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Tessa Tan
music fashion kpop women love 1,133 followers
deactivation time — facebook, twitter, or instagram? 😯😐
never felt so frustrated over studies before 自暴自弃 stage already
irresponsible. big mouth. #cannotfathom
Noooo kai ko why you take drugs and go to jail :'( 柯震东♡…
prelims die liao die die die gonna fail and not get my diploma
hungry as fffff asdfghjkl
fucker just go back to your country
shit so sleepy
losing shit loads of fans on kardashian cuz it doesn't load. ok then i quit this celebrity life
when someone you hate gives their opinion about you 😂
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why do i have to wear shoes when i have mosquito bites on the sole 😭😭😭
oh god spent all day watching hormones. what is prelims
ugh missed my chance on llaollao yesterday because of the queue, can it die down now lololololol
Getting ready for the first day of school like
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无法掌握到的 你这烂女子更想要 😒🔫 你别做梦了。 男扮女装的样子,你还以为你很美,恶心死了
the best mee siam ever + one of my fav drinks 🙆�
guess you're retarded to fight with your proclaimed 'best friend' then deleting me bc i'm her best friend :') please, grow up R.
lose your shit and you blame people