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• TerraHawk 80 • 99
Watching the last 106 & Park w/ AJ and Free looking incredible, body like no other. Now what BET gon do?
Welp none of Dandy's insanity but showed a few more back stories. American Horror Story on point this season hope they don't ʞɔnɟ-up the end
Watching Hell's Kitchen they love droppin commercials on you at the right time LOL. Ready for tonight's American Horror Story: Freak Show…ツ
It's raining hard as ʞɔnɟ right now
Today was pretty good 34th birthday. Shout Out to everybody who sent me B-Day love. Special Thanks to my sister the awesome giftbag… Thanks!
Two hours of Hell's Kitchen was cool. Now American Horror Story: Freak Show, Dandy acting an absolute fool and its only a few minutes in...
Stephanie Mills is incredible and she does not age, i don't know how you do it @PrettyMill1
Wendy starting to fall with a gangsta and life in that hood. Peter Pan about his hustle.
Captain Hook, all the pirates are the Police & pettafiles, Hook's obsessed w/ Pan. The crocodile is stalking Hook LOL Think about it...
Tinker Bell Peter Pan's bottom bitch, fairy dust is cocaine or weed and The Lost Boys his gang of homie from the hood "Never Never Land" LOL
Watching Peter Pan was a criminal, a lesbian, a drug dealers & smokes weed… Except it America! LOL Can't wait Christopher Walken be Hooks…
Watched Hell's Kitchen & now Red Band Society… all new American Horror Story: Freak Show on tonight too, thought that ended 2weeks ago…ツ
This tweet preview... Makes Kanye West look like he wearing Kim's dress...
Watching The Walking Dead… Why the fuck would you go back outside without a weapon like zombies arent everywhere… Find your balls Rev Stokes
Happy Turkey Day! Enjoy… Have Fun… Chew Thoroughly… Take Your Time and Don't Get None On Ya!
A new Hell's Kitchen & Red Band Society. Kinda pissed at American Horror Story: Freak Show for killin off my favorite character Ma Petite…:(
You need to see this picture of Mike Brown Sr. You need to put this right up in front of your face. #Ferguson
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Watching Grey's Anatomy, ready to see what happens next on Scandal and How to get Away with Murder. #SRT These mid-seasons some bullshit!
American Horror Story: Freak Show playing Nirvana tonight, they keep finding way to keep things interesting.
Brian acting like Remy from Higher Learning tonight LOL
Watching Hell's Kitchen then Red Band Society after that American Horror Story: Freak Show. Its goin down! Excited to see what happens next
haven't watched the taylor swift video and I don't need to watch it to tell you that it's inherently offensive and ultimately harmful
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#Internet has allowed #MobMentality to transcend physical localized gathering. #GlobalMob attacks, spreads irrational fear, justifies theft.
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I had no idea season 2 of Black Dynamite. I've been missing out but I'm catching up right now with On-Demand… Thanks Time Warner
On now all new The Walking Dead...
My final thoughts on the Aaliyah movie. This movie was well written & put together, some of the casting need work but all in all well done.
Tim & Missy… they got them good voices, mannerisms and gestures down but look nothing like them lol Aye can't have everything perfect
I have to say so far the Aaliyah movie seems pretty accurate with the timeline and that R. Kelly situation, not mad yet...
First commercial break not too bad, so far so good...
Watching this Aaliyah movie i really hope Lifetime and Wendy Williams didn't fuck this up...
Watching Pretty Woman… Julia Roberts flawless body but no scars, bullet wounds, stretch marks, nothing… must have caught her on her 1st nite
What's up with all these friends requests from fake profiles on Tagged, they really need to get that BS worked out…
Saw A Winter's Tale… great movie… confusing at times… Will Smith played an awesome Lucifer w/ the brand new Sid 6.7
Watching "Grey's Anatomy" happy to see Geena Davis back in action, then "Scandal" heard it gon be good & "How to Get Away with Murder" #SRT
who's your favorite song, album and artist right now?
AmericanHorrorStory: FreakShow had me worried tonite but everythings OK. If they kill off Jyoti Amge aka Ma Petite everybody will be PISSED!
On tonight "Hell's Kitchen" then my favorite "Red Band Society" after that another creepy episode of "American Horror Story" #SetForTheNight
Watching "Brooklyn 99" waiting on "The Walking Dead" then "The Talking Dead" and eventually "Housewives of Atlanta" sometime later tonight.
Up watching The Waterboy next R.I.P.D. then RED 2 might watch Pink Cadillac & Leap Year we'll have to see… HBO Comedy on a roll today…