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are u sad our relationship is going strong? "that's sad 😢"
😟 it's been 2 years now. oh how i miss your existence 😟
i cant believe i suddenly thought about your lame fight with me!!! 😊
feel a sore throat coming. i hope i'm wrong
wtf join uni also so difficult. wtf is all this matriculation and check up and bank statement shit ughhh =u=
praying hard that someone cancels a bunch of july lessons for me. i will gladly give up my august lessons for u!!!
my nose not workin well with me again thx
what the fuck for real -____-
why do i feel so depressed whenever i have driving lessons nowadays
holy i keep pressing on the pic bc it's damn cool…
i missed you ex-seatmate!!! 😭💛
when u suddenly receive a text message from a friend far away & lost contact with saying "you didn't text me a long time" ☺️☺️✨✨
i have retarded friends
mom: "how to spell iggy azalea? why is she even so famous?"
why did spotify app even change the color... it's still green
18 // it's the perfect age to fall a hundred times and learn how to stand again.
i can't believe it ended... i'm gonna miss the show so much sigh
rlly want to watch twenty bc of junho and woobin but I NEED ENG SUBS :-(
start twerkin like miley
who are you: school 2015 srsly one of the best shows ever. yibi 5eva!!! i keep crying T_____T
goosebumps all over bc haha and byul's telepathy... omg... so sweet :-(
fresh off the boat is so retarded yet funny omfg
hi singapore!!!! I NEED TO PEE
hopefully i haven't gained weight lul
don't wanna go back yet i miss home sigh
my bf just called me a kid because i ordered strawberry banana juice in a coffee place :")
지금 우리 집으로 갈 준비 됐어용? ㅋㅋㅋ #2PM #No5 #??? let's go to My House!…
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last day in korea *cries*
nichkhun bby ur hair in the video tho.......
oK the bed in this airbnb house is hard af :-(
one of the shops i was looking forward even before i came here!! STYLE NANDA ♡
yas to new cases!! winnie the pooh 😍�
thank god WE MADE IT
might just stay in Korea and attend university here instead
don't want to go back to singapore that soon 😟
the cab driver's driving is jerky af i think i can do a better job at driving... fml
my sis cn simply just ask "r u studying at starbucks later at night?" im SO done shes up fr adoption pls dm me if int
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don't understand why u like to copy me lol
just. tasted. the. best. bingsu. ever. omg.
omfg i'm fking scared to try the live octopus it's fucking moving omfg
and an ahjumma just hit me bc i didnt want her pancake and i was scared of pigeons... um ouch?
wtf the pigeons should DIE... UGH I HATE BIRDS
bitch @thechuyechlim don't let me buy plain shirts
yas new shoes!!!! (cb my money fly)
happy birthday @jantzzzzz :")!

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