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Tim Ferriss
If you haven't read Cat's Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut, do yourself a favor and read it one Sunday. So easy, so fun.
Baby snapping turtle. Found in danger, returned to safety. Cutie will later be able to bite a broomstick in half.
Medical students experience procedures from surgeon’s perspective with Oculus Rift @nisummers…
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Good piece on how an ideal growth strategy combines an understanding of user psychology with analytics and testing.…
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I feel more like Statler and Waldorf with each passing year. Bah! #muppets
@tferriss while it may be acceptable. It is sort of like calling having visionary in your job title on Linkedin.
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Don’t do what other people think is funny, do what you think is funny. MATT GROENING #amwriting #writing
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I'm reading a book by a guy who often refers to himself as a "warrior," even though he's never been military or fought. Bugs me. Thoughts?
NYTimes - Artificial Sweeteners May Disrupt Body's Blood Sugar Controls I wrote on this in 4-Hour Body, penned 2009.
If you've ever wanted to sell a story to @ThisAmerLife, @Radiolab, @LatinoUSA, now's your chance. Deadline 9/26:
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.@CoryBroz Citations aren't needed for everything. Nutritional facts labels do just fine for popular coconut waters:…
Coconut water = sugar water justified after 45 min of low-intensity yoga. Guys, you don't need it for electrolyte loss. You just like sugar.
People have been asking me about the end of this TED talk since 2008:… My next blog post has a major update.
Earth's centrifugal force at the Equator renders everybody and everything about 6% lighter than they’d weigh at the poles.
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I'm not particularly religious, but I am interested in this -- DMT and the Soul of Prophecy… Anyone read it yet?
A friend sent me @NICKIMINAJ's Anaconda video last night. Meditation a lot harder this morning.
@tferriss @Schwarzenegger Arnold is such an inspirational guy. I would listen so hard my headphones might suck INSIDE my head.
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Who would like to hear the Terminator himself, @Schwarzenegger, on the podcast?
Anyone out there used @DollarShaveClub? Likes and/or dislikes?
UPDATED! Get seats for @Jason's fireside chat w/@tferriss in SF 9/26. Workshops, office hrs & live show @pivotallabs!
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Beautiful Doors Photography | Abduzeedo Design Inspiration…
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Winner of the @Sonos is @cummingsamerica!… Congrats, and thanks to all who shared. Michael, pls DM me your address.
Daaaamn. Just recorded some of my favorite podcasts so far. The guests just get better and better. Can't wait to unleash these!
@tferriss #TFS Warren Buffett answered "Too many requests, too little time." But I got his signature!
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“There's a reason phone numbers are only 7 digits long," @tferriss #TFS
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Kiwi wanderers: Occasional trips aren't enough Fun 4-Hour Workweek stories.
@tferriss "Too many requests, too little time." Warren Buffett.
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@tferriss #tfs "Short soybeans, and you'll learn more in one week than you will in two years at a business school."
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To get @Sonos PLAY:1: Listen to the podcast, put your fave quote on Twitter, #TFS, with link back to Deadline: 11pmET
To potentially win a free @Sonos PLAY:1 (retail $200) - Step 1, find my latest podcast here:… See next tweet…
You guys ready for a giveaway of "The Best $200 You Can Spend On Sound"? If so, I'll do it on Twitter in 5-10 min.
I'm interviewing @alexisohanian in one hour. What would you like me to ask him?
6 Common Medications that Deplete Your Nutrients, And Foods to Help Correct Cool infographic. Scroll down.
"The day we self-published, the book made the cover of Forbes magazine. Bang. We were done." –Brendan Moynihan. More:
What I Learned Losing $1,000,000: This is a must read.
"Read the best books first, or you may not have a chance to read them at all." - Henry David Thoreau
“Don’t divide the world into the weak and strong, or successes and failures. Divide the world into the learners and nonlearners.” - B Barber
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Let's give out another. This code -- 2R2NERYC7T7WF -- will get you a free audiobook at 1st person to use it gets it!
Result of my poll: Best bang for the buck B&W laser printer = Brother 2270DW… Just ordered it myself to test.
What's the best bang for the buck B&W laser printer these days? cc @wirecutter @blam
This is the Kindle book I'm trying to get to top 100 on Amazon today: 1st time I've bought audio and Kindle rights.
NEW - Tim Ferriss Podcast with Guest Brendan Moynihan - Risk, Investing vs Speculating, and More… cc @iTunesPodcasts
Former SEAL and MD, Dr. Kirk Parsley, on how he thinks about sleep:
I just saw a worker high on a ladder get stung on the face by a wasp. Didn't flinch, calmly killed wasp, kept working. #burly #nocomplaints
The Future of Iced Coffee - The Atlantic Some people still think @bluebottleroast is a weird investment, but...
What I Learned Losing a Million Dollars