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r reagan
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When you throw down the cooler with accomplishment after your best friend does the ice bucket challenge #neverforget
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I just dyed my hair brown and a blonde streak somehow appeared. I'm so confused
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When you see your friend being a snake but you give them the benefit of the doubt and excuse them from being a bitch turd
Yoooo I looked back through my diary and I found something creepy relevant to the present day
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I know you're subtweeting me but I'm gonna pretend you're not because we are friends
I hate all of you sons of bitches
Genuinely scared of Ebola, honestly
Ebola patient reported elevated temp and says CDC gave her OKAY to fly. @11 #wsbtv how long can virus remain on seat backs and trays?
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Literally the only thing keeping me positive. Heh
I like being around people with goals and people who know what they want even though I can't even decide what to order at McDonald's
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People have been sleeping on me as of lately. But my music is going to be so fucking awesome man
Everyone at my school is pointless including myself
So I know it's not me anymore. It's them.
I've been told im too good for boys at my school. That's a stretch, but I went on a field trip today and literally pulled so hard and got #s
if I was a rapper id be named yung disappointment
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i just want good company and wine
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guess what it's gonna be about?
I'm gonna make a song called "You Blew It With Me For An Unfaithful Tramp"
boy sat across from me at a restaurant. boy looked like a Matty Healy and Leo DiCaprio hybrid. boy was extremely beautiful
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most people are passive aggressive but I'm passive passive or aggressive aggressive
I just don't say anything but lately I've been pulling my head out of my ass
insulting my intelligence by thinking I'm stupid enough to believe lies
it's so rough and insulting when you identify compulsive liars.
94% accurate friendship method: if you don't feel comfortable/can't express your opinions to them, chances are they aren't your real friend
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do you ever want to find out what's happening in modern news, religion, and politics? just go to the YouTube comments of a rap music video!
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if I had just been a little selfish
treat the right girl nicely and she'll treat you nicely, ja feel
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I know how I act. I know people don't like me. I know what people say about me. I don't need people who think I don't know this to tell me
>me asking what they think is wrong w me. and I have never asked that bc I know I just don't want to hear it
I have a small amount of inner hostility towards anyone who has ever said something like that to me without >
I can be self centered. I can pity myself and I do often. but I have never asked and I don't need to be told what's wrong with me
of course I've been called ugly too though but it's sad when I live in a world where I get those more than being called basic insults
people can never just offend me the old fashioned way and tell me I'm ugly
that tweet was a summary of every insult ever given to me
I'm a "shallow self centered well, full of self pity and idiocy that can never be loved and is an ignorant suck up that no one loves"
girls try to steal my boyfriends and I just let em win by breaking up
I'm really unconfrontational and uncompetitive and sometimes it can be a disadvantage
San Francisco though, now THAT is a fantastic place
giving up slowly on people because no one in this town is worth it