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Idk. Whatevs. #selfie #teen #aeo #smile #instaSize #follow
Getting out of bed is my biggest struggle of the day.
To the person who invented pizza: I salute you.
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Well. It's been one day and I'm pretty sure imma quit (:
Late on my first day of work 😂😂
I stay hungry.
I already ready to drop out
Ball states campus is amazing 😍
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No, pls just stop.
Today's a great day to be a lazy couch potato
Why dylan gotta be a broke ass bitch ?
Land of illusion tomorrow. 💀
I'm just in a happy mood today
So ready to be done with college
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Getting up is the struggle
I would rather die than go in my sketchy ass basement
My sister is crying. Like can you not?
Yik yak has me weak
My umbrella broke, that's cool
I woke up in a bad mood today
Shut. The. Fuck. Up. Bitch.
If you have a hickey on your tit, the least you could do is cover it k thx.
I'm dangerous when I try to text and walk at the same time
Beefy nacho loaded grillers r life.
I'm ready to take the new whip back to campus ✌️
Going on my third car, let's hope it's a keeper
I just made some bomb milkshakes
Lol. So this happened 😂 #ss #teen #selfie #instaSize #follow #Aeropostale
Cookie dough sounds flame
Ugh. It's Monday tomorrow.
I miss my fav twins @trentonikui @TColeB 😩😭💔
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I'm really hoping Trent folds my clothes 👀#comethruforabitchh
I've drank every weekend since I've been in college...
In Taco Bell with a mcdonalds drink #nofucksgiven
When your sock falls off the back of your foot <<<<
My handwriting went to hell after summer
My mom ignores me all the time, but if I ignore her it's game over.
It's weird that I don't even know where half of my senior class went to college...
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95% of the time when Im smiling at my phone it's bc of something I said, not something someone sent me. Im hilarious
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Why am I out walking rn?