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Ivan Pešić
After new tests, #NASA confirms #EMDrive thruster actually works, possibly defying laws of physics #MindBlown
I can't connect to @Quora for some unknown reason. Anyone else having issues connecting to it? #quora
Reading reduces stress, improves memory, increases knowledge, empathy and creativity, rewires our brains and more:
Here are some activities you should do to increase your brainpower
Check out this interesting article about traits of genuine people by @SteveTobak
This amazing video by @AsapSCIENCE breaks down the War on Science - make your voice heard by voting and sharing!
Today was the first day of my college. I met one new acquaintance. Considering I'm very severely socially anxious, it was not a bad start.
On my way to Pula, Croatia, where I'll be studying Informatics. The new page of the book of my life is just starting.
Google announces the LG Nexus 5X and Huawei Nexus 6P
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Down again? What is happening? #facebookdown
I believe the internet is essential to achieving humanity’s #globalgoals. If you agree please sign at
Facebook was down again this week?! Wow, this seems pretty serious for such a huge company. Anyone knows what's happening? #facebookdown
.@hrvatskitelekom has problems with connections, yet I need to apply for college. I feel so powerless now. Oh, how we are depended on #tech.
Wow, this is probably the most stressful day of my life.
Cool clock, Ahmed. Want to bring it to the White House? We should inspire more kids like you to like science. It's what makes America great.
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Does anyone else have problems with connecting to Facebook?
86 years since the Crash of ’29 and 28 years since ’87 and we still don’t know the actual trigger. But you’re going to explain today’s open?
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Life can be really tough sometimes. But, in order to succeed, we need to be tougher.
As a #HeForShe, I'm committed to #genderequality. I invite you to stand with me. @HeforShe
Answer on @Quora by @jaltucher to Why did Google create Alphabet?…
BREAKING: Online image purports to show Croatian hostage beheaded by Islamic State affiliate in Egypt.
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An eye-opening documentary on the power of empathy, compassion and development of interpersonal connections in teams
There is only one true friend.
Now this is interesting. Russia wants to build the longest highway in the world.…
If you're interested in more personal contact, just #snapme.
Check out my new mix on @8tracks: "Terrathul presents "Medoo's Best Of Trance" playlist" at ♫…
I must admit that I really like Windows 10.
This is what #OnePlus2 will look like.
Gen X has more spenders than savers, compared to other generations:
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It was a relatively nice spring day, I suppose. #throwback #photo
These are @TIME's top 10 cities to visit around the world. My personal favorite is Barcelona. Enjoyed Gaudi's work.…
Diversity & Inclusion – Love Has No Labels #love
If u saw @TheSimpsons and wonder why @SpaceX doesn't use an electric rocket to reach orbit, it is cuz that is impossible
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Everyone get angry sometimes. This is how great leaders deal with this powerful and sometimes dangerous emotion…
I hate my social anxiety.
Following these tips you are going to create a successful and creative company culture #entrepreneur
#SpaceX is now worth $10 billion, thanks to $1 billion funding from Google.
Why the modern world is bad for your brain #brain
Opia: The Ambiguous Intensity of Eye Contact: #opia #TDoOS #powerful
This is Google's latest prototype for Project Ara, a modular smartphone
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How to keep the most complex object in known Universe healthy…

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