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tessa t.
feel so bored omfg 😭 halp
goals goals goals 何以琛 你帅呆了 (=゚ω゚)ノ
thanks for acting nice but i don't appreciate it. i don't appreciate your ill intentions behind my back :") #evenguysarelikethat
big bang songs never disappoints :")
wish i went to sports camp!! :-(
wallace chung getting more attractive omgah
赵默笙 & 何以琛 (=゚ω゚)ノ ♡ ♡ ♡
so they AREN'T together according to the recent update…
don't see why i should try anymore
如果我是一朵花 那又为谁而绽放
photoshoot for jaxon's new line ☺️✨
chinese dramas are rly nice :'(
omg love you la stupid shit @CherylAdorablee
why. am. i. always. late. sigh.
omg cheesecake stuffed strawberries...!!! ♡ (cr: buzzfeedfood)
ONE MORE MONTH OF BEING FREE!!!!!!! (fml where did my 8 months of holidays go to...)
people should just give up their july driving slots for me sob
RT @leeshenee: Ok i miss 大仁哥 LOL one of my fav characters ever
it still upsets me honestly but if u dgaf then okay bye
why do u have to act this way, like what have i ever done to u? all i did was to stick to my decision? it's been nearly a year
not a good idea going home alone at 3am :") fk
Found this on IG and i'm falling in love with @vanessflower's creation.
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Sometimes you need to go away so that you can come back a new and better person.
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don't understand why i'm always so sleepy
yas i didn't die doing parallel parking today?? yas i'm aliVEEEE!!!
inside out looks like such a colorful & cute movie that i'd watch 😚✨
feeling so lucky :") just did an all-kill on monopoly woo buyin lottery now
last. time. i'm. ever. buying. frankie. magazine. (IT'S TOO EXPENSIVE!!!!!)
everyone studying at starbucks and i'm here coloring because i'm bored. i think everyone hates me
우리 쿠니쿠니쿤이형 생일 축하해♥️@Khunnie0624
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Happy Birthday to my thai brother Nichkhun형~🎉❤️💋 닉쿤형 생일축하해요~ 연습생때부터 잘챙겨주셔서 고맙습니다❤️ สุขสันต์วันเกิดนะครับพี่นิชคุณ❤
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craving steak frites :-(
happy birthday @Khunnie0624!!!! always loving you 💛✨
yasss twenty movie subs are out!!! woobin and junho bby!!!
jessi slayssss
oh god @Khunnie0624 you are so cute but ur handwriting is atrocious HAHAHA 😭💛
i guess i now have nothing much to tweet in life except when i'm angry lol :")
omg the youngest boy in fotb also favourited my tweet 😭 such
the words look so chim yet classy HAHAHA…
why isn't there eng sub for ep7 of sixteen? :'( thank god for chinese subs though
wait 45 mins to know that i can't book my stupid tp test bc haven't open for me WA THX AH
omg that was so childish of u?

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