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Teenager Act
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The story about yourself, just a series of empty words without any real evidence. #TeenagerAct
I hate it when I wake up from a very nice dream and realise it wasn’t real. #TeenagerAct
Life is easy. But don't ever think life as easy as like that. #TeenagerAct
I hear a lot, see a lot. I just don't say anything. Don't have the time for bullshit anymore. #TeenagerAct
people who succeed are those who dare to struggle alone #TeenagerAct
painful? That's how I feel #TeenagerAct
a good friend, will never forget what they have done with people who have value. even though has passed. #TeenagerAct
best friend is one on your side, when the world says you're no longer worth #TeenagerAct
what should you do if you can't forget about your ex? just Move On #TeenagerAct
you don't have to try so hard, you don't have give it all the way. Just be your self. #TeenagerAct
someone will be prettier,smarter,and anything else. but they never be you #TeenagerAct
sometimes someone just wanted to know your story, and doesn't mean that care about you #TeenagerAct
it's hard to describe what I feel. #TeenagerAct
every girl want this. goalsurprise! #TeenagerAct
I hate getting flashback from things I don't want to remember #TeenagerAct
you just see me with your eyes, that mean you just know little pieces of me #TeenagerAct
Stay away from me, if you're will go #TeenagerAct
I really don't understand, someone who put a face so cute and flat. Though these people can only talk about people from behind. #TeenagerAct
a best friend is one who will miss you if you don't exist #TeenagerAct
that's your expression, when you find someone who promise never leave you alone & really cares about you #TeenagerAct
the answer to problem that there is no way out is, time. you will know what it mean. #TeenagerAct
speaking it is easier than do it #TeenagerAct
a person who wishes you to asked is the person who actually doesn't cares for us #TeenagerAct
I really want my hair like this, so cool :3
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your beauty expression, when you had a text from bae you still love #TeenagerAct
girls need this text, after had problems with her ​​guy #TeenagerAct
Transformers Age of Extinction, with a duration 165 minute and without boring. #TeenagerAct
and then you meet one person and your life changes forever. #TeenagerAct
world feel more beautiful, when .. #TeenagerAct
it's beautiful when you find someone that is in love with your mind #TeenagerAct
things a girl wants from her guy #TeenagerAct
as far as you look for to obtain the best #TeenagerAct
smile is the best way to fight the pain #TeenagerAct
so hard for leave people that's we loved #TeenagerAct
not difficult if you can't say #TeenagerAct
don't judge someone from the stories of others #TeenagerAct
sometimes you have to understand one reason why someone more often choose to leave than to stay #TeenagerAct
this movie contains a good message. #TeenagerAct
I always wish the best for you #TeenagerAct

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