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What do the birds think of people doing marathons-probably wonder why a large herd of people charging in 1 direction like migrating buffalos
21km this morning in 2:39:47
I have been training for the half marathon on congees & soups due to the teeth injury, tomorrow's race is going to be interesting.
Today's mountain biking started with good weather & people, but ended up with my teeth against a rock head on, had 2 see a emergency dentist
Yesterday's mountain biking turned into mountain push biking.
If you are renting out your property, beware of strangers who has not inspect the property, then ask to pay by paypal.
Last lot of scammers stopped talking to me - prolly upset that after 2 years of playing around+many many calls, they still can't get a cent.
Awesomeness, I am helping my parents to rent one of their houses, I have been contacted by a scammer!
Mixing kimchi, BBQed meats & seafoods and iced fruit juice is not such a good idea.
Looks like my knee is giving in, so substitute extreme hiking with scenic cycling.
Was preparing for the 3 super active weekends: this weekend is the extreme hiking, mountain biking the next, half marathon the one after.
Yes I have registered for the two weeks ago and currently waiting for the bib to be sent to me.
Courage, is knowing there was a bombing at the marathon in Boston, but still decide to go ahead with the smh half marathon next month.
Happy Easter Monday! ... & that's not an April Fool's Day joke :p