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Taylor Christian
Ready to celebrate the end of finals and another semester tomorrow. 😁
I've been excluded all my life. No need to be changing things now.
I made candies! The guys don't know what they are missing with this one. (PSA: hugs melt faster than kisses)
JONES: Energy rubs off on everyone, it’s contagious. You’re either a fountain or a drain.
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I have a paper to write and three finals to study for but I'm just laying in my bed with no intention on moving.
How am I expected to stop watching Netflix when the next episode of my favorite shows just automatically play when the previous is over?
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I almost have a mental breakdown everyday thanks to Gateway's wifi. I can't wait to get out of this Hell hole.
I'm such an awkward human being around people. #why
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I love you even when you're not looking
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Now I'm wanting a #GooGooCluster even more since Morgan had one on the Walking Dead last night.
#TWD Season 5 mid-season finale broke my heart. πŸ’”
'Tis the season for The raspy 50 year old smoker voice. πŸ˜•
The fifth season of the #TVD on Netflix will be teasing me all during finals week and I will probably give in.
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Who is taking me to the bowl game? #gbo
hey sorry im late i didnt want to come
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Happy Black Friday.. May the odds be ever in your favor. #HungerGames
Days of Thunder. 😍 Young Tom Cruise.
TEENS NOWADAYS: ● smoking ● drinking ● pregnant ● drugs ME: β—‹ TWITTER β—‹ FOOD β—‹ STUDY β—‹ SLEEP My parents should BE PROUD.
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I hope our paths will cross again someday when the time is right.
I wish more people in Jeff got on Yik Yak.
What I'm really needing now is a double shot of Crown
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If @ColtonLHaynes was straight I would definitely have his babies. #thetalk
I am starting to believe that I'm unapproachable.
How hard is it to clean up after yourself and not drink my damn orange juice!
Somebody go do something with me tomorrow! 😁
The fact that @tylergposey posts YouTube videos of him singing badly makes my heart smile.
I can't deal with your ignorance sometimes.
I was cryin' when I met you, now I'm trying to forget you. Love is sweet misery.
Really disappointed with @ScottyMcCreery and how his manager treated a handful of his fans after his show tonight.
I am the socially awkward penguin.