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Tim Ferriss
The dream team you want in your angel round: @tferriss @kevinrose @garyvee @Jason - aka 'The Kings of Content' / first 100k download club
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.@IndependentIan @mikeroweworks Agreed! Mike, food in SF on me. Been a long time since talking sheep testicles at the EG conference.
"I don't actually know what I think until I try to write it."--@kevin2kelly HOLY TRUTH. (from @tferriss podcast >>>…)
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How Elon Musk Learned Rocket Science For SpaceX @tferriss
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Grab a signed copy of the 4-Hour Chef and help bring literacy to millions of kids (no joke). Check this out:…
If I have anything to say 2 young writers, it's stop thinking of writing as art. Think of it as work. PADDY CHAYEFSKY
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"I'll put the kettle on" - Translation: I'll temporarily solve all our problems
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Winner of the @ExOfficio gift card is @sentient_image! Joseph, pls follow @ExOfficio & they'll reach out. Thx to all who picked out quotes.
“If you don’t have the patience to read something, don’t have the hubris to comment on it” #TFS…
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I go hours before I’m able to write a word. I make tea. I mean, I used to make tea all day long. JOHN McPHEE
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.@mondestereo @trammel Relax, friend. I'm annoyed by short-sighted publishers, not Europeans.
@tferriss So shortsighted. They're shaming the wrong things. Without knives, guns, and hunting/farming Europe wouldn't have food.
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It's a bummer that European publishers want to cut 80+ pgs from the WILD section of The 4-Hour Chef. Anything with knives, guns, or hunting.
@bruce_katz: Here's what a city of ~5 million looks like in the US vs in Spain. infrastructure decisions matter
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I'm so happy with the final redesign of @dtelepathy does excellent work. Might test different photos later...
For the gift card, listen to my latest podcast, tweet your fave quote, #TFS, with link back to… Deadline: 11pm PT.
To potentially win a $100 @ExOfficio gift card - Step 1, find my latest podcast here:… or on iTunes. See next tweet…
You guys ready for a giveaway of a $100 gift card to If so, I'll do it on Twitter in 5-10 min. cc @ExOfficio
Many thanks to @tferriss for the wonderful, wide-randing, in-depth conversation about, well, everything
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If Latinos Said The Stuff White People Say [VIDEO]… My favorite is at 1:33. Jajaja, as they say...
Dancing beast -- this guy is amazing [VIDEO]:…
This is so sad. "@MikeAnissimov: "Progress" How far a child is allowed to walk on their own, then vs. now via @bswud"
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Reading music... ♫ "B-boy On Wax (feat. Speech Defect)" by Wax Tailor
.@Hasson4VTSenate Who said it was irresponsible? It's possible to responsibly consume too much of something.
.kevinrose mounting a pony after too much booze.
.@mkokc Thx Mike :) It's rarely the haters who do the most damage; it's the few diehards who misunderstand the message. I take some blame.
Wow. @tonyrobbins telling his back and forth with Obama with @tferriss was amazing. #TheTimFerrissShow
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THE ATLANTIC - For a Better Brain, Learn Another Language
For those of you wondering what brains taste like -- try chia pudding. Very similar texture, actually. Related to % of calories from fat.
"I do not think you can trust bankers to control themselves. They are like heroin addicts." - Charlie Munger
Great to finally meet one of my favorite musicians, Federico Aubele (IG: @FedAubele) I've written 100s…
Hit the slow carb hard again for the past 3.5 weeks. So far, 15 lbs down. cc @tferriss
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How Maria Popova Turned A Weekly Email to 7 Friends...Into 5+ Million Visitors Per Month
I’m partnering with @Quarterly to bring you a curated Holiday Tech box! Sign up now and be the first to know more -
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Maria Popova on Writing, Work Arounds, and Building @brainpickings:… Show notes coming soon!
My favorite email footer I've seen today: "I'm sorry for any misspellings but I am dyslexic... thank God I'm also charming."
Spotlight your company while supporting youth entrepreneurs! Sponsor the @BUILDinBoston gala on 10/30. I’ll be there!
Listening to one of my favorite Argentine musicians (and my fave Pandora station): Federico Aubele.
One of many reasons I live in SF...
To those who've tried both -- @mozthunderbird or @sparrow? Why?
Halloween decorations in San Francisco yard...
What's your favorite software/client/app for processing email while OFFline? Thanks!
"Self-pity gets fairly close to paranoia, and paranoia is one of the very hardest things to reverse." - Charlie Munger (So avoid self-pity)
The $5,000 Secret Santa and Other Goodies...