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Taylor Bunting
Life is better with a "give no fucks" attitude. 👍
I still can't believe this guy is gone.😔
That's cool.👊
I can't wait to find someone that's gonna be truthful and care as much as I do. Just someone I can trust. 👌
42- there for a short time we were really close. I miss us hanging out all time.
1833- you're a jerk.💁
592- you're funny and I like your tweets. But you did ignored my snapchat the other day.👊
1- you're pretty cool you have a lot of funny tweets. 💁 idk if we've talked before or not.
1418- I've talked to you a few times you're pretty cool.👌
123- you still owe me a toy.. So I'm a little mad at you.😡
50- you're really pretty and I favorite a lot of your tweet. 😁
513- we will be at the same college this semester. 👊
16- I don't know you too well but I always like your photos on insta. And you ignored me snap the other day.😡
23- I've seen you around a few times. 💁
324- we used to be really close but now we never talk. You were a really good friend!
777- you're really pretty.😏 I don't think we've ever really talked but I think we need to be friends.😁 😏
33- that is one of my favorite numbers. I think we've talked and snapped a few times.
10- I don't think we have ever met but I love your header and I love basketball so I guess I should kick your butt sometime.💁
421- I have only seen you a few time since we graduated but I enjoy your tweets.😂
614- I haven't seen you in forever. And I still remember when you had to have my back that one time. 💁
909- You also go hard all the time! I haven't seen you in forever either. We have to do something soon.
555- you go hard all the time but I haven't seen you in forever man.😳