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MIT Tech Review
“What does it mean to be alive, to be conscious, to be hurt, to be ethical?"
"Companies that start as technological companies become antitechnological in character." -Peter Thiel
“There’s nothing you’re supposed to do; no way to win. It just is."
"Pharma companies are bets against innovation b/c they’re just figuring out ways to extend the lifetime of patents."
I only just found this, but it's excellent: Why Can’t My Computer Understand Me?
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Custom-made pants led @samgrobart to conclude that Alibaba is basically...the world's largest 3-D printer.…
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Research Says Population Won’t Plateau by 2050 After All
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"Can technology companies that start out bold stay that way when they become established?"
How Human-Robot Teamwork Will Upend Manufacturing By @willknight
"Beyond being entertaining, software that behaves in a lifelike way could find many commercial applications."
2014 Lemelson-MIT prize recipient Sangeeta N. Bhatia shares her thoughts on women in engineering:
Lunch time reading: Q+A with Peter Thiel Technology is stuck in 1970
A faster enzyme for turning CO2 into sugar is a key step toward much higher crop yields.
A Grandiose Quest to Breathe Life into Virtual Beings
Good Qs to @elonmusk by @RachCrane.… But he shld be pressed re: how to sustain life on Mars. Going there is easy part
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A Chinese city creates a handy lane for cellphone-distracted pedestrians
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A dollar invested in Merck or Microsoft is a bet against technology -- says @peterthiel…
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Nanotechnologists Discover How To Carve Tunnels Beneath the Surface of Silicon Chips
If you say tech has stalled since 1970, that seems like a cry for more government funding and involvement…
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"Work as if you live in the early days of a better nation." - the Scottish writer Alisdair Gray
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Peter Thiel Says Computers Haven’t Made Our Lives Significantly Better
Technology Stalled in 1970: Q+A with Peter Thiel By @tsimonite
Partner Content: The Priest Who Invented The Big Bang | via @bbvaOpenMind
Radical New DNA Sequencer Finally Gets into Researchers’ Hands
Motorized Pants to Help Soldiers and Stroke Victims
The Hunt for Qualified Workers
Cheap Natural Gas Boosts Manufacturing
A Closer Look at Breakthrough Factories
Fact: Yields of wheat are increasing at 1 percent per year—half the rate of increase needed to keep the world fed.
Turbocharging Photosynthesis
Price of residential solar has gone from $12/watt in 1998 to $4 watt. Still going down. See slide 12…
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ios 8 has an emergency id info feature. i'm skeptical--seems ripe for ripping off personal info and doubt EMTs will think to look for it.
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A DNA sequencer the size of a cell phone could change where, and how, gene research occurs.
Employers have 300,000 unfilled manufacturing jobs.
Companies that use natural gas as a raw material find the U.S. an increasingly attractive place to be.
One of the most promising new manufacturing technologies still faces big hurdles.
Speeding Up Photosynthesis
David Deamer made this sketch in 1989 when the idea for nanopore DNA sequencing came to him.
Senators opposing net neutrality rake in more campaign cash
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2014 Lemelson-MIT prize recipient Sangeeta N. Bhatia shares her thoughts on women in engineering:
Transplanted Genes Could Help Boost Food Production