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Taylor Swift
My all-time favorite designer has passed away. Oscar, it was an honor to wear your creations and to know you. In loving memory.
ALL SYSTEMS GO. #WelcomeToNewYork #1989
#WelcomeToNewYork and Shake It Off holds the top 2 spot on Billboard's top 140 trending chart!
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Who wants to have an #OutoftheWoods and #ShakeItOff dance party while we wait for #WelcomeToNewYork!?! 💃💃💃
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GUYS. #WelcomeToNewYork will be up on iTunes any minute now. This is not a drill!! GO GO GO Photo credit: sixtiequeen on tumblr
Here's the video of our X Factor Australia performance of Shake It Off! I miss Australia already, watching this:
Track 7 #1989lyrics
I sat here and listened to every single song...track to track to track to track. every song could be a hit
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I heard the entire @taylorswift13 album...I repeat I've heard the taylor album
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NEW SONG ALERT! Get #WelcomeToNewYork TONIGHT with your #TS1989 pre-order! Watch Taylor talk about it:
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"Was that entire crowd just chanting ‘Becky’?" -@treepaine after my X-Factor Australia performance. This is going to be an interesting tour.
This Out Of The Woods cover is one of the coolest I've seen.. So interesting and so well done!… #8DaysTil1989
Guess what? A special surprise from @taylorswift13 tomorrow! She'll have an announcement on @GMA! What could it be!?
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here is a little jazzy picture they made telling you how to vote (if you don't know already) that would be lovely! 💜�
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Track 11 #1989lyrics
▶ I'm so proud of @taylorswift13 response regarding writing songs about relationships. It starts at 5:25. #RealTalk…
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are we outta the woods🌲🌳🌲🌳
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Heads up! Something's happening on @itunesmusic at around 11:59pm EST Monday night.. Available worldwide:) #1989
Heads up! Something's happening on @iTunesMusic at around 11:59pm EST Monday night.. Available worldwide:) #1989
Track 5 #1989lyrics
Track 4 #1989lyrics
Bonus track #1989lyrics
Yes, Boston College, YES. Thank you so everyone who took part in making this, it just made me SO happy! #ShakeItOff
Here it is... your behind the scenes look at the #1989SecretSessions. Love you guys so much.
Track 3 #1989lyrics
Track 2 #1989lyrics
The last Shake It Off outtakes video, profiling our legendary and lovable director, @markromanek. Go! Look!! (Please)
Harper's Bazaar Germany:
Behold, the Diet Coke ad that depicts my perfect world. Featuring a new song and Olivia, who is now a cat actress.
OMG I can't handle how cute Christina Perri is.
I wish I could dress my cats in Halloween costumes but the one time I tried that, Meredith tried to jump off a balcony.
"Areweouttathewoodsyetareaweouttathewoodsyetareweouttathewoodsyet areweouttathewoods" -My brain all day @taylorswift13 😍🎶🎉
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Track 1 #1989lyrics
ARE WE OUT OF THE WOODS YET ARE WE IN THE CLEAR YET (not quite, we still need the rest of the album) #1989
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Love her so much ---therealsarahhyland's photo
Hey @taylorswift13 !! Your new song #OutOfTheWoods is insane and I listened to it on repeat on my way to work. Too much? Naaaaah... 😘
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#OutOfTheWoods=nearly perfect pop song on 1st listen. What I'd expect of @taylorswift13/@jackantonoff, 2 of the best young writers today.
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So TS has done it again. Get ready ears for your new anthem.
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Just heard @taylorswift13 new song #OutOfTheWoods ... Don't mind me while I blast it in the makeup trailer the next few days.. #GreysAnatomy
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Yes!! @taylorswift13 & @jackantonoff can you two just never stop writing together please? John Hughes-y synth pop forever. I'm in love😍🎹
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