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Brooke Is A Loser
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"@danisnotonfire: in all seriousness i am not emotionally prepared to see this movie. my peeniss feels are going to go through a lot."
wow so dark so fast it's really that 'sun can set while you're pooping' time of year
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How to show up and still get nothing done 101: a novel by me
I'd kiss you if I saw you. It's gonna happen fricker
Replacing swear words with not-swear words to confuse everyone. Fricking yell heah
I painted this fricking tiger and it's an amazing fricking tiger yell heah
Url friends stalking my tumblr is even worse. Like, it's a big pot of wtf
I get panic attacks when my irl friends stalk my Twitter bc, like, well fuck. Sorry. This is a nice way to say 'hey, I'm crazy'
Swiggity swimension I'm in the 48th dimension
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Today stats: No new followers, 2 unfollowers and followed one person via
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Females who say "suck my dick." aren't clever or funny. That shit is strange. You don't hear guys saying "eat my pussy." as a comeback.
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Panicking looks like pancakes
Tbh panicking. Hate this all. I need a hug, but then never let me go.
rt if you're a lauren girl fav if you're a camila girl (i just wanna know the ratio)
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That was fun! RT for a dm babes 💜💜💜
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It's not like I have a reason to be sad; I always knew I never actually had a chance