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I have a rising follower graph! 2 more followers in the past day. Get your stats right here
I'm ganna blow up not like everybody is ganna know me but make money like everybody's ganna wanna be me!😈
Number crunching for the past day - 2 new followers and 5 unfollowers. Stats via
It's eating me up, I am wanting to go home now.
I'm don't with it. I promise.
Ight I'm done I'm deleting my Instagram.
I have a rising follower graph! 2 more followers in the past day. Get your stats right here
Even stevens just dropped the hottest freestyle of 2k15
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Like really nigga, how you survive the physical test?🐷🐷🐷
I hate fat cops!🐷
I wish my followers really liked my tweets.
Ready to go home.
You got all these hoes on twitter right now trying to quote shit off BET Awards
I remember when Twitter first started out, all I did was tweet song quotes.
You need a nigga that's gone put it in ya mouth…
😒I ain't doing shit right now
🔥🐼🐬 these emojis could make a fire ass song.
Fuck your high school friends. They won't be there forever!👿
I'm the right person, in the wrong body😶
When that message turns green😭😫😴😤
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The only reason we are on these social websites is to make it big😐
If your a pornstar, your my star. Sit on my lap, as I take you to the stars🔥🔥🔥
Late night, sit tight. Just a little rhyme. I'm just going to put it on time.
Baby, we all just Tryna make this money.
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1 new follower in the last day and it is more than just stats, I use it for growing my account! Try it
Don't stop wanting to live your life. I promise someone out there wants your life and do anything to brake yours down!
If you want to travel the hole world then do it. If you want to learn a new language, do it!
Not your "friends, family, bosses" just you will be there in that room all alone to think back on the things you say you should have done.
Live your life to make you happy in the end. because, who is really going to be there in the end to judge you?
I'm not saying go study so hard to to make sure you have a bunch of money in the future.
I'm telling you to smile, go spend some time out in nature or with your favorite person.
That doesn't mean go out and party to make you happy.
Learned something new... Live your life to the best of your ability.
Just trying to get a plain ticket.
I know that she loves me.
Twitter is probably the only get away from all my worries
I want her to know before she leaves me.
I love you mom🌹
1 tweep unfollowed (goodbye!) me in the past day. Thank you
Do you know who is awesome? My 1 new follower in the last day! Growing with
Me and my mother are at peace with eachother.

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