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tessa t.
cutie patootie of the day! 🐶❤️2
this photo xiaocute!! 🔥🌿MzW
fk the sunburn really
i love how my tissue paper is upside down and i feel so grossed about it but idrc anymore #ocdproblems but too tired
starringCARWASH is happening tomorrow & day after! come down to HV and support @ $10/car!
from possible 2 day timetable i spread my lessons to 4 days a week :") how i love myself for being so enthu to go to sch
going to be so busy when school starts i can feel it (i'm already so busy now fml so much)
finally joined telegram :")
finally finished 8 hours of enrichment lmao yay
too moody to talk to anyone. ugh this is what exhaustion does to me
wtf sore throat runny nose and my lower eyelid is kinda red and swollen :")...
falling sick during camp is no joke zz
so shaggg 👽
camp tomorrow at 7am, is this what death feels like :~)
can't wait for hormones season 3 to come outttt
when ur tryna selfie but ur whole fam starts to join
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barbeque party back to back. i must say i'm on my way to an unhealthy lifestyle :~~)))
the fking tan on my face gtg zzzzz perpetual black face so fking ugly
miss my old hair --> no fringe and wavy long hair
sometimes your attitude annoys me and i'd prefer if you don't talk to me
omg narut is fking funny i cannot deal with life
i hate it when people retweet some scary shit and it scares me like hell
taking care of kids the whole of today goodluck to me omg....
napped the whole afternoon, this is how shag i feel
over friendly cab uncles... 😅
happy birthday @adele_kee!! hope you liked the lipstick color (i chose it hehe) and have a great one! 💝✨
my face is so tan now 😭 sighhhhh
TOP was shocked by the sounds made by the fighter jets for Singapore's National Day Parade rehearsal earlier 😂�#cutetCj
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☀️ be there tomorrow pls ☀️
yas break camp but had fun ♡
the amount of songs big bang did for encore amazes me so much ☺️😍#MADEWORLDTOURR#BIGBANGG
gd and top makes me so happy ♡ #MADEinSG
big baaaang!!!!
wapiang stomach ache at the wrong time always!!!!
so freakin exhausted bc team no sleep with mel
"I don't chase people anymore. I learned that I'm here, and I'm important. I'm not going to run after people to prove that I matter."
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what can i do right? i always wait, and wait for nothing
as usual, work always comes first for you and not me

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