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What's up with all these friends requests from fake profiles on Tagged, they really need to get that BS worked out…
Saw A Winter's Tale… great movie… confusing at times… Will Smith played an awesome Lucifer w/ the brand new Sid 6.7
Watching "Grey's Anatomy" happy to see Geena Davis back in action, then "Scandal" heard it gon be good & "How to Get Away with Murder" #SRT
who's your favorite song, album and artist right now?
AmericanHorrorStory: FreakShow had me worried tonite but everythings OK. If they kill off Jyoti Amge aka Ma Petite everybody will be PISSED!
On tonight "Hell's Kitchen" then my favorite "Red Band Society" after that another creepy episode of "American Horror Story" #SetForTheNight
Watching "Brooklyn 99" waiting on "The Walking Dead" then "The Talking Dead" and eventually "Housewives of Atlanta" sometime later tonight.
Up watching The Waterboy next R.I.P.D. then RED 2 might watch Pink Cadillac & Leap Year we'll have to see… HBO Comedy on a roll today…
The creative minds behind Red Band Society got me hooked especially 2nite for playing Liberation by Outkast at the end of this weeks episode
Finally watching Hells Kitchen & Red Band Society… Baseball was on, had my shows on hold. Later tonight American Horror Story: Freak Show.
I bet Viola Davis smell like Cocoa Butter & Baby Oil Gel…
Watched Guardians of the Galaxy. Isn't your usual Marvel movie. Wild, Funny & Sarcastic as ʞɔnɟ! Loved it… #TeamGroot
I Loved GTA 5! Now they're coming out with a first person version! Hells Yeah! I'm ready and can't wait to see it……
Yearly, California spends $62,300 per prisoner, and only $9,100 per K-12 student. Kids deserve better! VOTE #YesOn47
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Refreshing myself on last weeks The Walking Dead making sure I'm not missing anything. All set and ready for tonights new episode at 9pm pst
Blackish is really funny, Deon Cole the highlight. Now watchin American Horror Story: Freak Show, showing Backstories tonight + more Twisty.
The Street Harassment PSA is really stupid. Antisocial MF's saying Hi isn't harassment. If you don't want to be talked to stay the fuck home
Well since Taylor "Garbage" Swift on The View this is a good time as any to watch the 2nd Hunger Games.
Any hot rich girls follow me? Your dad owns a yacht and a leer jet? I love you. Let's go to Paris.
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I saw Her last night it's the romantic version of Lucy. Well since nothing else is on I'm watching Lucy again. Loved this movie.
Waitin on "What's The Worst That Could Happen?" w/ Martin Lawrence, John Leguizamo & Danny DeVito. Hilarious movie haven't seen it in years.
Watched The Flash and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. pretty good tonight. Now watching Forever my favorite tuesday show. Nothing like a good mystery
Watching the new Gotham and Sleepy Hollow then on to Friday the 13th marathon… Jason Voorhees for the next 2 days in between my other shows.
Just watched The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. Unexpectedly adventurous movie I always really enjoy. Great story.
Change takes strength. It's strength worth spending.
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Grey's Anatomy awesome this week… Watchin Scandal and they played Controversy by Prince lovin #SRT right now. They tellin folks off tonight!
A Man should want a woman with a mind AND not just a body .a body is okay But a woman with a mind is everything
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Dan Bull at it again with another flawless Geek Rap/Nerd Hip Hop with this track.…
Red Band Society outstanding as usual. American Horror Story: Freak Show, Twisty the Clown makes Pennywise the Dancing Clown look foolish!
I was really hoping Remy Ma showed off more on your cypher but she dumbed her flow so it be fair for her lamp-shade-ass husband. #DoBetter
Watching The BET Hip Hop Awards. Pretty good start I know Snoop Dogg will hold it down. We'll see how everybody else do tho...
Ready for Gotham, The Penguin's Back! Let's see where they goin with the story after that Sleepy Hollow more craziness to come...
The Walking Dead just started and shit is poppin off already. #TheWalkingDead
Finally heard Lil Kim's HardCore (Mixtape). Only 3 out of 12 tracks sound like her, good beats but Everything else was borrowed and boring.
Black Jesus is a really good show. Ppl will be really missing out if didn't watch just because the name of the show.
Watching #SRT "Shonda Rhimes Thursday" "Grey's Anatomy", "Scandal" and "How to Get Away With Murder", Just another Thursday night. #TeamHuck
American Horror Story: Freak Show intro is creepy as Hell!
Watchin Hell's Kitchen then Red Band Society and I'm really excited to see the new American Horror Story: Freak Show. Ready for the insanity
The Flash premieres tonight, hopefully its good, ya kno The CW be hit and miss sometimes… Marvel's Agents of SHIELD then my favorite Forever
One of my favorite tracks off @Pharrell G I R L album and they did a video! Thank You!…
Federal Judge Rules That Police Violated Constitutional Rights Of #Ferguson Protesters.
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