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TED Talks
"Listening is what people who tell stories do first."
"It's not so difficult to convince someone to betray others." The dark secrets of a surveillance state:
"Humanity is capable of extraordinary progress if it really acts together."
"The things you imagine, sitting in the library, are not how you find them when you actually go out into the world."
"Four hours of uninterrupted time is the best gift you can give anybody at work."
"Art and design are not luxuries, nor somehow incompatible with science and engineering." Why we need both:
"One of the simplest facts in business is something we often neglect: We're all human."
Breathtaking photos of our impact on the Earth:
The career advice you probably didn't get (especially if you're a woman):
This is no ordinary jellyfish. Made out of trash bags, computer cooling fans and a micro controller, this little guy is one of @TEDFellow Shih Chieh Huang’s “living” sculptures. Inspired by bioluminescent organisms, Shih Chieh uses highlighters to recreate the glowing effect in his art. “I’ve always
How do shark attacks affect what we know about global poverty? Watch this great #TEDTalk:
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"When we are anxious over choices, we easily give our power of choice away."
Why do we like an original painting better than a perfect copy? A look at the origins of pleasure:
What do teens really want to know about sex? A teacher answers their anonymous questions:
"I believe that access to adequate sanitation is a basic human right." A new way to make it possible:
“Nothing replaces the loss of a son, not even another son.” Powerful portraits of loss:
"Very, very small changes can have disproportionately huge effects." Why you should sweat the small stuff:
These are the hands of modern slaves. A father and his two sons mix toxic dye at an Indian textile factory, submerging silk in dyes up to their elbows. Photographer Lisa Kristine documents the brutal realities of slavery around the world. Although her work draws attention to the atrocities, she also
Why the military changed its attitude from 'knowledge is power' to 'sharing is power':
"Our responsibility is not simply shielding those we care for from adversity, but preparing them to meet it well."
What the quest to create humanoid robots teaches us about our own social behavior:
Are you someone who hoards trivia? These talks are for you:
"Artistic creativity is magical, but it's not magic. It's a product of the brain."
How a silly meme can make real change in the world:
How mushrooms can help us solve the energy crisis, fight nasty viruses, and more:
"The ocean is resilient and tolerant to a point, but we must be good custodians."
“Altogether, living and working conditions account for 60% of preventable death.”
"It is a mistake to assume that everyone thrives under the pressure of choosing alone." On choice around the world:
Watch what happens inside the brain during musical improvisation:
"A better way to mutual respect is to engage directly with the moral convictions citizens bring to public life."
5 dangerous things you should let your kids do:
These next-generation apartments will give you serious real estate envy:
Imagine an island paradise in the middle of your city. That’s the idea behind Singapore’s Sands SkyPark, an ambitious highrise with 2.5 acres of jogging paths, restaurants, and the world’s longest swimming pool on the rooftop. Architect Moshe Safdie designed this building to bring nature and quality
Our changing notions of privacy, this weekend on the @TEDRadioHour:
"No single narrative serves the needs of everyone everywhere."
"Envision a world where misdeeds and mistakes don't define you. We can create that reality."
"The next time you're faced with something unexpected, unwanted and uncertain, consider that it may be a gift."
A squid as tall as a two-story house -- how ocean explorers finally caught a glimpse:
"This is a cancer at the core of evidence-based medicine." What doctors don't know about the drugs they prescribe:
"We're poisoning ourselves, our water, our air — and taking down many species with us."
Photos of the world's oldest living things:
How emergency care workers answer the question: 'Am I dying?'
A great memory is not a gift -- it's learned. Here's a simple way to improve your memory:
"If you make the effort to do the best of which you're capable, that's success. I don't think others can judge that."
10 things you didn't know about orgasm:
"You shouldn't define people by their maddest edges."
How do you solve a problem like the climate crisis? Bold ideas from TED speakers:
"We cut our children off from valuable opportunities to learn how to interact with the world around them."
These lights -- made of recycled plastic bottles, water, and chlorine -- are powerful enough to light up a room. This low-cost “bottled light” helps families in areas with frequent electrical outages. An organization called Liter of Light, led by @TEDFellow Illac Diaz, is leading a movement to distr
"The gray areas are where you find the complexity, the humanity, and the truth."