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Ted Nugent
UltraYummy crepes @ #citycrepesjax Jackson MI-goodstuff
anybody in America cando anything they choose. Choose!
bowhunting is a magical mystical wallow in God's tooth fang & claw
a spirit erecting glorious Oct1 OpeningDay to all my American Bowhunting BloodBrothers
The BloodBrother Spirit of Fred Bear will be in the woods of MI
May the Great Spirit be at your side & your arrows fly tru
Goodluck Godspeed & good huntin MI on the magic Oct1 opener
son Toby & I in the lap of God bearhunting MI UP
Happy openingDay bearseason to me in God's country MI UP
The mighty Spirit of the Wild runs strong & free in huntcamps the world over
what kinda numbnut doesnt kno what ThanXgiving is about
OK ThanXgiving fans millions of renewable critters r hittin the ground! Hallelujah
TedNugentKampForKids roustabout success in SD! Salute to all
FredBear DickMauch GlennStCharles EdBilderback KK.Knickerbacker BobMunger
celebrating FredBear legacy with Dick&CarolMauch at PlumCreek cabin
killem&grillem BloodBrothers tiz the season to Whack& Stack
Deer antelope elk moose bear caribou hogs sheep goats muskox lions galore
CongratSalute to the 1000s of bowhunters who hav killed 1000s of deer so far
Yowza @willprimos & all my Primos BloodBrothers Hunt2014
Yowza @RonnieStrickland & all my MossyOak BloodBrothers
YOWZA @BillBuabice Happy HuntSeason 2014 to u all
Salute BloodBrorher @willierobertson XecProducer LEFT BEHIND
Killer new movie LEFT BEHIND starring Nicolas Cage Oct3-ckitout
NationalFieldArchery Association museum in Yankton SD is amazing family destination
Swanson Hunting Acres in NW NE is a bird hunters paradise!
way up in a TX oak with a storm rollin in is a natural high
we will succesfully manage wolves like we do deer elk bear
MI did good today to properly manage the mighty wolf as an asset
Sunrize in a TX ambush tree with a bow &arrow is primordial purity
Moving tribute to the miraculous gift of RobinWilliams
GoodLord the Emmys were wall2wall monster talent&beauty! Congrats all
in my predawn primalscream predator treestand 15' closer to God
gonna be another record NorthAmerican bear kill
goodluck Aug deerhunters in CA FL AZ CO SC NV
treestand time is soul cleansing nature as healer perfection
surrounded by magnificent whitetails rabbits sqirrels & birds
105' cookin in a TX treestand hoping to arrow a beast!
God's natural annual huntseason is upon us Killem&Grillem
Happy annual CA&SC deerkill Can&AK bear moosecaribousheep& goats
Foxnews lost its soul cutoff Perry for bullshit report sad middleroad zeros
in my bowhunt tree with thunder lightning & rain overdosing on SpiritWild
see ya all on MarkDavis killer truthLogic DFW TX Radio tomoro 905am
Makes me feel warm & good inside heart mind spirit body & soul
The spirit of the woods is like an old goodfriend!
About to climb my ambushtree with Mathews bow on hand!
Wow! No more mad hustlebustle for 8 months! Yowza!
My precious Labradors are sure happy the tour is over! Dads home!
Ahh relief is just an arrow away The Spirit of the Wild is where I live
Whackin&Stackin killin &grillin nonstop for nxt 8months!
OK America the sacred huntseason 2014 erupts NOW!