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6 days left fyeah m8
math is the worst shit that has ever happened to me so far
Goodbyes are always the hardest thing!
wtf wished the school allowed us to take chinese last year, waste of my precious study time tomorrow lulz 3 paper gg goodbye
My grandma took a picture every month after finishing chemo to see how long her hair grew😭�
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*contain your vulgarities on social media tessa*
4 days gone down to waste???!¿¿ ok today will study
downloading tinder for fun HAHA TROLL TIME
11 mosquito bites which r swelling and itchy fml
played lets get rich all night, obviously i'm broke as f
mother fucking woman who's so rude and wants to sit at my table? don't you understand "somebody is sitting here" fucker
good riddance
craving for some sashimi like botan ebi and uni 😍
happy birthday @sparksflyingg! ✨🍰 all the best for igcse ☺️
this hamster is exceptionally cute but check out the rest!! i miss my hamster :(…
so much respect for the Vietnamese man who was scammed @ sim lim :'), sim lim no hope lol
don't talk to me if you're not going to reply.... 😑
oh this is damn sweet lololol >:…
".... But I can't imagine, a life without, breathless moments, breaking me down.." #SG #November
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been so long since i rave over korean stuff but i guess reality shows hit me the hardest
felt so sad when hongseok cry, it's been rly tough and the screentime he finally has is wtfff where was it before that
lol screw the votes no hongseok bye ikon
mari kita @ udders is damn good yow
dude overboard and insensitive much? lol “@ALevelProblems: Mum: hows A levels going Me: what's important is we don't have Ebola”
holy shit this blue tick on whatsapp is scary
lol chanwoo ew
hi @jayessleemusic, i'd appreciate if u re-cover bang bang and sing the whole song cz it's the b0mbbbzzzz
applying for driving license tomorrow so happy yipz 🙌🙌 hope i can pass all at once LULZ
there's a hello kitty house spa in Thailand or something, i'm so going thereeee.....
2 subjects down! much needed break for the time being before the next paper 💕✨🍳
literaturee?? economics?? what's that 🙌
3 papers tmrw fuk
my major exams and i made the biggest mistakes
#nowplaying I'm A Mess, cuz i'm definitely a mess from the fucken mistakes i made today
happy birthday @DenzelTeoh! ace your igcse 😊✨🍰
yay happy birthday t.o.p ♡
tomorrow is the beginning to the end of my 6 years in high school 🙌 let's conquer the papers for the next 2+ weeks fwensss! ✨💕
flipping our books and telling ourselves we're so dead 😂@randomcarebearss#ibcrayss
e c o n s so funnnn much love love you so much
RIP 😔 @eonlinee: Terminally ill cancer patient Brittany Maynard has ended her own”
like being sick is not enough ?????