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TED Talks
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How you can help scientists discover new planets, identify cancer cells and more:
"If we sugarcoat the present, we make bad decisions in the future."
10 talks with great advice for parents:
How do we smell? A fun lesson on the sense of smell (via @TED_ED):
What do you wish for? A modern art sculpture based on tweets that begin with "I wish..."
"Gender has always been considered a fact, immutable. It's actually more fluid, complex, and mysterious."
Vote for TED's podcast in @TheWebbyAwards if you like watching talks on your phone!
8 cool facts about clouds, just for fun on a Friday:
"By accepting a constraint, are you working to a lower standard?" A lovely talk on design:
Big news: @NASA discovered the first Earth-size planet in a star's habitable zone! How we can find more like it:
"Lying is a cooperative act. Its power emerges when someone else agrees to believe the lie."
"Diets may seem harmless, but they actually do a lot of collateral damage." Here's why:
How your language changes the way you think:
Why we believe false memories and think they really happened:
"Reading and educating your emotions is one of the central activities of wisdom."
How new technology could help us find other Earth-like planets:
Tech entrepreneurs: Win a $5 million prize to boost graduation rates for community college students #RHPrize
How one doctor helps transgender teens become who they want to be:
Help us win a Webby! Vote for TED in the online film and video category: #Webbys
Is there life on other planets? This new starshade could help us find it:
"We spend so much time talking past each other and not enough time talking through our disagreements."
3 types of motivation that drive creative work:
"There is a rich tradition in Islam of talking frankly about sex." How and why that changed:
"Bionics are beginning to bridge the gap between human limitation and human potential."
The 11 best technology demos at TED: