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Haley and I are actually starving SOS
"snapchat me" aka I'm thirsty af
it's hard to believe that you really mean what you say.
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my pay check is 200 dollars under "ok"
"AUNTIE KRIS! IT'S ME! IT'S TODD KRAINES!" if you didn't read it in scott's voice then you're probably lying
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u know when someone stops talking to u and u finally accept that youre not speaking anymore and then they talk to u and youre like wtf
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"this man has more thickness and booty then any girl I know"
yung ringle coming in clutch
“If you didn't see it with your own eyes or hear it with your own ears, don't invent it with your small mind & share it with your big mouth.
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@tesssting123 omfggggggggg ITS THE BEST DAY DAY EVER WOOOOO!!!!
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“@DylanReim: @tesssting123 once forgot I was looking at Dylan Sprouse's nudes on my ipad and opened it in class in front of my teacher.” 😂😂😭
I googled the definition of penis for an anatomy lab and I'm pretty sure the girl sitting next to me thinks I'm a thot
why do all parents use their iPhones with their pointer fingers and look really confused?
I treat my ex like a bitch.
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u wish u had a relationship like dis
you gotta pea size dick
Averys a little bitch for that
1% battery lasts longer than sunshine in this state
when a store closes at a certain time that doesn't mean you can stroll on up in there 5 mins after closing like get the fuck out
it's hard to forget things from the past
u know u haven't been on twitter in a minute when u gotta load more tweets
nothing wrong with a little attitude
seeing someone that brings back bad memories is just the worst