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tessa t.
when ur mom wont let you get your ears pierced so you have to use the diamond emoji
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so freaking annoyed with case studies that has so many companies, foundations with different acronyms. like what am i even reading
fml im a wreck i shouldn't drive
that all nighter for u tho rosie ♡ i became more sick and my voice is gone but iz ok all 4 u
i cough louder than i speak wtf??? totally lost my voice...
CRAVING FOR THIS SOOO BADLY but it's in taiwan and i'm sick SOBZ
wtf scream queens scares the shit outta me lol
ugh class part whores
looking at national sandwich day snaps and i'm so hungry for sandwiches now fml
wtf just bidded at the minimum bid price for my class and i got it, how lucky but MY FRIENDS ALL DIDNT GET criess MONEY OR FRIENDS
but tbh we didnt give a shit
wa no need to be so mean right prof
throat hurts like a bitch sigh
these arrangements are so beautiful omg 😍�YM
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wrong time to fall ill fml
i don't know
r e d r i d i n g h o o d
boring sia last night
zouk halloween ready wew
failed 2 tests out of 3 for coding and today is my 4th test wew hope i pass
all presentations done this sem YAAASSASsASsa
yay good timetable again
the school loves to make me wait somehow. faster give me my timetable sobs
fuck i need more clothes
strive harder tessa
daehan minguk manse makes me smile so much :')
why do i try so hard knowing i'll fail
1MILLION dance studio makes me super interested in dance.
praying for the best
driving practical test today kill me now
freaking angst over this asshole who thinks hes cool and embarrassed me in class BUT ACTUALLY HE DIDNT UNDERSTAND MY QUESTION
fucking cheebai guy just shut the fuck up and stop acting smart
City Harvest trial: 6 accused found guilty of ALL charges. Recap of charges each are facing
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swollen eyelid gtg
best friends lol fucking disgusted
going to school in glasses. hope people don't get a shock lololol
i mean nothing at all
fk tinder is so fun when you're bored in class HAHAHAA
wtf played game of dice but never won before :"> this game sucks

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