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Netflix basically has every movie, except for the ones I actually want to watch
Kylie Jenner looked bad af at Coachella 😍
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I think it's sexy when someone can handle my smart ass mouth and attitude instead of leaving like a little bitch
i hate ppl who enter ur room when ur show is on & start talking. what is wrong with u. who the fuck raised u. youre an animal.leave my house
just dropped my new single it’s me i’m single
play with my hair instead of my feelings thank u.
if i don't text u back within like 7 seconds i will forget to text u back for like a week so im very sorry about that
it's that point in the semester
do you ever just have that one class that one freaking class that just depresses you when you think about it bc oh god you hate it so much
I’m basically just a hopeless romantic with a dirty mind who has high standards
im a nice person i just hate everyone
if u ever leave my door open and i have to get up and close it myself just know that’s me closing the door on our relationship forever
i have no feelings or emotions just sarcasm running through my veins
WHAT THE *dolphin noise* IS GOING ON
This will be me at graduation
weather be like: mon - 75° ☀ tues - 22° ❄ wed - 57° ⛅ thurs - 30° ☔ fri - 80°☀ (with a chance of snow)
Kendall Jenner looks bad af at Coachella 😍
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showing up at ur friend's house uninvited
kinda wanna look good in a bikini kinda wanna eat three burritos from chipotle kinda pissed I have to pick one
"sad" backwards is das as in das not good u should smile