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Taylor Kinney
"@CFandCPDlover: @TaylorKinney111 hey Taylor can this Philly #ChicagoFire Lover get a hello ❤" what's up Philly-pants!
"@CCKINNEY111: I'VE JUST FOUND THIS ON MY HUSBAND @TaylorKinney111 INBOX ..............." God bless sweety
#ChicagoFire Thanks for tweeting and watcing with us gang, lots of love from Chicago. West Coast stay tuned!
#ChicagoFire Florence Nightingale was actually @derekhaas great, great, great Grandmother. In case anyone was wondering.
"@Jigglez7: Platt just keeping it real @TaylorKinney111#ChicagoFire @NBCChicagoFire" She's really great, love her.
"@DawseyLover: Lol @TaylorKinney111 thought he really had to take her dinner! #ChicagoFire" She really got me
"@randyflagler: Yes @TaylorKinney111 I'll get you that drill since you asked so nicely. #ChicagoFire" Can always count on H.M.Capp
All new #ChicagoFire starts in 30 mins. Get comfortable, turn on NBC and then flush the remote down the toilet. Enjoy!!!
Find out which #ChicagoFire star stole the show during Shoot the Puck.
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"@0nlyricky: @TaylorKinney111 PORTUGAL LOVES YOU" LOVE YOU BACK!
"@_CharlieBarnett: Boden.... King of the ice!…." ESPN top ten of the week! This was amazing, check it out!
Happy #ChicagoPD day! Tonight's ep brings the return of a familiar…. What are you doing here, @TaylorKinney111?
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Go see 'Grand Budapest Hotel' in the theater soon, its worth the price of admission.
"@Sosi_Taslagian: @TaylorKinney111 will u be live tweeting along with the west coast??" When I don't have to get up at the crack sure
Thanks to all of you fans for tweeting along with us, stay tuned for next weeks #Chicagofire and watch a new ep of #ChicagoPD tomorrow nite!
"@rsaiello: @TaylorKinney111 Shut the front door! The episode is gonna end like that?! #Chicagofire" stay tuned for next week!
"@DaMinoshow: Severide @TaylorKinney111 is wearing white socks under that suit" HEY NOW!! Just a minute here!!! #chicagofire
"@andre_trisha: @TaylorKinney111 what was that u were passing around" some weird meat and cheese rolls that our candidate made#chicagofire
"@reese2g: @TaylorKinney111 what's up with this Denver guy" Am trying to figure that out myself. #chicagofire