure clean life, you stop living a life of impressing people. Depressing yourself. Happy Sunday ndaa.
Dreams take time to be accomplished but are destroyed faster
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I was born free, with the courage and abilites to be anything in this world, but misfortune hindered progress. Now am breaking all beariers.
I still believe,I shall see the light even while dark clouds are roaming around.
I refuse to belive the bank of possibilities is bankrupt. I maybe going through hardship. But possibilities are endless.
Even thou I face difficulties of now,tommorow and then. I still have a dream. Its a dream am prepare to die pursueing.
Everyday has its on troubles. Therefore. I know what doesnt kill me will eventually make me strong.
The remedy of Pains,Failure, dissapointment and rejections. Its accepting the situation and moving foward.
The only thing that makes people to see impossibleness in thier goals its the assumption. It cant be done. Anything is possible.
Am determined to overthrough,any obstacles along my way. Because I have a dream. Its a dream am certain to achieve.
My mistake makes me to grow, therefore I learn a lesson from my mistake.
"We're what we reapeatedly do, exellecence therefore must not be an act. But a hobbiet." #Aristotle
I know from the buttom of my heart, I have a dream. Whatever People say about me. I have a dream.
When you keep trying, someday you will succeed.
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Sometimes inorder to make it in life, you have to let go who you are. To be what you can be.
No matter how much trouble I come across. l still stand still. Because I have a dream.
I discovered my weakness and turn them into Potentials.
I know I will pay the price: to attain my aspiractions and as for challanges. I welcome any challange, any situation.
Everything happen for a reason. And everyday has its own troubles. But what ever the situation,life goes on. Ndaa.*
Everyday has its on issues and am learning and growing from everyday's challanges.
Failure to me...its always not the end of the road. But a motive to realise potential. So I welcome defeat the same way I welcome Joy.
I was born free to be what am destine to be thats why am not ashame anymore to prove my role in this world.
People can reach there dreams, only when there guided by ambition to succeed not by desire to succeed. I will prove it.
Even thou I face difficulties agian and agian. I still have a dream. ..
Desperate times are calling for desperate majors.
My heart♥ is heavy burden with the fatique of life... but even thout. I dont stop dreaming.
Those who love you, will guide you. The will never forsake you. Those who pretend. Comes trouble the move away.
I am not afriad anymore, I will do almost everything: because am certain. I will win .
The higher the road, the tougher the situation I encounter. I still have a dream... I have a dream of finishing my race.
"Takalani Steve Mugeri wrote: The only things that make you unhappy are you thoughts. change them."
My mum, An inspiration she was. A person who was straight to the point. She will acknowledge my good deeds and criticise also my wrongs.
If you dont know what you want in life. Certainly you wount know where you are going and who you are.
Life - an adventure to be lived, not a problem to be solved. - #LifeIsGood
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If there is no door for opportunites, you make a door for opportunites. Ndaa.
"One of the most sincere forms of respect is actually listening to what another has to say." - Bryant H. McGill
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Leaders are not grown, leaders are produced from exprience.
Sometimes you need to run to the direction of fear to face your challanges.
"Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change." - Jim Rohn
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To be strong you must know your weakness, overcoming your weakness will be additional.
We all fall down and get up even stronger. Our hardships define us. If I can do it, so can you. #DwayneTheRockJohnson
Learning its not a child's Play.*
*If you dont succeed,you dust yourself up and try agian!*♥
Life is like a weather,life is unpredictable.*
RT @TheGoldenMirror ," A trainned mind can correct its on thoughts" great words.
MT @alphabetsuccess, "when we give up on your dreams we die while still alive".