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Ronnie Roquemore
They ever find El Chapo? My nigga just escaped and they pretty much was like fuck it that nigga gone!
Police are trained to not disturb a crime scene. Would an officer not take a picture of #SandraBland hanging in the cell after her death?
Too much time on their hands with this 😂 "Full House vs. Grand Theft Auto"
If Rachel really a black mother, she can complete this sentence. #AskRachel "I brought you in this world, ________"
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#AskRachel You approach an almost finished hand soap. Do you: a. replace said soap b. throw it away c. add water and continue to use
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#AskRachel Who took over for the '99 and the 2000? A. Michael Jackson B. Cash Money Records C. The Beatles D. 50 Cent
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Which picture describes what happens when you forget to take the chicken out before your mom gets home? #AskRachel
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Waited over an hour @ for the 11's only to get the "this size is sold out". Who got a link? This Nike cart buggin smh
Sign the petition to support Uber in Massachusetts! #UberMovesMA
50 petty for advertising Power during Empire 😂
There will be no rivalry, this ends tonight! I plan on putting him away once and for all @TheRock
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They're getting away with whatever they want to do to us...
This prosecutor is about to shove the knife right through our chest....
Government offices already closing down before the decision should say something in regards to what they have chosen to do..
Seeing the indictment of Darren Wilson in Amerikkka is a longshot.
Iggy Azalia for best hip hop album smh. That's why I can't watch the #AMAs 😩 😩 😩
Knockout coming this round!
Manny's mom stay throwing some mean hexes from ringside... 😭 😭 😭
Jonas Grey beasted for the Pats, should have DVR'd The Walking Dead smh...
Gronk ain't leaving no space for revenge on that last one 😭 😭 #Patsats
Ain't even a question if Em still got it, light work... #CXVPHER
Stay sharp right now Celtics...
#ruthless RT @MsReyda: Pinky stripping to "Partition"
Need more proof, ain't no way Pinky put on that many pounds bruh!
RT @SlickB_: Pinky left onyx like ...
All clear in #Revere. Box had leaves or shredded paper inside. #WCVB
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The news and paddywagons out there right now. Def gotta be a shooter! RT @KarinaGoodface: Who got shot at market basket in revere lol
Election Day should be a holiday so everyone has the chance to vote...
Marcus Smart hungry AF!!!
"I ain't Ray J but you can be my Kim K..." #disrespectful
#CelticsNation chants KG after the technical... #Petty 😭 😭 😭
Aiight word, #Instagram is down. Thought I just got deleted...
They must have really thought my nigga Rick was dumb...
I knew it Bob! But at the same time #Salute #TheWalkingDead
Lucky bastards, the rain stopped just in time...
🔥 🔥 🔥 2014 BET Cypher - Arsonal, Couture, Calicoe & Murda 🔥 🔥 🔥
Google Express, just shut up and take my money... #GoogleExpress
UFC Press Conference With Anderson Silva. Live 14th Oct 1pm ET, 6pm GMT
*hits blunt* If it's a Columbus Day sale, does that mean go in the store, take what you want then call it yours?
Might have been the best episode of #TheWalkingDead so far... GOT DAMN!
"They don't get to live" - my nigga Rick 😭 😭 😭
Carol out here taking on armed forces and Tyrese can't even watch the baby like he supposed to smh #TheWalkingDead
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Tyreese been there before, someone pass him the hammer... #TheWalkingDead
#TheWalkingDead = Anyone Rick ever told "I'm going to kill you" to. He don't play!

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