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Chillin watching TV… The Simpsons… anywho caught the end of this Mathews Brothers commercial like WTF am i lookin at?
Taking a break from The Simpsons now watching The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug. I know I'm super late… oh well blame it on me or HBO…
I'm in love.... — watching Black Jesus
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Sometimes you have to give up on people not because you don't care but because they don't!
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She's built like a brick house. And I love that basement.
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Just have fun no matter your circumstances!!! Weeeee 😃�
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Taylor Swift should just... not dance... ever.
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The people at HBO have mastered the art of the finale. I couldn't asked for a better way to end True Blood. I ain't at that ending at all.…ツ
Taylor need to shake herself right off my screen. Where is Beyonce?
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Getting ready for the last episode of True Blood, loved this show, plot, characters, everything and really hate to see it come to an end.
Damn internet askin up little bit today but if my cable was trippin I'd be pissed somethin serious. Last episode of True Blood is tonight :(
SHOUT out to everybody that's trying to get further in life....REAL TALK
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A 12 day marathon of The Simpsons... ¡ʞɔnɟ!
I guess i'll be watching the marathon til the new "Black Jesus" come on tonight…ツ
TerrorVision was even better and as bad as i remembered LOL…ツ
My license came. Today it's official I'm a nurse... Can u say..$$$ Party. Time!!!!!!
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The Simpsons Marathon, all day, 552 episodes, 25 seasons…Insanity! Thanks FXX! They got me covered today. Get 2 see all the seasons I missed
U can swindle them other kids but not mine!! As u were tho pimpin @LupeFiasco
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Been looking for this movie for a minute! Finally found it… ツTerrorVision from 86'. Has anyone ever seen this movie?
On Tonight SYTYCD then Wahlburgers, Epic Ink, Bad Ink, Katt Williams: Priceless: Afterlife, The Long Kiss Goodnight & The Devil's Advocate…ツ
Watching Eminem & Rihanna - The Monster Tour, I didn't post it… I really hope they make it a DVD or put it on HBO or both, i'd buy that ASAP
Home after day 2 at the dentist, teeth all smooth and clean, happy they done with the scrapping, uncomfortable but aye its the dentist…ツ
Watching "Zack And Miri Make A Porno" this movie funny as ʞɔnɟ. Really surprised i don't have it in my collection, adding ASAP #GoodDirtyFun
Just got home from the dentist, everything went good no cavities or nothing, just did some cleaning today + more poking & scrapping tomorrow
Whatever happened to catchin a good-ol' fashioned passionate ass-whoopin and gettin your shoes coat and your hat tooken?
Two high school seniors plotting a shooting. Focus on (GTFO) getting the fuck out of school, getting on w/ your life, more important things.
Lil Kim's "Hot Nigga Freestyle" She stuck to her usual script, more boring bars and recycled lines, Heard it all before. Same shit as 1996.
R.I.P Robin Williams/ Genie/Mrs. Doubtfire/ Teddy/ Mr. Keating
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Since nothing else is on I turned on Black Dynamite the animated series DVD If U liked the movie you'd love the show.
Them Toaster Strudel commercials are creepy as ʞɔnɟ!
Katt Williams: Priceless: Afterlife on HBO right now, proud to see @KattPackAllDay back at it again.
In New Edition mood, playing all hits, Ronnie, Bobby, Ricky, Mike, Ralph, Johnny, Bell Biv DeVoe ect.
Yay! Time for Black Jesus!
Don't understand what's goin with the police lately. Seems like they on a big killing spree. How many this week? Now a pregnant woman WTF?