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Teresa Tullo
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today feels like Friday :(
I'm sorry that it bothers you that I watch baseball?? lol
I feel bad for Danielle facetiming me while I watch this ws game bc anxiety is real
6:33 and my day sucks already, what else could possibly go wrong??
baby like we had chancee
There's no reason to succumb to self-doubt today, even if some... More for Pisces
big sister #2 surprised me at school today❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ @JennaTarantino
Hello I'm a mermaid 👋😊🌺🌊🐚🐠
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"Santa is some fat guy that steels your cookies...he doesn't exists" my 9 year old brother
"@dianadevitz: Ok @teresatullo and I have hit an all time creepy listening to the same t swift song not knowing"
my mom just told me I can't eat focaccia because there isn't enough for @dianadevitz #sheloveshermore
Your friends or coworkers may be on your case today, pushing y... More for Pisces
yeahhh it's a helluva life
living out of my sisters room until she comes home because my room is freezing
is it Friday yet??
maybe giving d my blue jays sweatshirt was a bad idea...
giants cowboys game day= only day @DanielleLaTesta and I aren't friends
the only reason we stepped foot on the joes side @nataliedeutsch2
And now the guy at Bobby's Burger Palace is hitting on me and Danielle goooooood
When @danielletullo tells me she interviewed the Stephen who Taylor swift wrote Hey Stephen about... Not breathing
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If you are considering making changes to your daily regimen, t... More for Pisces
I was just stuck in the bathroom stall for 5 minutes because it wouldn't unlock
I'll be in Paris at this oth reunion if anyone needs me✌️
I don't think anyone understand how happy this makes me #oth
"It's crazy how much you can care about one person."
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The Best of Me just broke my heart, and I wish I could say I was joking
the guy at sabarros always hits on us�#hes300
Be careful about placing too much trust in your instincts now ... More for Pisces
I hate being lactose intolerant.
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someone walk to Starbucks with me😁
Finalizing your plans for an upcoming trip might seem like the... More for Pisces
wearing a Bergen sweatshirt in the mall and a kid from joes comes up to me and goes "we are gunna kill you guys" okay thank you
"That’s what I’m afraid of. Not being enough. Not good enough, not smart enough, not pretty enough."
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the fact that some girls wear extensions and false eyelashes every day astounds me because i cant be bothered to put on pants regularly
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PSA: Anna bubbled in "I'd rather not tell" on the religion part of the PSAT today because she didn't know what religion she was
dayum, baby dayum, baby dayumm🎧#flgg