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Why are people saying Destiny will e the COD killer?
I just woke up after going to bed at 7pm my sleep schedule is doomed :'(
My (new) Twitter value is $2,968.78, according to ... What about yours?
I've been having a lot of interactions with fans. And I LOVE IT!
@TDKMist alright. Btw ur vids r great. Good quality. Look very professional
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Guy's I've Been Streaming: via @YouTube
Anyone want to snipe on Black Ops 2?
Doing an open lobby tomorrow, where I play with fans while streaming. Would you guys be interested? #justathought
So I just got kicked off XBOX :/ It's only a game guys.
Restarting the stream, didn't have my mic in :/
I'm going to be streaming on Twitch tomorrow. so follow me!
New logo I created for my channel :)
I liked a @YouTube video from @Wify142 GTA 5 Online: New* Surfing Glitch! - Surfboard Underwater Forever!
Anyone want to trickshot on Black Ops 2?
Anyone want to see me stream on @Twitch?
When someone follows me, and they're following less than 100 people, I feel SO special c:
Instead of playing COD, I'm watching #SharktopusVsPteracuda ....Yeah :/
Went to bed at 3, woke up at 11...That was nice.
Anyone still up?
AVI Giveaway! SB Halo Theme Winner picked at 10 RTs!
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Guys tweet me your most recent YouTube video! I'd love to see your videos :)
I liked a @YouTube video from @HaupCOD Throwback Thursday #4 | SNIPERS SNIPERS SNIPERS | Call Of Duty Modern
Guys I'm Tired (Sorry Guys): via @YouTube
I liked a @YouTube video from @Wify142 GTA 5 Online: Secret Driving Test Website! - Los Santos Driving Lessons
I liked a @YouTube video from @YTxNathannHD Go Follow Me on TWITTER!
I added a video to a @YouTube playlist Just Some Sick Turn On's
Just Some Sick Turn On's: via @YouTube
Good Morning My Followers!....Anyone know what movie that was from?
You can't make the same mistake twice. The second time you make it, it's no longer a mistake, it's a choice.
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I liked a @YouTube video from @Wify142 Channel Introduction - Update Video (Upload Plan & More)
I made a Patreon account If you want to help my channel, you can donate! At least check it out, it helps.
I liked a @YouTube video from @boltshandaman GTA 5 Funny "Character Duplication" Glitch Patch 1.15
I liked a @YouTube video Skyrim Mods - Week #4: Enhanced Camera, Familiar Faces, Death Alternative
I'm making today's video now :P It'll be up in about and hour or so!
I liked a @YouTube video from @Wify142 Destiny Beta Trailer - The Earth
Replace "youtube" with "youtubeskip" in the URL and you won't see ads.
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so I'm on Vine...(TDKMist when niggas clean...)
A white kid just came to me and my cousin @Yung_Based_Lean (we're both black/brown) and said "are you both the same?" Is that racist? :/
I liked a @YouTube video from @HomeofJKR My Girlfriend Is Pregnant! (Advice / Life Story!)
I liked a @YouTube video from @boltshandaman GTA 5 Online Airport Wall Breach Glitch - GTA V Airport Hangar
I TRIED to play COD: Ghosts, and when I joined the game with Hackers...