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A little late… If South Park:The Fractured but Whole is anything like The Stick of Truth I'm really excited to see it
Sarah "Lil Mini" Phoenix @Phoenix_lilmini Absolutely destroyed this freestyle, jus amazing! Truffle Butter by Nicki…
One of my favorite lines in this song… Lil Wayne… My story is how I went from poor me To police pour me a drink and celebrate with me
I wasn't feeling Only by Nicki Minaj ft. Drake, Lil Wayne until I saw the video. It proves a nice video can make you like a song you didn't
Is it weird that whenever I complete levels on Candy Crush Soda Saga I always say out loud, "I Win, Fuck You Candy Crush", My Victory Dance!
Watching Master Chef, really hate that Shelly gave up like that but I'm still pulling for her tho.
Watching this high speed chase #CaliRoutine Crackin' up hearing the news reporters try and fail to say "Strip of Streets" = #StripperStreets
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@BiggMeaton1bone @terrahawk80 This nigga say This is intervention from Jesus cuz, this is deep
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Congratulations to the Golden State Warriors on their championship victory.
Watched Mad Max: Fury Road twice. payed attention. Movie looked amazing, nonstop action, full throttle all the way.
A little confusing at first but I got it now. Everybody got secrets from the kids on up. Waitin to see Drill get mad.
Drill one sneaky, crafty muthafucka! A haunting phenomenon comes to light they say. Done with the first episode on to #2, Shit getting good!
½way through the first episode, every time they say the name of the imaginary friend it sounds different. I heard brill, trill, pharrell LOL
Catching up on the 2 episodes of The Whispers I missed. Real creepy from the start. Definitely caught my attention …ツ
Black Dynamite "You diabolical, dick shrinkin' motherfucker!." LMAO
Chocolate Giddy-Up "I'm spending more bail money than I'm getting tail money." One of my favorite quotes from Black Dynamite.
Watching the hilarious Black Dynamite, another one of my favorite movies. So good they even made an animated series…ツ
@terrahawk80 Have no problem exploiting my ladyparts for money but I identify as a bisexual Asian 1st-born son. What does that make me? LoL
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.@terrahawk80 My dad only had girls but wanted sons. I wasn't raised #girly, assigned gender to chores & did everything my male cousins did.
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Just watched the Incredible @WhoopiGoldberg interview on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon featuring The Roots. She's Forever Awesome!
Had to turn from I Can Do That because it's a rerun. So back on Master Chef then BullEyes and the second half of American Ninja Warrior…ツ
I watched pretty much the entire season of iZombie except for a couple episodes. The season ends tonite, great show…season was long as f#ckツ
I missed pretty much the entire season of The Flash except for a couple episodes. Luckily for me they're showing re-runs so I can catch up.
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If I'm ever on a delayed flight, I want it to be with them.…
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After iZombie and Wayward Pines…Now watching A Nightmare on Elm Street 2, 3 and 4 Loving this… Sucks I missed the 1st one(If they played it)
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WTF? Carl's Jr. aka Hardee's just created Cardiac arrest on a bun with cheese. The body count is going to be incrediblely high. Just say No!
The 1/2lb. Most American Thickburger. A 100% Black Angus beef patty w/ cheese, a split hot dog, and potato chips WTF‽
Watching Master Chef, they really goin thru it. Then BullsEye after that Terminator Salvation bcuz Celebrity Wife Swap gets boring real fast

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