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Erin Wilson
How to Hire – and Retain – Recent College Graduates
What did one of Marissa's former direct reports have to say about what it's like reporting to her? via @Quora
How involved should a founder be in #recruiting? @binhtran tells us what his top priority is @klout.
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seeing is deceiving. dreaming is believing.
What is the future of recruitment? via @Quora #TalentOps
High performance high avail scalability #SFin5Words
Every time I hear a church-bell around xmas time I think the exciting Home Alone music is about to start
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in 2014 @BrightRollEng received 11,000+ applicants
I'm late to this, but this morning's CPI report shows no evidence of inflationary pressures. Headline: 1.3% (lower gas prices) Core: 1.7%
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Bias aside, huge fan of Newsle. Must read email digest of connections in the news. Great example of nailing a singular use case.
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My mom would be proud (if she knew what Klout was).
I like how surprised people are when they find out I do RubySteps full time. Yep. It's my thing. It pays the bills. It engages me
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23 year old on a mission to "cross-optimize" ad spend…
'What is the best way to evaluate a potential startup to work at, full-time?'
what got you here won't get you there
Yes, we work hard these days, but we work a lot less than we used to...
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Erin Wilson & BrightRoll dropping science to our clients and team at LinkedIn SF Office. Think like a #Marketer clo…
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business leader? take a tip from Peyton Manning & Tom Brady
all I hear is "quality of hire is an important metric" ... all I'm thinking is quality of hire is a subjective metric #talent #talentops
.@mdhershman I don't agree with all of these but the cover letter one is absolutely true.
@huddle PMs celebrate secured $51m of funding by bringing table to London Eye.
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.@Bandrew @msuster I was in London a few weeks ago -- it sure didn't look like this
"It's going to rain a lot tomorrow cancel school." <-- said no one ever until today in the Bay Area. What ever happened to Heads Up 7Up?!
BrightRoll COO @brucefalck toasts our Q4 new hires! We welcome you all to the family!
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"Productivity Isn't About How Much You Produce, It's About How Much You Accomplish"… via @lifehacker
the candidate experience matters. but why stop there? #talent
Only President Obama could get gas to $2.50, end 2 wars, get bin Laden, bring unemployment below 8%, then be told he's failing as president.
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I'm a liberal. Doesn't mean I toe some party line. Means I'm pro-freedom, pro-equality, pro-future for all. Time to bring that word back.
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.@BrightRoll on pros/cons of #mobile geotargeting Here's our take on geotargeting for #TVE
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We joined @KelloggsUS to evaluate #video viewability measurement companies. The results are fascinating!
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"Your Careers Site Should Be The Center Of Your Recruiting Universe" by @worldwidejweb on @LinkedIn
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.@joeleesays – The Democratization of Growth Hacking: Ryan Holiday on the Growth Mindset…
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.@WSJD who would've thought this thing would be worth 2 billion dollars
Comment: "This needs to be on @jimmyfallon!" ... here you go Jimmy!