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Goin to bed wit a smile
Now that Christmas is over summer can hurry the hell up.
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Its sooo cold tht it physically hurts to b outside #dislike
Don't think about it too much..
Shut the front door
Omgggg 2moro is Christmas Eve n im sooo unprepared... how'd it sneak up so fast?! #excitement
'This time maybe I'll b bulletproof' #music for your #soul
Umm. Yes, hi. Yes, Mother Nature- I'd like to chat wit u bout this weather. No bueno
She say I drive her crazy, I say jus keep on ur seatbelt #tapout
Went to bed happy...woke up scared in a cold sweat #Damn #nightmares
Sometimes you just gotta be happy anyway
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Tht call tht makes u smile ear to ear ♥♥
Stay positive & Avoid Negativity...
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Omggggggg what a game #gopackgo
Its (kinda) like ten thousand spoons when all you need is a knife
My dreams just took me somewhere else!!
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We are subconsciously more attracted to people who have the same music taste as we do.
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Lets make a night you wont remember! @mizz_robin
TBH sometimes I jus wanna eat u alive #isthatweird
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