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Taylor Best
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Don't let 'em know we're coming .. 
How normal people make friends: Hey, I like your shirt. Me: If we were in prison I'd want you to be my bitch.
The cupcakes were really good lol @lysssaniicholee
We all have that one friend who is SO annoying but you hang out with them anyway and when you do it's not that bad.
Happy 73rd to the best grandpa ever!  I love ya gramps ♡
When mrs salrmarsh licks her lips she looks like a cat.
May not seem important to you, but when some one who dresses cute tells me I dress cute, I get excited
Never have I been more mad at myself. O M G
Butter rum = yum 
Not to say I told you so or anything.. but I told you so.
Dear internal alrarm clock, Stop.
hi im christopher robin & i live in the wishanigga woods #wisewordsof @taybestbay
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It's just a pinterest kind of night ♡
When people tell you not to let things get to you, but when you don't cry, you're a terrible person. Wait what?
I hate people who say what they think you want to hear..
I love thumb rings 
Do people in Greece have Greek yogurt?
Well this should be interesting..
Me: I want a cat. Dad: what?! You just said you weren't hungry. I can't do this anymore.
Game day 