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Goin to bed wit a smile
Now that Christmas is over summer can hurry the hell up.
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Its sooo cold tht it physically hurts to b outside #dislike
Don't think about it too much..
Shut the front door
Omgggg 2moro is Christmas Eve n im sooo unprepared... how'd it sneak up so fast?! #excitement
'This time maybe I'll b bulletproof' #music for your #soul
Umm. Yes, hi. Yes, Mother Nature- I'd like to chat wit u bout this weather. No bueno
She say I drive her crazy, I say jus keep on ur seatbelt #tapout
Went to bed happy...woke up scared in a cold sweat #Damn #nightmares
Sometimes you just gotta be happy anyway
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Tht call tht makes u smile ear to ear ♥♥
Stay positive & Avoid Negativity...
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Omggggggg what a game #gopackgo
Its (kinda) like ten thousand spoons when all you need is a knife
My dreams just took me somewhere else!!
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We are subconsciously more attracted to people who have the same music taste as we do.
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Lets make a night you wont remember! @mizz_robin
TBH sometimes I jus wanna eat u alive #isthatweird
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What a beautiful morning! Excited to start my day, it's goin to b a great one!
Thr is thousands of pretty women out thr but tht doesn't mean thr is thousands of pretty souls
J Cole with no Grammy nomination …straight disrespect !!!
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So I found this gorgeous (right handed) ring thts a tear drop.. n I cant get it out of my head!♥ #Christmas #wishlist
I think thrs an owl outside my window.. or aliens. Yup, I'm goin wit aliens. Definitely aliens out thr.
Tomorrow isn't promised but I'm setting up moves for 2014....
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I fell in love with your good, in love with you bad, in love with your everything, in love with you.
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Nothin better thn spending time with family and friends
Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary to my beautiful grandparents!
The joy of transitioning from 'What is The Lord's plan for ME' to 'HOW do I fit into HIS plan'
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♥ Jus been practisin ♥ everythins for a reason ♥ #drake
10 Old Fashioned Dating Habits We Should Make Cool Again via @ThoughtCatalog I especially like #8
I think I smell a vacation in the air!
Thank you to the girls tht braved the snow and came out to support my Arbonne business launch!
Today's a new day- determined to make it a great one!
Confident.. Faith in the guy above! Im heading where I need to be.... watch me lead the way.. pave new lanes!
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Silence often says more thn words #respectyourself #keepitmovin
"Fortune favors the prepared mind." - Louis Pasteur. Plz RT #QuoteOfTheDay
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@TeariRae Way to visit your friends in Milwaukee!
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