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Ivan Pešić
A whole lot of people find this frightening, but I think it's pretty exciting. #jobs #future
Despite how stupid or evil we can sometimes be, humans are still amazing and inspirative species.
45 years ago, a group of higher primates walked on the surface of another world. #Apollo45
#Instagram, for some strange reason, is not working for me. Does anyone else have problems with it?
You can't write 'healthcare' without 'THC'! #BreakTheTaboo #LegalizeCannabis
No. of people killed in last 24 hours: #MH17: 298 Gaza: 20 Israel: 1 Syria: 100 Pakistan: 8 Iraq: ~20 Nigeria: "Many" What am I missing?
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There’s a case to be made for disproportional use of force in #Gaza, to say the least.
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Which fasting or non fasting Muslim would go to #WhiteHouseIftar while US financing bombs falling on #Gaza
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Garrix is amazing, they are all amazing, but my heart and my ears are waiting for @HARDWELL! #UltraLIVE
I don't care, I LOVE IT!! #UltraLIVE
Martin Garrix sounds AMAZING!!! #UltraLIVE
Martin Garrix is on the main stage at #UltraLIVE. Wow, 18-year-old and already one of the best DJs on the world!
Wow, Fedde Le Grand is kicking ass at #UltraLIVE.
Too bad I couldn't get the tickets... Watching #UltraLIVE on YouTube though. It's awesome!
Compared to everyone else, the U.S. military budget is insanely huge.
"I didn't find out that I was suspected by the NSA until I spoke to @ggreenwald." -Faisal Gill
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