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Called @SanDiegoPD & #HarborPD about this #Assaulted #Cosplayer. There's a report but blogpost is EXTREMELY INACCURATE & there are no leads.
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I like how people think other people being fat (or skinny, or any size they disagree with) is any of their business :D #whoareyou #getahobby
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Watched Lucy hallway thru I started thinkin it might be too short•by the end Im pleasantly surprised how well it came together•ended perfect
About to watch Lucy in a few, really hope this is worth all this hype, I think it will be but we will see…
Watching my favorite episode of Bob's Burgers: "Bob Day Afternoon" Louise was extra crazy this time.
The Intro to True Blood was and always will be creepy as ʞɔnɟ!
Damnit… I completely forgot about watching True Blood early like I usually do, Oh well… I'll just catch at 9pm like everybody else.
You can be proud of your race or culture without hating everyone who isn't part of your group. That isn't #Pride anymore, that is #Bigotry.
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You don't have tweet everything you do. We all know you're a cool kid. I promise.
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Watching "Now You See Me" after that "Red 2" So i'm for the next 4 hours, We'll have to see after that.
This song goes hard, first heard it on "Leftovers" Saw Les Twins dance to it and completely killt it!…
Watching Tonite "At Midnight" then "Beautiful Creatures" then "Ace Ventura: Pet Detective". It's crazy, Ace Ventura came out 20 years ago.
#NowPlaying Diggin' On You by TLC this song brings back memories of playing a water level on Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest …ツ
Watching Batman the Animated series w/@PandaLeeGames on DVD. This was seriously "my" version of Batman and its awesome to share it!
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That's Vagiclean. We've got a customer down here with a full-on fallopian fungus. She's baking a loaf of bread and I think it's sourdough.…ツ
On Tonight "Enter The Dragon" w/ Bruce Lee then "Formula 51" w/ Samuel L. Jackson then "Booty Call" w/ Jamie Foxx after dunno sleep maybe …ツ
Be in control of your reactions and emotions
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Watching Master Chef… It's kinda weird seeing Chef Ramsey be nice and calm unlike on Hells Kitchen he quick to cuss yo ass out lol
Yay! #NowPlaying Child's Play another favorite movies, I remember scaring my sister the first time watching it lol
Hmm… Is it bad that ikno all the songs from South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut… Luckily for me I don't really care …ツ
Watching South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut then Kick-Ass 2 then Con Air, Identity Thief then The Heat. Thanx MoreMax…so TV wise I'm good …ツ