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@TDKMist Only fat people are active on twitter
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Gonna be more active on Twitter 😊
Just hit this NICE clip. Lets go!
"I'll watch over you, on this unholy day...MONDAY!"- Sasuke
It's 6:00a.m and I'm still awake! I can't fall asleep... Huh, I need help :/
Found out yesterday that Instagram has DM's. XD I still have a lot to learn I guess.
I just want to hit another Banger, may the C.O.D Gods be with me.
How I feel every time I cone home.
I REALLY want to join a team. Does anyone have a team I could join? It would mean a lot c:
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I gotta fix my sleep schedule :'(
Wish me luck guys, first test of the year.
Goodnight guys, see you all tomorrow.
. @Pornhub Well, we have almost 3 Million, and our subscribers are fans of your work...
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My face when I got my first 5 followers. #excited #heaven'slostproperty #anime
RT : If you are a Gamer. FAV : If not
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Me, waiting to get my first follower on Instagram.
I made an Instagram, but I don't know what to post. Can you guys help?
Just realized I'm a father! I birthed TDKMist, and he turned into a great kid :)
Destiny might turn into Titanfall guys. The hype was real, lets see how everyone liked it. Do you have faith in the game? #destinythegame
**ASTRO A40 AND MIXAMP GIVEAWAY** RT TO ENTER Winner chosen 9/1 at 6PM EST #FaZeUp
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Just got the new adapter/charger I THOUGHT I needed so my laptop would work. And it won't charge...I hate my life.
Again, no video today guys. I can't do anything with a broken laptop
After today, no more videos until the end f this month, computer crashed. Sorry guys :'(
Rolling 7 Man With A Quad For #ObeyRC: via @YouTube
Second For #ObeyRC (Sick Triple Headshot): via @YouTube
Which video should I put out tomorrow?…
About to go hit my 4th for the #ObeyRC
Just hit my third for #ObeyRC uploading it Monday or Tuesday, haven't decided yet.
Anyone want to trickshot on BO2?
Just took a five hour sleep. Oh yeah
BO2 Modded Lobby Fun (Super speed, Super jump, Godmode): via @YouTube
I'm just going to bed, and there's sun light outside. Gotta fix my sleep pattern. :/
I added a video to a @YouTube playlist First Clip For #ObeyRc
I added a video to a @YouTube playlist Two Clips I Got The Other Day (BO2 Streaks)
I added a video to a @YouTube playlist My First Speed Art-Banner
I added a video to a @YouTube playlist Live Commentary (Boarder) Speed Art! Photoshop CC
Just hit my first for #ObeyRC