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Tayler Patton
Already feeling super loved on my birthday! I'm thankful for technology that allows me to get e-mails and messages from around the world!
oh my. take me there.
@steffanydawn thank you for teaching me about a steady heart
This is Courtney. She leaves for Haiti with @theworldrace on Tuesday! Once again, thanks Instagram for letting me make new friends. You should totally follow her 11 month journey around the world. I sure am! 🌎 love you @courtennn
I was graciously given bundles of Threads of Hope bracelets. I used this as a fundraiser for my World Race. The bracelets are made in the Philippines! $2 each or five for $10. I'm selling @go_rings until October 15th. You can buy from me $15-$25 (with or without beads, plus earrings) or online at ww
God knows just how much I care about details. — During a new season of fundraising and continuing to trust for provision, I remember this. While @cbchanes was taking some photos for my World Race, we came across this red X. Because of the @enditmovement, a red X symbolizes bringing an end to modern-
sometimes we're so busy looking at what's right in front of us and we forget to look U P
breath of fresh air up at Blood Mountain today
keep living as though Christ has set you free from who you once were. choose it & keep choosing.
@dpartrick and I were featured in our local newspaper in a two part article about mission work. Years ago I never would have imagined getting asked to be interviewed for something like this. God has truly redeemed my life and is weaving together a beautiful story for His fame! If you want to read th
Bella is pooped from her workout
The friendship is real, not merely imagined.
celebrating this babe and her upcoming nuptials! love you @krishart14
cheers to drinks in the sand
island time for Kristie's bachelorette weekend with the bridesmaids!
resorts are alright, I guess 😜
I have these dreams and ideas and passions stirring deep inside me. Oh and at just the right time they will be fulfilled in the most beautiful way. I will be living and thriving while I'm in the waiting room. It's so freeing to know that my Dad, my Heavenly Daddy, knows just what's coming. I can put
The name Yahweh Yireh, meaning the Lord will provide, can be more graphically translated as, the Lord who sees ahead of me. He not only sees me now, right where I am, but He also is looking ahead at where I am going. He sees what I cannot- every twist and turn of the path ahead. And in all His see
There is a river whose streams make glad the city of God, the holy habitation of the Most High. God is in the midst of her; she shall not be moved; God will help her when morning dawns. The nations rage, the kingdoms totter; he utters his voice, the earth melts. The Lord of hosts is with us; the God
champs! we survived river tubing on the hooch. 👏
dun dun dun dun SHARK WEEK!
It's my last day with this little gal and her brother. God has taught me so much in how He provides for our every need through having the opportunity to take care of these kids! He will continue to give me enough for each day. My omer of manna.
It just doesn't even make sense
My beautiful bride-to-be Kristie! Wedding countdown: 48 days!! I can't wait to stand by your side.
I dream of going back here and making my way to the Greek isles on the other side. 📷 by: @parker_mulvain
drooling 😋 #lovemyDQ
Cheers to a rejuvenating weekend with my soul twin @hannahedwards
Hannah and I are PUMPED to watch The Holy Ghost Movie!!! Pay $5 to watch the early premiere today! It's gonna be worth it! #holyghostmovie
Last night @mistibryans and I ran into @lbrooks9974! It made my heart so happy to be with these beauties. #bsquadbestsquad #qbelieveit
human jungle gym 😜
I might get my own KickStarter going to fundraise myself back to India and join my Christ lovin' gypsy gals in some revivals 💕 #11n11
Maybe we had too much fun at the pool today #babysittingperks
back to the drawing board. let's make this one wild life meaningful and enjoyable. Do what you love.
feelin' free as the birds up at my favorite lil spot
Davis left for @theworldrace in September and just got back to Gainesville! I can't wait to share stories with him. We had two of the same ministry contacts so we now share friends in India and South Africa! #after11n11
sisters who work out together >>
Grace and I met while my team was in Nepal earlier this year. She interned with @mountain_child and was able to meet up with us a few times. She made her way through Atlanta for the day and we got to chit chat at the park! Lovin' all these encounters stateside with friends I met on @theworldrace!
picnic lunch with my sisters
speak it out & it'll be a good day everyday.
I've been wrestling with putting complete trust in God these past few weeks. When I share my heart for rescuing women caught in sex trafficking to other people, some ask "is that really a job?" or "why don't you just do that on the weekends?" The negative talk has stuck with me more than what my sup
but... like I miss moments like this. re-entry problem # 5829.
Bella doesn't give kisses. She makes out with your face.