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Ted Casablanca
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my mother always sniffed @ my profession until the day she heard I met Lauren Bacall (they would have liked each other)
#RIPRobinWilliams u were brilliant & kind an honor 2 have known u
Prayers 4 those suffering in the Middle East (& here) & karma 4 those pulling the trigger
Dinner last nite in Del Mar w/ friends from London (and the LA pound)
@Ted_Casablanca Pls RT to fund @Supportconnection's FREE services to those affected by ovarian/breast cancer:…
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#ThePurgeAnarchy as good as the first film, haven't seen that since #HungerGames
A man who would send this is a keeper, right?
best visit ever had w/ my mom bec I...stayed in hotel. Highly recommend!
insanely good #momtips! will pass on taking drugs & def let u all know which tip proved best....thank u
It’s #Pride season! RT & sign the pledge to help us thank our brave clients: #LGBT
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headed 2 Texas 2 see my mom this weekend want 2 be 100 percent nice. Anybody got any good mom tips?
y is Woody Allen still celebrated here but Polanksi a criminal? neither seem justly answered
kinky, genius moments of dark humor in #VenusInFur, anybody see? Is Roman Polanski on Twitter?
eerie fun: @octaviaspencer @ChrisEvans Tilda Swinton in #Snowpiercer Octavia cool as always, Tilda hysterical, like Streep on crack
About 2 have my 2nd (3rd?) 4th o July cupcake 4 breakfast, pls send help!
So happy! Onto chap 31, whew. Only thing more shocking is @Beyonce still being w/ that man
I worship @ the altar of those who have nerve 2 be self-employed, this takes guts!
Writing in Palm Springs bf it turns 167, back 2 LA 2nite
My partners in dirty-book-writing, no help @ all!
4get a tissue need a friggin towel after brilliantly moving #FaultInOurStars
51 years ago, Pres. JFK signed the #EqualPay Act. Today, women still make $0.77 for every $1 a man earns. RT if you think this is wrong.
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Nothing's changed! Nobody remember Gyllenspoon romance that "sold" Rendition?
10 "de-skunking" baths later #CharlieCasablanca still smells like...a skunk