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Ted Casablanca
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ugh new tube addiction: #ForensicFiles might as well call it Stupid People Who Kill
Happy weekend, everybody! Need a good flick. What's the best movie u all have seen lately?
Good day 2 remember #JoanRivers was 1st who shocked w/ a 911 joke, woman had guts & knew humor heals
RIP #JoanRivers her show 1st TV I did, talk about saying what ur not supposed 2 say! will never 4get her genius
white-people entitlement sucks (and kills)
ever feel so deeply horrified by a tragedy like #Ferguson ur speechless? But the wrong here must be called out
Comedian has awesome response to Westboro Baptist's plans to picket Robin Williams' funeral
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my mother always sniffed @ my profession until the day she heard I met Lauren Bacall (they would have liked each other)
#RIPRobinWilliams u were brilliant & kind an honor 2 have known u
Prayers 4 those suffering in the Middle East (& here) & karma 4 those pulling the trigger
Dinner last nite in Del Mar w/ friends from London (and the LA pound)
@Ted_Casablanca Pls RT to fund @Supportconnection's FREE services to those affected by ovarian/breast cancer:…
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#ThePurgeAnarchy as good as the first film, haven't seen that since #HungerGames
A man who would send this is a keeper, right?
best visit ever had w/ my mom bec I...stayed in hotel. Highly recommend!
insanely good #momtips! will pass on taking drugs & def let u all know which tip proved best....thank u
It’s #Pride season! RT & sign the pledge to help us thank our brave clients: #LGBT
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headed 2 Texas 2 see my mom this weekend want 2 be 100 percent nice. Anybody got any good mom tips?
y is Woody Allen still celebrated here but Polanksi a criminal? neither seem justly answered
kinky, genius moments of dark humor in #VenusInFur, anybody see? Is Roman Polanski on Twitter?
eerie fun: @octaviaspencer @ChrisEvans Tilda Swinton in #Snowpiercer Octavia cool as always, Tilda hysterical, like Streep on crack
About 2 have my 2nd (3rd?) 4th o July cupcake 4 breakfast, pls send help!
So happy! Onto chap 31, whew. Only thing more shocking is @Beyonce still being w/ that man
I worship @ the altar of those who have nerve 2 be self-employed, this takes guts!
Writing in Palm Springs bf it turns 167, back 2 LA 2nite
My partners in dirty-book-writing, no help @ all!
4get a tissue need a friggin towel after brilliantly moving #FaultInOurStars
51 years ago, Pres. JFK signed the #EqualPay Act. Today, women still make $0.77 for every $1 a man earns. RT if you think this is wrong.
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Nothing's changed! Nobody remember Gyllenspoon romance that "sold" Rendition?
10 "de-skunking" baths later #CharlieCasablanca still smells like...a skunk
Whatever: hear groom is "keeping all that he can from Kris" re #KimyeWedding, maybe the marriage will last?
Hey @Ted_Casablanca (Uncle Ted) RT @adidas We’ve teamed up w/ @5thSaints to help them reach their goal. Join the #SportsMatter movement.
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on chap(ter) 24! true masochists bec writers, not sex maniacs
Catching up on delicious #Scandal y did Jennifer Garner ever step out on Scott Foley, fool!
#CaptainAmericaTheWinterSoldier fun 'cept @ChrisEvans manscaraed lashes, Scarlett J butcher, 'course she usually is
my heart & prayers 4 awful tragedies in past 2 weeks: #guncontrol would help. So would kindness 2 those who r ill
Nashville even has its own Parthenon/Athena! This basically what Cher wore last nite
Here's the Elizabeth Taylor of the civil war's "summer cottage"
Belmont Mansion rich 19th cent gal owned it went thru lots of poorer hubbies, invented the pre-nup
Nashville filled w/ fascinating mansions, bloodcurdling Civil War tales & everyone loves Keith & Nicole. Well, Keith at least
Date 2 see @cher in Nashville huge hit good thing he lives in LA!
Guy I'm seeing in Nashville on biz, he asked me 2 see @cher I said yes!
Flying 2 Tennessee 4 a date, is that 2 far?
Just told @MarielHemingway I thought Margaux was lovely (knew her) & doc was tough 2 see, MH looks fabulous
Just ran into @MarielHemingway who I thought kinda trashed Margaux in her documentary, but decided her business
big apologies 4 announcement never came last yr, had deal w/ another Big Corp, huge exec drama, now finishing book & happier
This is tickling me 2 death! How do u all stand pedicures? Yikes