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kaci ¯\(˘◡˘♡)/¯
nothing's gonna hurt me with my eyes shut I can see through them, I can see through them
when boys wear sweats with no underwear
excuse me what did u say i cant hear u i have an ear disease called i dont fucking care
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fav if I don't follow you and you want me to
"Big is beautiful" "skinny is beautiful" like why say one is beautiful and make the other feel like shit. I think happy is beautiful tbh.
I hate that there are standards of beauty in women
7. you could've been out being a single ass hoe having the greatest time of your life why are you dating if you clearly don't want to?
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6. you could've easily ended the relationship on good terms, another flaw in your ability to make decisions, consider staying single kid.
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5. they will always be confused as to why you cheated in the first place, they will blame/question themselves, it can take months to heal.
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you let them know that you didn't value your relationship enough to make adult decisions, your betrayal will always be painful for them.
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4. you lose your chance to truly be friends or date this individual again. you just gave them every reason to not trust you, (continued)
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3. It displays your lack of self control, you weren't mature enough to end the relationship so you reacted on impulse, you look weak.
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2. regardless of whatever drawn out reasoning you've developed you are 100% in the wrong, your partner doesnt control your sexual decisions.
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1. You made a commitment, if this is someone that you genuinely care for, you promised exclusive love and affection, you didn't have to.
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cheating says more about the cheater than it does the victim, and there are plenty of reasons to not cheat and I'll tell you why:
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lookin at a dick for the first time like
lost in the thrill of it all
I so deeply envy those who can find happiness in nothingness
everyone else's world is still spinning and mine isn't it feels like it's getting sucked into a black hole
the last episode was so cute
I finally finished oitnb I'm crying real tears
so did Instagram log everyone else out too orrr
fuck I hate getting into my emotions
you are not a queen if your throne is made of all the girls you stepped on to make yourself look superior
zayn is turning into a fuckboy lmao
"I'm 35% polish 15% Italian, 10% Danish..."
a girl blocked me bc of this tweet
what to do if u think about talking about minions: step one: don't
I joined a new clan on COC join it hoez
keepin it surreal, whatever you like, whatever feels good, whatever takes you mountain high
#LastRelationshipTaughtMe to love myself, believe in God, and not put all my trust into one man
#LastRelationshipTaughtMe no matter what I always end up loving people more than they love me
#LastRelationshipTaughtMe don't stress the little things because it's not worth it to lose the person you love over some dumb shit
someone talk me thru this part in assassins creed 3 I can't get past it fuck
it honestly sucks when you're crying and all you wanna do is hug someone and they're the reason you're crying lol :-)
you can't always get what you want

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