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If only I could find a job!
you too fine to be laying down in bed alone 😏
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Be honest with the person you love.
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When I Text Babe: 🐎🐇 When Babe Text Me: 🐢🐌
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I stopped caring because you stopped trying.
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get the fuck up
you better put a condom over your heart because im about to fuck your feelings
Lip biting is a must when we kiss 😘😋
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You can be my freak let me see you jam 😜
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walking dead... is it life or nah?
if Darrel dies i'm whooping some directors ass
tainted meat... TAINTED MEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!
up in the morning but have nothing to do
What is your best feature? — a lot of people tell me my eyes and hair.
im ready to go back to school
no one really talks to me anymore.
people probably think im crazy
okay... will someone tweet me?
im just trying to start a convo with anyone.
you could at least tell me how you feel in my DM's
i need a break from my own thoughts
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i wish i got loved in my DM's
i dont like to just be on twitter and not talk to anyone.
anyone and everyone dm me.
What is the weirdest word in your language? — every damn word
People who let you copy their homework are people you can truly depend on 👌
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i need a job, a new cell phone, and a new house
i just need to get this job already
Can everything be normal again
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most of the tweets i see dont make a lick of sense
apologies in tweets are the best haha
It's been so long since I've bee on here.
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everything i need of course
i got everything
im focused and ready
im finally happy.
this is a step to the best beginning of my life...