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[Megaton Gaming]
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Looking for 2 more for 2v2 customs hit up gt: reaal ibhaa
Megaton tv- six spots open for 2v2 tourney tonight, please DM this account if u want to sign up! #HaloMasterChiefCollection #halotournament
Was digging through old stuff today and came across this gem @MegatonTV
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Hit up the stream! Looking for more for a 2v2 customs
Waiting on a few more viewers then we will start!! #halomcctalk #psexpierience and more
State of Gaming w/ Megaton TV: will be live shortly, please tune in to: to partake in the fun!
Also hit up the co-creator of megaton tvs new account it needs followers!! @the_reaal
Registration for the halo:mcc 2v2 tournament is open!! Please DM this account to sign up. #halomcctourney #halomcc
I'm having so much fun right now playing this new mode in Halo called "Searching..." #GameChanger
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Microsoft has revealed that Xbox One has been the best selling console in the US for 2 weeks now. Funny how they talk about this stuff now.
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Sony will be bringing live TV to PlayStation with "PlayStation Vue". The service will have 75 Major channels (Disney,Espn,etc,etc) at start.
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Sony's PlayStation Vue is a cloud-based TV service designed to kill your cable box
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Anyone whos down for customs or matchmaking hit me up gt:reaal ibhaa #halomcc #halomcccustoms
Finally got a full game! Come watch the megaton tv competitive settings now! Come watch! #all3halos #bestoverall
I still shed a small tear when I think about the new halo. To buy, or not to buy.
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FREE TO ENTER: Halo 2 Anniversary 2v2 Tournament this weekend. Win Halo Edition ASTRO A50's -
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A server update to fix @Halo: The Master Chief Collection's matchmaking problem is coming soon
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'You Deserve Better,' Says 343 Industries On Halo: The Master Chief Collection Problems -
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Looking for one more for halo mcc!!! Testing gametypes for tournament! #mtvtournament #halomcctourney #halotournament #8team2v2
Lookin for one more for 2v2s gametype tests hit us up gt: reaal ibhaa
Megaton TV is live come join in the halo fun!
Were looking for one more player for 2v2s! Testing gametypes out for Fridays tournament! Looking for 6-7 team #halomcc #megatontvtournament
Looking for 2v2s in halo mcc? Hit us up! Gt: reaal ibhaa
We are live again come watch and play! Running 2v2 customs with followers on twitch!
Megaton TV is live!! Come watch and play with us because the matchmaking is broken right now!
So should the technical release date for master chief collection be tonight? #halomccfail #falseadvertizing?
Our Master Chief Collection stream begins now!
We will be streaming Halo Master Chief Collection in just two hours
MegatonTV is doing a COD 2v2 tournament tonight! (Xbox One). We are looking for about 8 teams to participate. For entry please DM us.
Our #Destiny war correspondent is back with a report on Lord Saladin of The Iron Banner.
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Hugh Laurie voicing the nefarious Newton in LittleBigPlanet 3!
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PlayStation TV: The Ultimate FAQ: The definitive resource for PS TV, out 10/14 in N. America
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Diablo III: Reaper of Souls PS4 updated today: Explore Greater Rifts and find Legendary Gems!
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New #DRIVECLUB trailer to get you fired up for next week --> Who's in? #PS4
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Here's a small taste of what you can expect from @SHAQ and Ernie in #NBA2K15 via our new #ShaqNCheese trailer!
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