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t shmurda
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Talking with my roomies about how good morning sex is 😣😩
Yak up votes are more satisfying than twitter faves or instagram likes
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I fuck with bae heavy
My math teacher can suck a dick
when bae is talking to u and u realize how cute they are
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I miss my sissy 😒
1 class on Monday and 1 on Friday I fux with this heavvvvyyyyy
Your girl either loyal or low-key a hoe.
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I fuckin love the girls in my suite
Some guy already got expelled for blowing coke
Awwwww my 3 hour lab for bio is sooooo fun 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊
A female is only as loyal as the length of her real hair
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Yik yak is my new shit
flipping bricks in my old school whip 🎢
There are so many gingers at my school
β€œ@TweetLikeAGirI: So much respect for miley” I fucking love you miley ❀️
Just spent 35$ on a lab packet smfh
Jealousy means I actually give a damn about you...
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I wore normal clothes to my first 2 classes then was like nope athletic clothes
I'm a college student bruh
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Amber is bad as hell but come on be a little classier
Some guy from my freshman class just got up on stage and just said "I got my first blow job because my dick is so small" ....can we just..
β€œ@Loganskylarr: @tesssting123 have an amazing time in college tess! you'll do amazing πŸ˜˜πŸ’–β€ thanks boo ☺️❀️
β€œ@BralynskiA: @tesssting123 have an awesome time in college baby! you're gonna do awesome” thanks ily
β€œ@shreyadan: Good luck to @tesssting123 who's gonna kill it at collegeπŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•β€ thanks ily
message me on chatous β€” What
When people post snapchat stories and they don't have iPhones I wanna claw my eyes out
When someone likes my photo on Instagram but doesn't follow me
last night sleeping home for a while
I wish today didn't have to end. I'll see you later homie. Love you ☺️