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I'd rather sleep on the god damn ground
Fuck verizon
Just keep drinking ill be attractive soon
Single again:( oh wait I always have been
Whoever invented cruise control can fuck off
The fastest way to Burn off Fat, up to 20 lbs in 17 days…
The fastest way to Burn off Fat, up to 20 lbs in 17 days…
Not like anyone wants to talk to me anyways
The fastest way to Burn off Fat, up to 20 lbs in 17 days…
Not telling anyone anything anymore
I wunna shake you till you DONT FUCKING BREATH ANYMORE:D
Can this day just be over with
The last thing I wanted to do is sit atound all day
Im there for you but you're never there for me
I can't even describe how ridiculous you are
Now im paranoid oh shit
You make my head hurt
Ramen noodles on midnight
Just said hi to someone. He stopped, looked at me, and started walking again. Am I that weird you cant even say hi back lol
"well, fucked that up" -me about everything
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Idk how to tell her I like her...
Im always tired and sad
I love college confessions
"My girlfriend gave me head on HER birthday. #keeper" - Ferris State University
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"I got so high I spent a solid 10 minutes trying to unlock the door to my house with the unlock button on my car keys" - Schenectady County
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At least 50 people
I messaged so many people lmao
Sorry to everyone I messaged last night
Sorry to everyone I messaged lmao
Oh I feel much better now😊
Id do anything for my 2 best friends back. A certain song comes on and I think of them so much
Im thinking about talking to you but I dont think you like me
When you stop chasing them, they'll start noticing you.
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Free wifi makes me happy
Goodbye wifi✌😢
you're on my mind but you're not mine
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I love seeing your tweets
First time ive had wifi in 2 weeks.. im so happy
Way to take the samsung watch idea apple
I hate having long hair on windy days
My head will explode soon
The next time my phone dies at 15% im smashing it with a hammer
i have no sympathy for people who fake having mental disorders just for attention
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You think you know everything dont you
Sure ill go home and cook some more
Working at chipotles looks so easy

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